Affiliate Marketers Virtual Mastermind 2020 By AVS
  • Affiliate Marketers Virtual Mastermind 2020 By AVS

Affiliate Marketers Virtual Mastermind 2020 By AVS

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Affiliate Marketers Virtual Mastermind 2020 By AVS – Instant Download!

Affiliate Marketers Virtual Mastermind 2020 By AVS

What To Expect

White-Hat Tactics 🤔
Find out how to move to the bright side of advertising with our top experts and company representatives. What offers can be run 100% white hat and what you need to keep in mind? All aspects revealed and all questions to be answered.

Practical Workshops 📐
Actual field tactics of top affiliates right on display for you to analyze. See experts in real-time, note the way they think and move. Learn from the best, ask questions, analyze tactics, act yourself.

Expert Session 👨‍🏫
Actual questions, top experts, and most pressing issues – listen to discussions, participate and remember — truth springs from argument.

Testing & Scaling Methods 📈
Top affiliates know how to test and how to make decisions based on data, not emotions. That leads to profitable campaigns. Once established those campaigns need to be scaled. Expect all these aspects covered.

Creatives Review 🎨
Creativity in marketing is a form of art that can be examined and measured. Together we are going to learn the most powerful practices so your banners, pre-rolls and landing pages can deliver results you’ll be proud of.

Technical aspects 🖥
There are so many tools and resources that can help you get rid of tedious repetitive tasks — we are going to cover them all and get all geared up for the task ahead.


  • Buying expensive courses
  • Using old and outdated ways
  • Following Guru’s that just talk sh*t and don’t deliver
  • Doing it on your OWN…


  • Using up-to-date tools
  • Following tactics from REAL affiliates
  • Copying what you see during LIVE workshops
  • Expanding your team and automating



Affiliate Marketers Virtual Mastermind 2020 By AVS, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

1-Akram Akie Hamam & Roman Seet – Opening Speech Day 1.mp4
2-Outbrain-Haran Rosenzweig – How To Boost Your Digital Media Buying With Native Discovery.mp4
3-PayCertify – Chase Harmer -Make Up To 2% Back On Every $ Spent On Payments.mp4
4-The Anatomy Of A HIGH Converting Sales Page.mp4
5-Alaa Khasaa – Building a High Converting Funnel In Clickfunnels.mp4
6-Bilal Asad – 3 Keys to Scaling Your eCommerce Business to 8 Figures.mp4
7-Heath Wilcock – 3-step “Dumb Writing” System He Uses to Write Winning, Compliant eComm Advertorials.mp4
8-Todor Blajev – 5 Things I Learned Before Hitting My First Million As An Affiliate.mp4
9-Michael Rosmer – Legally Structure Your Taxes As a Digital Nomad.mp4
10-Liss Graham – Making Money On Email.mp4
11-James van Elswyck – How To Train, Hire and Scale Media Buying Teams.mp4
12-Luke Kling – Campaign Optimisation.mp4
13-Akram Hamam & Roman Seet – Closing Speech Day 1.mp4
Screenshot_2020-10-13 Affiliate Virtual Summit.png
1-Akram Hamam & Roman Seet – Opening Speech Day 2.mp4
2-Jason Akattif – The Process of Figuring Something Out and Then How You Scale a Team Around It.mp4
3-Ian Fernando – Scaling Sweepstakes On Push Traffic To $X,XXX In 30 days (Workshop + Guide).mp4
4-Adam Pivko – The Secret Behind Super Affiliates.mp4
5-Sergei Glaukus – How to Increase Your ROI by at Least 30% Through Traffic Recycling and How to Make Money Forever Even if You Stop Buying Traffic.mp4
6-KJ Rocker – How To Avoid Google Account Suspension and Run Lead Generation.mp4
7-Hen Kinan – Maintaining Healthy Facebook Fan Page From a Content Point Of View.mp4
8-Michail Svinarev – Working Solo With Webview Apps in 2020.mp4
9-Alex Fedotov – Scaling Facebook Ads.mp4
10-Roman Seet – CIS Market – Presentation.mp4
11-Akram Hamam & Roman Seet – Closing Speech Day 2.mp4
Screenshot_2020-10-14 Affiliate Virtual Summit.png