Affiliate Master Sequence By Ben Adkins
  • Affiliate Master Sequence By Ben Adkins

Affiliate Master Sequence By Ben Adkins

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Affiliate Master Sequence By Ben Adkins – Instant Download!

Affiliate Master Sequence By Ben Adkins
Affiliate Master Sequence By Ben Adkins

What’s Inside the Affiliate Master Sequence?

The Affiliate Master Sequence Explained

This is the secret sauce to how we put together massive affiliate promotions. You can pull large commissions and make tons of sales using this sequence, even if you don’t have a big email list.

Inside You’ll Learn Each Step:

  • Step 1: The Flux Capacitor Setup
  • Step 2: The Abstract Gets Real
  • Step 3: The Urgency of Live
  • Step 4: The Live Day Reminder
  • Step 5: The 1AM Sportscenter Technique
  • Step 6: The Interview with Batman
  • Step 7: The Change up
  • Step 8: The Interview with Superman
  • Step 9: The Closing Day Webinar
  • Step 10: The Bonus Call Lock In

By the time you’re through with this part of the course you’ll have the exact formula that we use to create all of our contest winning promotions. This is the roadmap that we use in every big affiliate promo to make massive commissions.

Creating Bonus Packages that Sell

One of the core components to creating a massively successful affiliate promo is learning how to create bonus packages the right way. You’ll get inside the mind of Ben Adkins as he explains how he creates bonus Packages that power his affiliate campaigns.

You’ll also get to peak behind the scenes at two 50k+ promotions (that’s how much we took home) and see exactly how we created the bonus package (even when no bonus package existed before the promo)

The Evil Webinar Magician

This part of the course is worth tens of thousands of dollars by itself. Inside you’ll learn the secrets to creating a webinar using our Webinar Magician Formula. If you use this with the Affiliate Master Sequence you will double or triple what you make on each promotion.

In this section you’ll Get:

  • Ben Adkins Webinar Creation Map
  • A Detailed Look at How to Build Your Own Webinar. (even if you’ve never done it before.
  • A Live Look at 2 Webinars that were used with our Affiliate Master Sequence to Generate over 1 Million Dollars in Sales.
  • The Detailed Guide to FINALLY do what every monster affiliate does… Run a Webinar (even if you’re scared at first).

Audience Finder Master Class

To use the Affiliate Master Sequence you need to build a list (even if it’s small, this still works). In this section of the training, we’ll walk you through how we research a niche and get traffic.

Once you go through this section you’ll be armed with a technique to know more about a niche than most people on the planet with just 1 hour of work.

But Wait… We’re not Done Yet.

You Also Get Access to These Never Before Seen Bonuses:
(These Bonuses Will Be Delivered Live via Webinar Next Week so you have an opportunity to ask questions)

How to Build an Email List From Scratch to Promote Affiliate Offers to.

Wouldn’t it be nice to look over the shoulder of a professional online marketer and see how they go about building a list in preparation for an affiliate promotion.

In this bonus you’ll watch Ben Adkins setup a campaign from scratch on an upcoming launch. You can mimic each step and profit using the campaign that he builds.

How to Find the Best Affiliate Offers to Promote and make income with.

Not all affiliate offers are created equal. If you pick the wrong offer you can get burnt and you email list subscribers suffer.

In this section, Ben Adkins walks you through his process of finding top notch offers to promote and the checklist that he uses to decide if an offer is worth promoting or not.

On the Fly Product Creation Genius
Sometimes you’ll want to promote a product that you don’t have a bonus package pre-built for. With this powerful section, we’ll show you how to build a monster bonus package on the fly.

This is worth 10x the value of the course just because of how much you can make, just building products using this method.

LIMITED BONUS (Webinar Buyers Only)

The “Make Your First Affiliate Sale” Walkthrough

It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever made an affiliate sale or ever had any success online before. We’re going to walk you through the process of making your first affiliate sale online using a “mini version” of the Affiliate Master Sequence.

You don’t need to do webinars or anything fancy with this method. We’ll show you the secrets to earning big with affiliate promotions, even if you’re brand new.

Affiliate Master Sequence By Ben Adkins, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!):

01. Watch This First
02. Watch This First
03, Step 1 The Flux Capacitor Setup
04. Step 2 The Abstract Get Real
OS. Step 3 The Urgency of Live
06. Step 4 Live Day Reminder
07. Step 5 The 1 AM Sports Center Technique
08. Step 6 Interview with Batman
09. Step 7 The Change Up
10. Step 8 Interview with Superman
11. Step 9 Closing Day Webinar
12. Step 10 The Lock in Bonus Call
13, Watch This First
14. Case Study 1 Ads Cracked
15. Case Study 2 Smart Member
16. Watch This First
18. Spy on Me Amazing Selling Machines Weblnar
19. Spy on Me FB Ads Cracked Webinar
20. Spy on Me Recurring Revenue Machines Webinar
21. Watch This First
22. Step 1 Initial Niche Research
23. Step 2 Funnel Hacking
24. Step 3 Post Deconstruction Rescarch
25, Step 4 Finding Traffic Outside of Facebook
26. Step 5 Layer 1 Facebook Ads
27. Step 6 Adding Conversion Pixels
28. Step 7 Scaling Up Your Facebook Ads
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