90 Day SEO Pro By Matthew Woodward
  • 90 Day SEO Pro By Matthew Woodward

90 Day SEO Pro By Matthew Woodward

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90 Day SEO Pro By Matthew Woodward – Instant Download!

The Step by Step Strategy To Increase Your Search Traffic

Choose Your Target Keywords Topics
Target the best keywords in the right topics with the perfect piece of content to grow your business:
90 Day SEO Pro By Matthew Woodward
Follow My Structured Approach
Follow my repeatable step by step SEO processes for link building, on page SEO, creating content, finding quick wins, technical SEO, content optimization, internal linking and more:
Rinse and Repeat
Just repeat the process for each topic and keyword that you want to rank-
The 90 Day SEO program teaches you a repeatable step by step process to increase the search visibility of any website.
The 90 Day SEO program teaches you a repeatable step by step process to increase the search visibility of any website.

My name is Matthew Woodward,
I’m an international SEO speaker, SEO blogger and
SEO agency owner.
I published a case study recently where we were able to increase organic search traffic from an average of 9,846 visitors per month to 58,883-
We also increased the number of top 3 results from 197 to 656–
Which completely transformed the businesses bottom line.
And then there was this site where we nearly doubled revenue from organic traffic-

What Is My Secret?

While I would love to be able to brag about all of the super secret techniques we used…
…the truth of the matter is we just followed a repeatable process.
And every time we launch a new site and want to increase search visibility, we just follow that process:

  • We have repeatable processes for-
  • Topic research
  • Keyword research
  • Technical audits
  • Hiring writers
  • On page SEO
  • Content planning
  • Content execution
  • Link building
  • And much, much more!

Anytime we want to increase the search visibility of a page…

…we just follow the processes.

It really is that simple!

  1. Choose your target keyword​
    2. Follow the processes​
    3. Rinse and repeat for the next keyword

You see:
Most people think that SEO is complicated, but the truth is it’s just a series of repeatable processes that you need to work through.
Whether we are ranking our latest affiliate site or increasing search visibility for an ecommerce client, we just follow our core SEO processes step by step.

But It’s Not Always That Easy For Everyone

I launched my multi award winning SEO blog way back in 2012 and over that time I’ve helped thousands of people just like you to increase their search traffic:
“Matt’s blog helped me out to create an effective strategy for the website I drive in terms of SEO. For the past year it grew up from 60K monthly to 250K monthly from Organic search”
My SEO blog has received nearly 5,000,000 visitors who were looking for help to increase their search traffic-
That has led me to speaking to thousands of people via consultation calls, comments and emails that all needed help to increase their search traffic.
And one of the things I learned is that you understand all of the different pieces of the SEO puzzle…
…but you don’t know how to put the puzzle together.
You see:
If you really want to grow your search traffic there are lots of pieces of the SEO puzzle that you need to understand such as-
Keyword research, on page SEO, content planning, content production, link building, topical authority, finding quick wins, reporting and more.
Learning each of those pieces of the puzzle isn’t that hard.
But putting the puzzle together in a systematic way is where most people fail.
Whether that’s from choosing the wrong keywords to target, hitting bottlenecks with content creation, fighting with on page SEO or struggling to build links.
If you don’t take a systematic and organised approach to SEO, it can be VERY stressful and a huge drain on resources. It often feels like you’re running on an endless treadmill unsure of what is coming next.
But it doesn’t have to be that way!

