7th Level Communications By Jeremy Miner
  • 7th Level Communications By Jeremy Miner

7th Level Communications By Jeremy Miner


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7th Level Communications By Jeremy Miner – Instant Download!

7th Level Communications By Jeremy Miner

Everyone claims to help improve sales but 7th Level has a systematic approach to guarantee sales performance after going through our Neuro-Emotional Persuasion Questioning which in simple terms means: Create a friction-free sales environment that works with human behavior to multiply your sales.

Increase Revenue Now.
A Revolutionary Approach to Selling, On The Most Innovative Training Platform In The World

Our virtual training has helped thousands of people and companies turn-around sluggish sales. The mobile-enabled, innovative, flexible training is rooted in human behavioral psychology and provides easy-to-consume, on-demand training for sustainable results.

Inspire your team to action. Jeremy Miner is an internationally recognized sales trainer who has taught countless individuals how to go from getting average results in selling to becoming a high 6 figure and even 7 figure sales earner.

Get results driven training built around data and trackable statistics

When improving your sales teams performance, traditional selling techniques (Old Model of Selling) rarely works. With the New Model of Selling (N.E.P.QTM) and the ability to track your sales team with our virtual training platform, results and sustainable lift come quickly

What We Offer

This is how Jeremy generated multiple 7-figures a year (commission only) income for 12 straight years in 3 completely different industries.


Some of the benefits of leveraging our sales training platform include:

  • Mobile-enabled online training
  • Roleplaying Quizzing
  • Tonality feedback
  • Sales management tools
  • Training certification
  • Subtitles & voiceover for all languages

EREMY MINER : Founder & Chairman

7th Level Communications By Jeremy Miner

“The single most effective way to sell anything to anyone in 2021 is to be a problem finder and a problem solver… NOT a product pusher.”

For Jeremy Miner, the embodiment of this philosophy has made him one of the wealthiest sales professionals on the planet.

During his 17 yr sales career he was recognized as one of the highest earning producer out of more than 100 million salespeople, selling anything worldwide – Jeremy’s earnings as a commission-only salesperson were in the multiple 7-figures, EVERY year!

He is the chairman of 7th Level, a global sales training company with its headquarters in USA, Australia, and Dubai.

7th Level Communications By Jeremy Miner, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

  • 01-Introduction to NEPQ Selling
  • 02-The Power of NEPQ (Neuro-emotional Persuasion Questioning)
  • 03-NEPQ 3.0 Bonus Content
  • 04-Live Role Play Videos With Top Student Marco Cortesi