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Adam GlassIndustrial Strength Grip

The secret weapon strongmen have used to add inches to their arms and perform unbelievable feats of strength is now in your hands.

What secret weapons am I talking about? Hand strength. I am talking about freaky thumb, finger, wrist and arm power that allows a man to twist steel and lift hundreds of pounds with one hand and even one finger.

My name is Adam T Glass and I want to share with you my passion. If you take this information and apply it you will develop incredible power and take your physique to a new level.

For the last decade of my life I have devoted my time and effort to building grip, hand, and wrist strength. This pursuit has rewarded me with a pair of hands that allow me to do amazing feats of strength and a carry over to all other athletic endeavors.

Not only have I learned the keys to grip strength, I have trained hundreds of people to achieve these results to smash their goals and best their old lifts. Now I will teach you.

Before I tell you more about my methods, I want to tell you how I got started.

Where it all Began

When I was in high school I developed an interest in grip strength from wrestling. Any wrestling match can be described as a contest to win hand control in order to score take downs and pinning combinations. It is very clear, the man with the better grip is at the advantage to win the match.

In the beginning I found very little help in building my grip. I asked my coaches how to get stronger hands, they asked me to squeeze a tennis ball. Well squeezing a tennis ball may sound like a good idea but it didn’t do much for me.

I found a book online which described methods of old time circus strongmen. I honestly found the descriptions of their feats of strength to be over the top. I thought at the time they were exaggerated accounts and dismissed many of them. What I did do (thankfully!) was keep an open mind and try out some of the training.

For several years I dabbled in grip training, mostly some thick bar deadlifting and gripper work with my Ivanko Super Gripper. Most of my time was devoted to heavy partials and body weight training.

The turning point in my training..

In 2006 I focused heavily on grip training. It started with my interest in steel bending. I was stuck in an extended deployment to Iraq and I found myself getting bored with my standard workouts of kettlebell movements and deadlifting. I needed something fresh to sink my teeth in to.

Dennis & I in 2008

I purchased a DVD by world famous strongman Dennis Rogers and was blown away. Here was this man, who looked small and old, who could do absolutely amazing things with his hands. I was fascinated by the DVD. I had two thoughts, either this is fake or this is real. If it is fake it is very entertaining, but if its real then there is no reason why I can’t do the same things.

I started bending steel bars that month. Within a few months I had bent the famous IronMind Red Nail and moved up to tougher stock. I started to get crazy and was bending pieces of rebar and steel in all sorts of ways. I loved the challenge of the steel bending, and I found my strength growing and growing.

When I returned stateside I got in to all kinds of grip training. I lifted weights with one finger, I pinched weights and lifted them in all sorts of manner. I began experimenting with all sorts of different grip devices to tax the hands from all angles.

My feats of strength grew and grew. I could slam nails through a 2X4 with one blow of my fist, I could lift 400 lbs with my middle finger, I could twist stout draft horse shoes in seconds. By the end of 2008 I had gained international attention through out the grip community as one of the best benders of short bars and horseshoes. Many people said I was the best in the world at ripping decks of poker cards in half. I searched for more and more information, but found myself frustrated by the lack of quality products to train these lifts.

By the end of 2009 I had accomplished every grip goal I had set from when I started. I could slam a #3 Captain of Crush gripper in either hand, I could pinch lift the famous Blob with either hand. I could one hand deadlift well over 550 lbs. I was able to bend some of the toughest steel bars at chest level in all three styles. I looked for new challenges.

24lb Sledge with Spikes

One of the challenges I decided upon was training other people to do this. I wrote dozens of articles, filmed over 30 instructional videos and did hundreds of posts on various internet forums to promote my love of grip and hand strength.

The messages came back to me fast. Men from all over the world were making huge progress from the information I provided them. Many people told me they felt inspired to start grip training from watching me “grow up” into the world of hand strength. I found I enjoyed training others even more than I did training myself.

Taking it to the next level

In 2010, I was honorably discharged from the United States Air Force after 9 years of service and immediately got to work to train others full time. During this time I also decided to try my hand at the competitive side of grip sport.

In August 2010, I competed in the 4-leg “Worlds Strongest Hands Series” which is the largest grip contest ever thrown with nearly 100 competitors in 4 countries. During this time I broke the world record in the 2” vertical bar one hand dead lift with a competition lift of 336 lbs. When all the dust settled I finished 11th in the world and was the 4th best American in the series.

I tell you all of this not to brag or boost. I share my story with you so that you know a single truth: you are about to learn grip training from someone who lives grip strength. Plain and simple, when we talk about who to listen to in grip, I am acknowledged by all sides as someone who walks the walk and knows whats up. I want to take this lost skill set to the masses, I want to see my sport expand, and most importantly I want to see YOU succeed.

World Record V-Bar Deadlift

I built the Industrial Strength Grip DVD as an entry level product for anyone looking to add inches to their arms and forearms and seriously increase their hand strength and power. This DVD will take you through the core exercises and drills along with the methods to make maximum gains in minimal time.

Is Industrial Strength Grip for me?

This DVD is made to educate beginners and intermediate athletes and lifters on the foundation of grip strength.