This Is How Growing Your Search Traffic Should Work

SEO doesn’t have to be complicated, you just need a reliable strategy and repeatable processes that you can rely on.
Over the last several years I have built, refined and followed my own SEO processes which in turn I’ve used to train my team.
For us:
Ranking a site is just a case of following a simple 12 week process:
Whether we are working with a brand new site or a penalised site, the process shows us how to increase search traffic step by step.
We are never left scratching our heads or wondering what to do next.
And once those 12 weeks are up…
…we select a new topic with a new set of keywords and repeat the process again.
It’s pretty simple really!
That is how growing your search traffic should work and the 90 Day SEO program gives you everything you need to do exactly that:
#1: A Proven Blueprint
The tried and tested formula that we use to grow our own search traffic to our ecommerce stores and affiliate sites.
Just follow the blueprint that we have laid out for you.
#2: Repeatable Processes
Never get stuck again.
Just follow our repeatable processes step by step!
Whether you need to hire a content writer, integrate NLP or just build more links – we’ve got you covered.
#3: Intelligent Resources
Get the competitive edge by using the same internal resources I built for my team like this intelligent topic research sheet-
It does things most people don’t even know you can do with Google sheets.
Plus it makes choosing the right topics and keywords to grow your business as easy as possible – I promise you’ve never seen anything like it.
#4: Templates & Swipe Files
Fast track your success by using our templates and swipe files.
We share our best outreach templates, job descriptions, content specifications, frameworks and everything you need to grow your search traffic.
All you have to do is fill in the blanks!
#5: Scalability
This program grows as your business grows. Whether you need to create 1 piece of excellent content or 100 – you will have the systems and processes to scale efficiently.
You can easily follow the program yourself or use it to start training your SEO dream team. These are the exact processes that my site builders, content creators and link builders follow at scale.
#6: Expert Guidance
I’ve tried my best to answer your questions before you have them.
Remember, I’ve been running an SEO blog and speaking internationally since 2012 that has helped thousands of people to reach success.
Because of that I have been constantly exposed to questions and problems from SEO newbies to global ecommerce brands along with the challenges of managing my own team.
The culmination of all of that is baked into the 90 Day SEO program to make sure you are getting the expert guidance you need every step of the way.
#7: Constant Updates
We have already updated this version of the program twice internally as we have tested and refined our methods.
Just recently I revealed the results of one of our single variable tests with image exif data that will likely come part of the core process soon.
We are constantly testing, updating and refining our processes which all feed into future updates of the program.

Introducing 90 Day SEO

My program will take you by the hand and show you how to transform any website into a targeted organic search traffic magnet.
You’ll get access to all of the processes, templates, tools and strategies that we use to increase search traffic.
Whether you just launched your site last week or you’re currently facing a decline in search traffic, the 90 Day SEO program will show you exactly what to do and when to do it.
Inside you’ll find a series of repeatable processes that you can use to increase search traffic and sales for any website.

How The 90 Day SEO Program Works

All you have to do is follow the process once.
Each week’s lessons are made up of a combination of text, video, worksheets, spreadsheets and printable resources to guide you through the process as easily as possible.

After that, you’ll have a series of repeatable processes that you can use to increase search visibility for any topic or keyword of your choice.
These are the exact processes we use and I’ve made my name for creating in depth tutorials with absolutely no fluff and I can assure you, there is absolutely no fluff. Zero.
You’ll have everything you need to build comprehensive SEO strategies from the ground up along with the exact steps to execute them.

This Is A COMPLETE SEO Strategy

You know what REALLY frustrates me?
Things like seeing other SEO programs being sold for thousands of dollars…
…that don’t even cover basics like on page SEO, structured data, site structure and internal linking.
Never mind advanced topics like creating excellent content and authoritative links at scale.
I want to be 100% clear with you:
90 Day SEO is an affordable program for those that want a complete and scalable SEO strategy from top to bottom.
Whether you have the worst site in the world with terrible architecture, tons of duplicate content and a spammy backlink profile…
…or a brand new site that’s just starting out is irrelevant.
I am here to teach you how to fish and after going through the program once – you will know how to build and execute SEO strategies for any site and keyword on the planet, regardless of where you are starting from.
This is partly why it’s taken me so long to release an SEO program because I couldn’t bring myself to do it if it wasn’t 100% complete nor would I ever feel right about charging thousands of dollars for it!
So let me show you just some of the repeatable processes you are going to learn without breaking the bank-

Research Topics Not Keywords

If you are still focused on keyword research it’s likely you are leaving a lot of search traffic on the table.
Instead you should be focused on building out topics that directly align to your business goals.

  • Learn how to find topics and keywords that will deliver return on investment for your business
  • Work through my checklist to make sure you pick winners every time
  • Create a comprehensive topic and keyword strategy that increases your chances of ranking
  • Get instant access to our incredible Google sheet, it cost thousands of dollars to develop and guides our entire strategy.

Building Concrete Foundations

It’s important that you build your castle on a foundation of rock, because if you build it on sand – it won’t survive the storm.
It’s amazing how many people are in a rush to build traffic and links despite building their castle on sand.
This is one of the most common problems I see and this process takes care of that once and for all.

