108 Proven Split Test Winners By Russell Brunson
  • 108 Proven Split Test Winners By Russell Brunson

108 Proven Split Test Winners By Russell Brunson


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108 Proven Split Test Winners By Russell Brunson – Instant Download!

Catapult Your Optin And Sales Conversions

108 Proven Split Test Winners By Russell Brunson

With These Super Simple Tweaks To Your Page Or Funnel
Small Hinges Swing Big Doors…

Shock Your Funnel to Greater Profits with Just a Tiny Tweak …To a Word, Headline, Image, Ad, Element, or Offer

Get My Book “108 Proven Split Test Winners” and Use Them In YOUR Business!

From the desk of Russell Brunson
Boise, ID

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur and FunnelHacker,

If you’ve ever struggled with increasing your optins or sales, welcome to the club.

There’s no worse feeling than spending weeks on perfecting your lander, offer, or funnel….turning on traffic or sending an email to your list…

And then NOTHING. Crickets.

A few clicks. A few new subscribers. MAYBE a sale or two.

There’s that sickening hole in your stomach.

The agony of defeat.

…You feel like throwing in the towel.

…You want to trash your funnel.

…You want to chuck it all and go do something entirely different.

But if you KNOW that what you’re selling is a gamechanger for your

That your offer will CHANGE LIVES…

Then those 3 choices above aren’t an option.

Because you’re an ENTREPRENEUR. And you don’t give up.

Quitting Is Not An Option

In fact, I hit so many brick walls over the years…

That I felt I had no other choice than to get to the very core of what mattered most when it came to promoting my products and services AND my affiliates’ products and services…


People who know me will tell you I’m a super geek when it comes to finding ways to increase leads and sales…

From funnels, ads, direct mail, webinars, email, everything.

I get obsessed…and EXCITED…when it comes to split tests.

(Sometimes it takes a bulldozer to get me away from the marketing “lab bench.”)

That’s because I have a
a hungry NEED to know what works and what doesn’t.

And not just for me but also for my customers and clients.

So I tinker with EVERYTHING.

And I document and screenshot my results. Before and After. (Again, part of my obsessive personality).

I test until I uncover what adds more great people to our list and more happy paying customers to our business.

What I’m trying to say is that my ‘nerdiness’ works to your benefit…BIG TIME.

Here’s how…

The Ultimate
Conversion Boosters

When my fellow business buddies found out I was putting together a bunch of split tests…

They wanted in on the action.

But not in the way you’d think.

They didn’t want to know the results I was getting. Not at all.

They asked if they could

(That’s what I love about truly successful entrepreneurs…they’re not hoarders. They have an ‘abundance’ mindset. They love to share and serve).

So what you’re getting in this ‘Best Of’ compilation of These 108 split tests aren’t just mine.

They’re from some of the best marketers and entrepreneurs from around the world…

Men and women who really care about their customers and clients.

What’s great is that you get to see what’s working across a ton of industries and businesses…

And how they made improvements to their pages, ads, layouts, copy, and pricing.

So what you end up with in this massive book is an UNBIASED STUDY of what works and what doesn’t…

108 split test comparisons of winners and losers.

Each of the contributors to “108 Split Tests” is a stickler for ‘moving the needle.’

They know a simple bump of 2% conversions can mean an extra million bucks in your pocket.

Expected This…

Now, I have to be honest with you…

Some of these split test results blew us away.

We thought one thing, predicted a winner, and were stunned when the results came back.

But you know something? Your market will ALWAYS tell you what they want.


108 Proven Split Test Winners By Russell Brunson

You can never outsmart or out-think your customers.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been SO WRONG about my audience and how they’d respond.

You too? 🙂

Yep, we’ve all been there.

Sure, you’ll end up with egg on your face…

But in the process, you’ll learn how to make a mean omelette!

That’s why it’s so critical to split test.

Because it could mean the difference between one buck and a thousand bucks…

Between bust and boom.

So when it comes to “108 PROVEN Split Test Winners”…

You get to see the ACTUAL NUMBERS, percentages, and dollar amounts from these split tests.

“If you’re not split testing your funnels and page elements, you’re either losing money or leaving it on the table.”

Here’s why this book is so important to your business…

Reason #1: Maximize Revenue
As mentioned earlier, just one simple ‘tweak’ could potentially mean an extra…
$100,000 or even…
$1,000,000 in your pocket.
And that’s no exaggeration.