Do you want the following?

  • Bigger arms?
  • Thicker wrist and forearm tendons?
  • Stronger fingers?
  • Plier like thumb strength?
  • A grip that never fails you during a big lift or pull?
  • The foundation for incredible feats of strength?
  • A programing system that allows you to break a Personal Record every time you lift?

If you want any of these, then ISG is for you.

There is one exception. While I would like to think I have something to offer to everyone, this product may not be appropriate for advanced grip athletes.

If you can do all of the following feats you do not need this DVD

  • Close a Captain of Crush #3 with both left and right hand.
  • Pinch lift the blob with both left and right hand.
  • Plate curl a 20kg plate.
  • Overhand deadlift over 350 lbs on a 2″ axle.
  • Pinch lift 2 45’s with one hand.

If you can do all those, you are not the target audience for ISG Volume 1.

Now, if you CAN’T easily do all of those, but you WANT to: Keep reading.

What do I need to apply this program?

One of my goals was to bring you a method using minimal specialized equipment to succeed. I do demonstrate many of the most popular grip devices on the market, but this program can be done with a single barbell and weight set.

How would you like to add an inch to your arms in the next 8 weeks?

Modern training systems have left a massive hole in your physique. While there are plenty of bigger arm fast programs, they are all the same old combination of curls and tricep extensions. The musculature of the arms begins at the finger tips. Adding pinch, crush, support, and levering will result in huge gains in your forearms and upper arms FAST. Most men who I train will add over 1” to their forearms the first 6 weeks and a whole inch to their upper arms in 8 weeks.

Stop for one second. Look at your forearms and arms. What would it be like to have an additional inch of high density muscle tissue added on?

It would look awesome, that’s what it would look like.

Throwing down the gauntlet

There is no product like Industrial Strength Grip on the market. No one else has laid out the foundation of grip training as I have here. No mystery, no inner circle mumbo jumbo, no wasting time.

In this 60 minute DVD I am going to lay out the plan for you to dramatically change your hands and arms forever. It’s simple, you get the DVD, you watch the DVD, you apply the information, and you reap huge rewards.

I will cover over 40 exercises which address all areas of grip and hand strength. I will show you approaches using both minimal equipment and how to use some of the more popular grip tools.

Most importantly, I am going to teach you how to make progress with your training every single day and never get hurt.

How does this sound to you?

Alright tough guy, tell me whats in the DVD…

Section 1: Crush Strength and Grippers

We will start off with the gold standard of grip strength, the crush. In this detailed section I will teach you how to climb the gripper ladder and build a dominating crushing grip.

In this section you will learn the following:

  • The single most important thing you can ever learn relating to gripper training. Miss this and you will NEVER get past a CoC #2. Learn it now and your potential is UNLIMITED!
  • The keys to the set position for maximum gains, apply this information and you will move up to a new gripper level in just a few weeks.
  • The killer technique I was taught by a world champion that completely changed my gripper training and took me from average to elite in record time.
  • A 39 cent solution that will accelerate your gripper progress by a whole year, you never would have thought to do this…
  • Three methods to extend the life of a given gripper and get stronger closes in faster time. These proven methods have taken hundreds of men to the #3 captain of crush and if you apply them you will be next.
  • A simple metric to understand what grippers you need if you want to get better as fast as possible.
  • The #1 any time/any where drill for huge crushing strength and massive forearm growth.

Section 2 Pinch Training

Most people have never considered training their pinch, and this is the biggest mistake you can make if you want an industrial strength grip!

  • Learn why training this often neglected body part is your highest return on investment for hand strength.
  • The top pinch drill to rapidly increase thumb strength. Ignore this and you will always be left in the dust.
  • Three pinch drills you can do with minimal equipment that will increase your pinch strength over night.
  • The most under rated piece of equipment you can make, invest here and your hand strength will improve no less than 75%, look past this and you will be sorry.
  • A simple way to build killer finger tip pressure, if you are a martial artist this one will be one of your very favorites.
  • A simple tool you can make in 4 minutes which will transform your thumb and fingers in to steel talons.

Section 3 How to build a support grip that will not fail

If you have ever missed a deadlift or pull up due to grip, I will teach you how to never fail again.

  • Learn the first step to exceptional hand strength, two things I need to you stop doing now for big results
  • Why training this classic feat of strength will put more muscle on you this year than the magazine stands faddish exercise of the week.
  • Want stronger abdominals? Use these four variations to work the best support grip exercise while earning a back and belly of steel.
  • How to build big back and grip strength with the vertical bar deadlift
  • How to make a fatbar for less than 10 dollars, do this and bigger arms will be yours.
  • What you need to do to convert the best total body movement in to your best support grip challenge

Section 4 Pull your own weight and get a fierce grip

In this block I take one of the best muscle building drills and show you how to get a powerful hand and bigger arms and back.

  • Why this upper body movement can be converted to the key for exceptional hand strength
  • How to get more pain free reps out of this demanding exercise while forging a steel trap grip
  • Go now and pick up this 3 dollar investment from your local hardware store for greater pulling power and vastly superior finger strength
  • An unusual variation of the pull up using a piece of equipment you have in your gym bag right now. If there is only one drill you take from this section, make it this one.

