Adam Urbanski – Attract Clients Like Crazy Bootcamp


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Adam Urbanski – Attract Clients Like Crazy Bootcamp

Adam UrbanskiAttract Clients Like Crazy Bootcamp

It may Be Just a Small Tweak away From Transforming your Business Into a Client and Money Making Magnet…Discover the hidden marketing secrets of an elite group of professionals who cracked the client attraction code and now consistently attract all the clients they want and easily earn mid six, or seven incomes.These behind the scenes marketing principles have nothing to do with hosting workshops, teaching teleseminars, creating JV partnerships, holding multispeaker telesummits, building lists, getting speaking gigs, or pitching your products and services from a stage…In fact, NONE of THE ABOVE STRATEGIES will EVER WORK without the five secret prerequisites I will show free in this call.

Here is what you’ll discover…

WHY people turn your passion into profits message does not work. (In fact, it fails 100% of the time unless your passion meets two other criteria Ill reveal in my teleworkshop.)
The first step each of your marketing strategies has to begin with. This allows you to read your ideal customers minds and offer them exactly what you want to buy!
The simple tweak WHAT you are promoting that transforms you from a prospect chaser to a client magnet! (It really is so simple, you’ll go DUH!)
The two keys to eliminate overwhelm, frustration and low profits. This is like installing an easy button in your business.
The secret savvy and rich professionals use to quickly build lists, create powerful jvs, create big profit explosions and virtually dominate their markets.

Plus, you’ll get to learn the best way to access my Attract Customers like crazy ® Marketing system – a small price to pay for learning these life and business changing secrets!

AND, Ill show you how– and quickly teach you how to use it – one of the most powerful psychological triggers that gives you supernaturallike powers to make the audience respond to the messages!

(Ill give you a hint: every guru you follow uses this psychological cat in each of their marketing materials – websites, speeches, teleseminars, etc. AND I used is on this website. But you’ll never know unless you register to learn my secrets.

Personally, I’ve learned quite a bit from Adam and he has contributed more to my income than anyone other than the two guys I’ve been listening to and learning from for years (Abraham and Kennedy). Theres a ton of great info in this course.

Moreover, these bonuses are included:

1. Attract Followers Like Crazy
2. Attract Money Like Crazy

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