My students have experienced this, my friends have experienced this, and I’ve experienced this.

Once you have an offer that works, you’ll discover that easy, tiny adjustments can add more leads and more sales to your business.

Reason #2: No Guessing
Don’t know where to start with testing?

No worries. I’ve got you covered.

You get just about every type of split test you can imagine:

  • Landing Pages
  • Webinars
  • Order Forms
  • ​Video Controls
  • ​Surveys​
  • ​Images
  • ​Pretty v. Plain
  • ​Order Button Delay
  • ​PopUps
  • ​Affiliates
  • Registration Pages
  • Sales Letters
  • Layout
  • ​Headlines
  • ​Mobile v. Desktop​
  • ​Shipping
  • ​Short v. Long Copy
  • ​Design
  • ​Clickthrough Rates
  • ​Phone Orders
  • Optins
  • Emails
  • Color Scheme
  • ​Free Trials
  • ​Offer Stack​
  • ​Payment Plans
  • ​Video v. Text
  • ​Lead Generation
  • ​Sales Scripts
  • ​Ad Targeting
  • Traffic
  • Postcards
  • Buy Buttons
  • ​Price Points
  • ​Graphics​
  • ​Facebook
  • ​Order Menus
  • ​Social Proof
  • ​Banner Ads
  • ​Subject Lines

Reason #3: I Show You Exactly WHAT
To Test
Here’s where my geek nature really works to your advantage.

I take you deep inside every split test and show you…in granular detail…
exactly what to do and how to do it.

  • You get side by side screenshots of all the tests.
  • You get actual word for word emails, scripts, sales letters and postcards!
  • You get the numbers, the controls, the losers, and the WINNERS!

Real People, Real Results
Our Users Can’t Stop Getting Excited
About Our Split Test Secrets!

Jeremy “Shoemoney”
“On this test, Russell shows you 2 landing pages. One made a 18% increase in conversion rate but DECREASED sales by over 31%. Just by changing one word on the page.

I am a huge fan of the psychology that drives people to take an action. Whether it’s to opt into a newsletter, buy a product, or even what subject line gets the most opens. But there is a LOT more to it.

Most “guru’s” stop there and wow you before they try to sell you something. But what you really need to know is which one actually made sales…

Just because someone clicks cause you used a certain color or phrase doesn’t mean it leads them to buy. In some cases it even hurts your end goal conversion.

Today though there is a HUGE amount of clutter being put out by so called “experts” that really know crap because they have never had a product.

It’s totally bullshit.

Anyway I will cut to the chase.

One of the most accomplished info marketers of our time – Russell Brunson who’s sold millions and millions of his OWN products has been a friend of mine for years.

Russell is one of the very few people out there I go to for feedback on our products because he has REAL experience and not talking out of his ass.”

This is your golden opportunity to learn the secret small changes that can result in bigger conversions!

So, are you ready to see what’s packed into this marketer’s dream?

Split Test Winners
Here’s what’s waiting for you inside the pages of this
groundbreaking book…
The information services and resources provided in 108 Split Tests are based upon the current internet marketing environment. The techniques presented have been extraordinarily lucrative and rewarding. Because the internet is constantly changing, the sites and services presented in this book may change, cease or expand with time. We hope that the skills and knowledge acquired from this course will provide you with the ability to adapt to inevitable internet evolution. However, we cannot be held responsible for changes that may affect the applicability of these techniques. Any earnings, income statements or other results, are based on our own testing and are only estimates of what we think you could earn. There is no assurance you will do as well as stated in any examples. If you rely upon any figures provided, you must accept the entire risk of not doing as well as the information provided. No guarantees of income are made.