  • Learn how to build your website on a foundation of rock
  • Build a website that both humans and search engines love
  • I’ll show you all the things you need to setup to support your sites overall SEO strategy

Complete On Page SEO Optimization

I can’t tell you how many clients have sworn to me that their on page SEO is perfect but then we find tons of duplicate content, broken links and structural problems.
In fact, I don’t think we have ever had a client that didn’t have on page SEO problems and unless you’ve done an audit in the last 3 months, experience tells me that you have on page SEO problems as well.
But what I love about on page SEO is that you are in full control of everything which means I can show you things like:

  • How to fix the 4 most common issues that have the biggest impact on search traffic and rankings
  • Testing for opportunities to integrate the latest on page SEO techniques
  • Leveraging internal linking & site structure to drive relevance, authority and ranking
  • How find and fix all of the on page SEO problems that you don’t know you have

Content Planning For Profit

Planning your attack with content is tricky. You need to align business goals, search volume, keyword difficulty, intent, risk and cost which is no simple task.
Taking time to properly plan your content will not only make it easier to rank, but it will also make sure that you are focusing on the topics that bring ROI rather than the keywords that bring traffic.

  • I’ll show you how to find your focus topics that align perfectly with your business goals
  • You’ll learn how to build a complete content strategy that supports your overall SEO strategy
  • I will show you how to calculate exactly how many words you need to write to help plan and budget accordingly
  • And I’ll also show you how to generate content ideas that will leave humans and search engines hungry for more!

Creating Excellent Content (at scale)

Creating excellent content that is optimised for both Google and humans is no easy task, especially at scale. But if you can make them both love your content, you will be rewarded with traffic, backlinks and revenue!
The problem is that content creation is a bottleneck for many businesses so this process takes the hard work out of creating excellent content, whether you need to produce 1,000 words or 100,000 words.

  • You’ll learn how to create excellent content that both Google loves and humans love
  • Download the 9 content frameworks that translate into easy sales and link building opportunities
  • I’ll show you the right way to outsource content creation while maintaining excellent standards
  • You’ll get access to everything you need to hire and manage writers stress free
  • Plus… I’ll give you live URL’s of content we have produced to show you exactly what we are talking about.

Instant Traffic Strategies

SEO doesn’t happen overnight so having the ability to push targeted traffic when you need it whilst you’re growing search visibility is a valuable skill to have.
So I’m going to teach you a repeatable system to drive targeted traffic. One that can be used for any piece of content, in any niche with zero spend.
Not only does this start sending important signals to Google but it will also allow you to reach new audiences and open doors of opportunity.

  • Learn the 10 things that we do to start sending targeted traffic to our content
  • How to get your first 100, 200 or 500 unique visitors
  • The specific thing we do that opens doors to endless link building opportunities
  • Establish vital human and social signals to your content at will

Link Building Strategies That Work

Many new and experienced SEO’s struggle with link building for a couple of reasons.
Firstly the content that they are trying to build links to usually sucks. Trying to build links to poor content is like trying to push a boulder up a hill.
But you are not going to suffer from this problem because you’ll know how to create excellent content. Instead I’m going to teach you all of the link building strategies you need to snowball your success.

  • 10 link building strategies that you can use with any piece of content
  • How to automate the discovery of new link building opportunities in your niche
  • The simple outreach trick we use to break the ice and get people to reply
  • And most importantly, the 2 link building strategies that deliver 80% of our results. Master these and you have won!

Establishing Topical Authority

If you’ve been focused on keyword research and not topic research then its likely you have some holes in your topical authority.
Building topical authority not only gives Google the signals it’s looking for, but it also creates other opportunities for rank boosting signals, like social shares and backlinks.

  • I’ll show you the complete process to increase topical authority and relevance
  • Learn how to optimise existing content to increase your topical authority
  • Open doors to other opportunities like link building and social shares
  • How to double down on your results

The Quick Win Finder

If your site is getting any level of search traffic at the moment, it’s likely you are sitting on a handful of quick win opportunities.
This process will teach you how to find all of the current available opportunities and how to deal with them.

I will also show you how to prioritise these opportunities because if you are working on a larger site, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with this process.

  • How to identify quick win SEO opportunities across your site
  • The specific strategies and techniques you need to implement depending on what you find
  • How and when you should repeat this process for maximum effectiveness
  • Download a copy my intelligent quick win finding Google sheet which creates the strategy for you

As you can see:

SEO is just a series of repeatable processes.

