48 Laws of Money By Hassan
  • 48 Laws of Money By Hassan

48 Laws of Money By Hassan

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48 Laws of Money By Hassan – Instant Download!


I put this course together to help you guys become super competent at sales. And also you will learn 48 secrets that apply to every business.

48 different points on how to get paid and start making money TODAY.

Once you learn sales your whole life becomes easy. Life is sales.

You are ALWAYS SELLING. Either someone else’s product, your own product/service, selling your idea to a potential investor, persuading high value people.

I learned sales the hard way. Door to door. Rejection after rejection. In this course I will explain to you all the things I have learned from persuasion to handling objections.


We all know school + college is a scam. You don’t live the lifestyle you want going to college for 4 years and then getting a 9-5 afterwards.

Most don’t know any different because they have been brainwashed by their parents + society. Investing in real estate and waiting 50 years to get “rich” isn’t possible anymore.

In this course I will completely change your mindset when it comes to making money. You will go from a consumer/employee mindset to producer/CEO mindset.

This comes with a 1 on 1 call with me and we will track your progress. I will give you certain tasks every week that you must complete.

You are going to be held accountable. Be prepared.

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48 Laws of Money By Hassan

48 Laws of Money By Hassan

48 Laws of Money By Hassan, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!)