  • Want a near-perfect split test winner for selling your product? Then you MUST put this on your offer page next to your BUY BUTTON for double digit conversions! (Page 11)
  • Try “My Dirty Little Secret” on for size. All it takes is one email. Clickety click click. (Page 116)
  • Whaddya do?? Put the credit card order fields on the RIGHT side or LEFT side of the order form? Find out which beat which by 75% (Page 77)
  • ​The results of this sales video “Order Form Delay” split test blew us away…not what we expected AT ALL! And it increased sales by 92%! (Page 38)
  • ​When we changed our lander headline to this COLOR, we increased sales and conversions 313%. (Page 53)
  • ​Using images in your emails? Then don’t skip over this split test if you’re looking to get higher dollar value per open (Page 118)
  • ​Whooda thunk? Do you take prospects directly from your landing page to your sales page, or show them a free content video before sending them to the sales page? Check this out. (Page 13)
  • Check out these 5 Headline split tests and apply it to YOUR offer. Don’t pass go, don’t collect $200 til you see this…this test helped us achieve a 30% bump in takers! (Page 29)
  • ​Here’s my gift to you…a 2-page Ad Design Cheat Sheet. ‘Nough said. (Pages 108-109)
  • Ugly versus Pretty? Which webinar registration page design beat the pants off the other? Feast your eyes on these split test results (Page 55)
  • When you send “Supportive Tone” emails (what’s that?), your lead gen could increase up to 349%! See the copy right here (Page 130)
  • ​Does a mobile responsive webpage always deliver higher conversions and sales? Don’t build another page or funnel until you see this split test! (Page 18)
  • ​Want to potentially save up to 40% on your ad spend? Well, just do this (a real no-brainer) (Page 106)
  • ​Holy Mackanoly! We kicked our conversions through the roof 217% with this teeny weeny payment options tweak (Page 71)
  • If you’re going to offer 3 products in your Order Menu, you better do it right. We got slaughtered when we tried this (and sales plummeted 72%) (Page 37)
  • ​When we added this below our sales video…conversions zoomed 201.4%! (Page 19)
  • ​So which would you use on your banner ad? A Fancy design or a Basic design? I hope you choose right, because we saw a 2019% increase in clicks with this one tweak (Page 125)
  • This one’s a doozy! 72% of consumers said they would check out another site with the same product you offer if you DID NOT do this. (Page 25)
  • This “Catch-All” option on our mini survey lander (and it’s just 3 WORDS) blasted conversions through the stratosphere…
    …by 206%!
  • You’re missing out if you’re not trying this(Page 73)
  • As a rule of thumb, NEVER place this next to a headline. You could absolutely KILL sales and conversions (This is a real NO-NO) (Page 35)
  • ​Doing a webinar? Then increase your post presentation sales by 119.51% when you do this on your order form (Page 52)
  • ​These two MAGIC WORDS increased our sign-up conversions by 28% (that’s it, just 2 simple words can jet-fuel your optins! (Page 28)
  • ​Sending out postcards? Oh boy, you are in for a treat. This “Personalized Check” postcard smoked all the others in conversions. Here’s how to add a treasure chest of new customers to your list (Page 112)
  • Decisions decisions! Do you price your front-end product at $47 or $97? Charge less or more? Here’s your answer… (Page 15)
  • ​CPC versus CPM…the ongoing war for lower lead costs. Which one yielded a 500% lower cost per lead? Find out here (Page 120)
  • Offering upsells and OTO’s? Then you need to see this “Order Button” split test if you don’t want to leave money on the table. We’re talking a potential
    188.41% increase
    in conversions (Page 65).
  • ​Is bigger better? What size should your video be on your lander? Find out which one took the prize in this test (Page 63)
  • Are you using “Trial Closes” in your copy? I sure hope so. Here are the 3 key places to insert trial closes in your sales message that boosted our sales conversions up to 75% (Page 139)
  • ​What’s a ‘micro-commitment?’ It pays to find out cuz adding this tiny element on your lander can jettison optins a stellar 95% (Page 56)
  • ​Running Facebook ads to your sales lander? Your eyes will bulge when you see first hand how to skyrocket sales up to 75.6%. Yowza! (Page 26)
  • ​Make a bundle when you take action on the results of our intensive “Winning Solo Ad Subject Lines” (Page 121)
  • ​What?!! Add this special “Spoiler Box” under your video and guess what happens? Yep…we were awarded a 73% jump in conversions (Page 62)
  • ​Here’s what could happen (and it ain’t pretty) if you make this terrible mistake on your landing page (Sad to say, but most of us DO make this mistake) (Page 30)
  • Direct mail is NOT dead. Au contraire, my friend. In fact, here’s a simple postcard you can swipe and test to get the cash register ka-chinging. (We did a 3-way postcard test) (Page 104)
  • ​If you’re going to use Light Box Popups for signups, pay close attention to these critical strategies so you can increase optins up to 67% (Page 39)
  • ​Stop right there! If nothing else, take action on the results of this split IF you want to increase sales up to 50% on your webinar replays (Page 69)
  • ​These types of testimonials combined with this ‘statistic’ crushed it on our sales page with a 296% boost in sales (Now that’s moving the needle!) (Page 58)
  • ​Want my winning Call Center Sales Script? Then go get it on Page 85. It’s waiting for you!
  • ​Got a high ticket offer? Our sales soared up to 35% on our webinars when we gave this to your viewer (Page 82)
  • Hide the order form on your VSL page or show It? And the runaway winner is… (Page 12)
  • ​Got empty white space on your order form? Then put some good ‘ol THIS in there to fill it in and you could goose your conversions up to 21% (Page 70)
  • ​Want to see how we decreased our Facebook newsfeed ad CPA by $200? Well look no further than Page 99 to find out HOW.