And it’s the combination of those repeatable processes that allow us to build dynamic SEO strategies quickly and easily.
There is nothing but actionable strategies from start to finish.
And it doesn’t stop there because you are also going to learn things like-

  • What is working right now- no fluff.
  • The most common SEO problems that most people deal with
  • The quick win on page SEO tricks that you can use to leapfrog the competition
  • The many many benefits that topic research holds over keyword research
  • How to find limitless relevant link building opportunities
  • How we train writers to create perfectly optimized content every time
  • The trello board we use to manage our writers and scale content production
  • What to do if you need targeted traffic right now with no budget
  • How to deal with technical problems like site speed, architecture and structured data
  • Calculating visitor and revenue loss from poor SEO
  • How to compete with big brands on the page level
  • All of the important metrics you should be tracking and reporting on
  • How to make your content “pop” and stand out from the crowd
  • Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to get the competitive edge
  • How to get influencers to link to and share your content
  • How to take advantage of internal linking to give your pages boosts in the SERPS
  • How to build and execute a complete SEO strategy start to finish
  • The 2 link building strategies that deliver 80% of our results

But most importantly…
This Is A Complete SEO Strategy To Increase Your Search Traffic
Each week you are going to be told precisely what to do and given everything you need to make that happen including strategies, checklists, worksheets, spreadsheets and much more.
No more trying to figure out how to put the pieces of the puzzle together or wondering what to do next. Just follow the process step by step.
And you’ll have lifetime access to the program so you can take a break at any time you want.
You’ll also receive all of the future program updates at no extra cost so you can be sure that you will always have the most up to date strategies at your fingertips when you need them.
Enroll Today & Get 6 Weeks of Private Consulting Directly With Matthew Woodward
To help make your journey as pain free as possible, I’m offering 6 weeks of private consulting directly with me via email.
I’ll answer all of your questions about your site and SEO strategy to make sure you are moving in the right direction at all times.
If you wanted to hire me for private consulting that normally costs $597 per hour but you are going to get full access to ask any questions you want for 6 weeks.
Knowledge Panel Mastery
As an added pro bonus, I will show you the process we use to generate knowledge panels like this:
It takes about 20 minutes to do and usually shows up in the search results within 2 weeks.
I’ve used this process to give the gift of Knowledge Panel to people like Brian Dean & Matt Diggity recently:
And for the first time:
I’m going to share the full process with my 90 Day SEO Pro students as a special thank you!

Is The 90 Day SEO Program Right For You?

Admittedly, the 90 Day SEO program isn’t right for everyone.
This is not some push button strategy that is going to bring you instant search traffic. That is not how sustainable SEO works.
But if you are serious about increasing your search traffic and want to learn things like…

  • How to build and execute a complete SEO strategy start to finish
  • The 2 link building strategies that deliver 80% of our results
  • How to make your content “pop” and stand out from the crowd
  • How to scale & build a team to take care of operations
  • How to take advantage of internal linking to give your pages boosts in the SERPS
  • Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to get the competitive edge
  • Getting influencers to link to and share your content

…then keep reading because the 90 Day SEO program is PERFECT for you.
Especially if you like looking at things like this:

Sign up for 90 Day SEO pro today and you’ll get everything you need to increase the search traffic of any site. That includes all of our processes, templates, swipe files, Google sheets, Trello boards and much more!
Additionally you’ll get all the support you need from Matthew Woodward with 6 weeks of private consultation to answer all of your questions.
Here is everything that you will get:

  • The Complete 90 Day SEO Program: This includes all 12 modules of the program along with all of the videos, worksheets, and intelligent spreadsheets. There are 116 lessons in total.
  • 9 Repeatable SEO Processes: Never be stuck again. You’ll have repeatable processes for every scenario.
  • My Email Outreach Templates: You’ll get access to all of the email templates we use to build links.
  • My Latest Intelligent Google Sheets: My advanced topic research sheet takes keyword research to a level you’ve never seen before along with my optimisation planner which will tell you which content to optimise, how to optimise it and WHEN to optimise it.
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access: You can access the program as many times as you want for life.
  • Lifetime Updates: You’ll get future updates and program upgrades absolutely free of charge. I updated my last program 7 times which included entirely new modules, lessons, resources and videos.
  • Exclusive Bonus Swag: I’ll also send you a special box of surprise gifts in the post when you complete the program.
  • BONUS MODULE: I’ll show you how I generated the knowledge graph panel for Brian Dean & Matt Diggity.

90 Day SEO Pro By Matthew Woodward, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!):

  1. 01-Week 1
  2. 02-Week 2
  3. 03-Week 3
  4. 04-Week 4
  5. 05-Week 5
  6. 06-Week 6
  7. Matthew Woodward – 90 Day SEO Pro UP 1