Section 5 Leverage Drills for thick wrist tendons and huge strength gains

These drills come directly from the play book of the worlds foremost performing strongmen. Add them to your routine for impressive muscles and incredible tendon strength.

  • How to use small weights for massive gains
  • The #1 curl in the world for those who desire the strongest wrist and fingers possible
  • Why positioning the thumb and fingers will make or break your leverage curl work, and how to find the optimum placement.
  • Learn why this wrist curl variation is a favorite among elite arm wrestlers across the globe, and how to do it for maximum forearm musculature.
  • Want to stay pain free? Do these two contra specific drills and your elbows will feel great instantly. You will not see these two drills in any other DVD.
  • See my favorite piece of equipment for pinch and lever strength, get one of these if you want steel cable tendons.
  • Why a sledge hammer may be the missing component in your training arsenal.
  • Three leverage lifts to increase both support grip and wrist strength in short order.
  • I will bet you have never done this, a lost exercise to train the biceps which will add one half inch to your arms in just a few weeks,
  • A support training tip to train your grip anywhere any time with this simple tool.

Section 6 Program design

Sending you a DVD of exercises with no instructions would only be mildly useful. I believe it’s best to teach a man to fish, so I am going to teach you to program your grip for unlimited gains.

  • Finally understand the three metrics for success and how to track them. This single block can completely change your training in every area.
  • Identify the #1 thing that will derail your progress and get you hurt, it’s so simple but no one else is going to tell you this.
  • Gain an easy to use test to ALWAYS select the correct exercise and variation. It may look strange to you but this is the best way for you to progress.
  • A simple overview of how to insert grip in to any program, this is your ticket to fast gains and exceptional results.
  • Learn how to select the optimum time to training grip based upon your goals.
  • Understand the only program worth following is the one your body needs through application of the Gym Movement Training Protocol, the only training system in the world which guarantees a personal record every single workout.

I’m not the only one who can tell you what my training methods can do for you:

A couple of years ago I mistook my left hand for a bush and trimmed it with my electric hedgeclippers. When the bandages came off I could barely hold a bottle of water in my left hand. During rehab, my left hand was only able to apply 40 psi to a dynamometer. I decided it was time to pursue grip training. Instead of asking Adam for help, I stalked him on the internet and watched all of his videos. Eventually we started talking. Soon after, I got stronger. Over the last two years I’ve made a remarkable comeback from that injury with Adam’s help.

In that time he has never told me to use a technique just because it worked for him or one of his mentors. Instead he taught me how to find the best technique for me. He taught me how to “balance” out the grip training with exercises that have kept me clear of overuse and injury. Most importantly I learned from Adam a way to choose appropriate exercises, weights, reps and sets to streamline my training and honor my body.

I have seen him work one-on-one with people and I’ve seen him work in larger groups and he is one of the greatest teachers I know. He is able to present the depth of knowledge that he has about grip training in a systematic, logical and approachable way that would benefit anyone interested in increasing their hand strength or health.

– Gary J. Berenbroick, Gym Owner & Instructor

“Before I had met adam I never really gave much to training my grip. What I have learned from Industrial Strength Grip is priceless. He gives you the tools to you need to build tremendous hand strength. Whether it be for sports, helping lifts in the gym or just carrying groceries in the house, this DVD will help everyone. For myself, it has helped me be able to plate curl a 35 pound plate for 7 reps, plate pinch 80 pounds one hand, close a CoC 2.5 and much more. Pick this product up you won’t be disappointed.

– Frank Berean, New York

“Adam Glass has quickly proven to be a force in the Grip World, skyrocketing up the ranks of the sport and laying waste to former records all along the way.
His DVD should be a part of every aspiring Grip Athlete’s collection.”

– Jedd Johnson, CSCS, RKC, Red Nail & Captain of Crush Certified

This is the DVD you have been waiting for!

It’s all here, the keys to building powerful arms and exceptional hand strength. You will learn plenty of drills to keep you challenged for the next 5 years. You are going to get the meat and potatoes with none of the gristle.

How far can you go?

How far for you want to go?

I have trained hundreds of people to close high level grippers, bend steel, pinch lift impressive poundages, and lever heavy hammers. I want you to be the next.

Get the knowledge, put in the work, enjoy the rewards.

What kind of rewards?

  • Most men will add an inch to their upper arms in 8 weeks with correctly applied grip training.
  • Nearly all of the men I have trained who add grip training to their program put an inch on their forearms in only a few weeks.
  • I have watched hundreds of people eliminate elbow and wrist pain by correctly performing these very same grip drills.
  • Many of my clients report an increase in all large movements (pressing and pulling) just from concentrated grip work application. Its simple- strong hands equal a strong body!
  • Set the foundation to perform amazing feats of strength
  • Reduce your risk of injury by 50% by training this vital area of your body

Ok, I’m in, what does this cost me?

I am going to cut to the chase and make you a hell of a deal. You will get this DVD packed full of grip training and programming knowledge, the only one of it’s kind: for only $79.