That’s the sales windfall you could bathe in when you slide this brilliant ‘try it and keep it’ Dan Kennedy Offer into your promo.
The granddaddy master of marketing does it again! (Page 83)

  • Want more affiliates to promote your stuff? This test blew us away (not what you’d expect) (Page 59)
  • ​Ready for your pants pocket to vibrate with call after call to place orders? Then add this slide to your automated webinar (Page 81)
  • ​And the winner is… Black background or White Background banner ad? (Tease: this one had a 41% increase in click through rate (Page 123)
  • ​Want to increase your free trial signups up to 500% and your paid customers up to 50%. Then take a lead from these test results (I LOVE this one!) (Page 79)
  • ​Best place to put your “BUY” or “ADD TO CART” button on your sales page? Under a video? Next to it? This one change gave us a massive boost in sales (Page 58)
  • This nifty alternative to our typical P.S. in our sales letter boosted our buyer conversions by a whopping 63% (Hack this!) (Page 42)
  • Looking for the perfect ad to send your clicks and
    conversions to the moon?
  • Then here’s the quickest way to get there! (Page 97)
  • Want my BLUEPRINTS for our Winning Formula? Swipe my templates, copy, layouts, scripts, and order forms. Come n’ get ‘em! (Page 132)
  • ​Blatant “Pitch” or “Curiosity” headline in your email? Which gets more sales? This split test will blow you away (and then go use it in your next campaign!) (Page 103)
  • Let’s test traffic shall we? For your Facebook ad, Is it Left Facing Duck or Right Facing Duck? Border or no border? This crushing combo lifted click through rates for us by 57% (Page 127)
  • ​Here’s how we DOUBLED sales by doing this at the end of our sales videos (so simple) (Page 70)

The “Facebook Testimonial Trick” That Increased Sales By 296% (Page 58)

I showed this ONE test to Brad Callen, and check out his results:

“Hey man, on Friday, I tested out the Facebook comment style testimonials vs the testimonial style we used before, which was just our own design.

The Facebook testimonial style outperformed the other, big time!

217 front ends vs 287 front ends.

That’s pretty major, considering it wasn’t a change to our sales video at all!”

Just One Split Test Away

That’s all it takes.

One single split test can make a BIG difference to your optins and sales.

It can have a HUGE impact on your entire business.

Every one of these tests can be applied to ANY online business.

And the beauty of these split tests…when you apply them to your page, funnel, ad, or copy… is that the results are limitless!

That’s why split testing is one of the FASTEST and EASIEST ways to maximize profits.

And The Winner Is…

Now, since my goal is to help you SUCCEED and EXPERIENCE results as quickly as possible…

I want to make getting access to “108 Proven Split Test Winners” a no brainer.

See, up til now, The ONLY WAY you could get a hold of this book was to join our kick butt membership community Funnel University…

So “108 Split Tests” has NEVER been offered before to the public.

But here’s the deal…

  • If you’re an action taker…
  • If you’re someone who’ll do whatever it takes to succeed…
  • And if you promise me that you’ll implement JUST ONE of the split tests in this book…

You can grab a copy right now for the insanely low price of just $7.

I know this seems absurd. But there’s a reason behind this madness…

I want you to be so over-the-top thrilled with “108 Proven Split Test Winners”…

That you’ll want to give ClickFunnels a FREE try after you’ve had a chance to go through the book and after you get results.
(FYI, ClickFunnels has a built in A/B Split Test feature that makes it a snap to test
everything in the book).

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

GET RESULTS FIRST. Prove to yourself that these tiny little tweaks really can make a difference in your business.

108 Proven Split Test Winners By Russell Brunson, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!):

  • Russell Brunson – 108 Proven Split Test Winners.pdf