Airbnb Investor Academy By Michael Elefante
  • Airbnb Investor Academy By Michael Elefante

Airbnb Investor Academy By Michael Elefante


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Airbnb Investor Academy By Michael Elefante – Instant Download!

Airbnb Investor Academy By Michael Elefante

The Fast Path To Financial Freedom

Investing in short term vacation rental properties is the fast path to financial freedom. The cash flow and earnings potential is substantially higher than most traditional real estate investment strategies. Just a few properties can set you financially free.

Why Short Term Vacation Rentals

The cash flow potential for short term vacation rentals is substantially higher than what traditional real estate investments produce. One, or just a few properties, can produce enough monthly cash flow to set you financially free. With the use of technology and software automation tools, you no longer have to pay a property manager large fees to manage your properties. You can successfully manage properties from a distance, and run them effectively.

Where To Invest

You will learn how to evaluate different markets and decide which ones provide the best opportunity for you to invest. Learn which markets are trending in the right direction to provide you the most stable ROI.

How To Evaluate Properties

You will have access to custom investment analysis templates that will allow you to evaluate potential Airbnb properties. This will give you the capability to confidently distinguish between a great investment and a mediocre one, before ever putting in an offer.

How To Set Up Your Airbnb For Success
Learn how to make your Airbnb property stand out from competition to increase your average daily rate and occupancy rate, therefore boosting your revenue and cash flow. Learn to automate 90% of the day to day management activities.

Example Curriculum
What is Airbnb Investor Academy?
Watch this video!

Elliott C. Is cash flowing $11k/month with his first Airbnb
Logan is CASH FLOWING $42k/month after his first year!
Eliot (Part 1/3) – Had The Mortgage Paid in The First 2.5 Hours of Going Live On Airbnb (UPDATE: $4k Cash Flow First Month on Airbnb)
Eliot (Part2/3) – 7 months in cash flow update ($6,300/month!)
Eliot (Part 3/3) – Currently CASH FLOWING $19k/month
Collin’s Experience and How He Cash Flowed Over $3k/month with his First Investment
Nick’s First Ever Airbnb to Cash Flow Up To $6.5k/mo After Seeing Michael on Tik Tok
Kolton’s Testimonial (21 Years Old)
Tyler’s Experience on his First Ever Short Term Rental Investment
Welcome To Airbnb Investor Academy!
Welcome Note
Meet Your Instructor
Why Invest In Real Estate
Short Term Vacation Rentals
What They Are & Why You Should Invest In Them
Airbnb Investing Strategies
Buy & Hold
Airbnb Rental Arbitrage
Rental Arbitrage Corporate Lease & Landlord Talking Points

Real Estate Partnership
Where To Invest
How To Find The Right Market For Your Airbnb
AirDNA Demo
AirDNA Demo (Updated 6/6/2022)
Finding The Right Property
Define Your Criteria
Networking To Find Investors, Real Estate Agents & Lenders
Understanding Loans & Working With Lenders
Conventional Loan
Fannie & Freddie
Secondary Home Loan
Investment Loan
Jumbo Loan
DSCR Loans for STRs

Understanding A Mortgage
Principal, Interest & Amortization
Property Taxes, Insurance & Escrow
Qualifying For A Loan: DTI & Income
Qualifying For A Loan: Credit Score
Qualifying For A Loan: How Much Does Credit Score Affect Your Loan?
Qualifying For A Loan: Discount Points
Private Mortgage Insurance
Short Term Rental Laws & Regulations
Understanding Local Laws & Regulations
Key Investing Metrics
What Makes A Good Investment?
Cash Flow
Cash On Cash Return
Principal Paydown, Leverage & Appreciation
Total Return On Investment
ADR & Occupancy Rate
Evaluating Properties
Investment Analysis Template Overview *Excel Download Beneath Video*
Investment Analysis Example 1: Secondary Home Loan
Investment Analysis Example 2: Investment Loan
Google Sheets Version of STR Investment Analysis *Link*

Rental Arbitrage Analysis Template & Example *Excel Download Beneath Video*
Google Sheets Version of Airbnb Arbitrage Analysis Template *Link*

Co-Hosting Analysis
Step By Step: How To Buy An Investment Property
Step 1: Evaluate Your Readiness To Purchase
Step 2: Getting Pre-Approved
Step 3: Define Your Criteria
Step 4: Work With Your Real Estate Agent
Step 5: Evaluate Multiple Properties
Step 6: Making An Offer
Step 7: Going Under Contract
Step 8: Underwriting
Step 9: Closing
Negotiating With Sellers: Buying Cash
Negotiating With Sellers: Sale Price
Negotiating With Sellers: Closing Costs
You Closed On An Airbnb Property… Now What?
Rehab & Working With Contractors
Furnishing Your Airbnb
Furnishing Budget Template Overview
Recommended Furniture & Misc. Items

How To Utilize Credit Cards For All Of Your Purchases
Getting Ready to List on Airbnb
Hiring GREAT Cleaners
Cleaner Interview Questions

How to Automate Repairs and Maintenance
Getting Your Property Guest Ready
Setting Up Recurring Services
Welcome Gifts
Creating Your Guest Book
Building Your Airbnb Listing
Sign Up to be an Airbnb Hosts Using THIS LINK!

Building Your Airbnb Listing
BEFORE You Publish Your Listing
Setting Up Software Automation Tools
Why Automation is Important
Guesty For Hosts Demo (updated June 2022)
Guesty for Hosts 14 Day FREE Trial

PriceLabs Demo (updated June 2022)
Price Labs 1 Month FREE Trial

Syncing Your Calendar with Cleaners
Guest Messaging Templates

How To Become A Superhost
How To Become A Superhost
Responding To Guests & Dealing With Damages
Responding To Common Guest Questions
Dealing With Damages From Guests
Income Tracking, Taxes, And LLCs
Why You Need To Track Revenue, Expenses & Cash Flow
Monthly Revenue Tracking Template Demo
STR Bookkeeping Template Google Sheets Version

Tracking Revenue For Rental Arbitrage
Taxes & CPA’s
Closing Remarks
Closing Remarks
Airbnb Investor Academy By Michael Elefante, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

  • 1 Testimonials
  • 2 Welcome To Airbnb Investor Academy
  • 3 Airbnb Investing Strategies
  • 4 Where To Invest
  • 5 Finding The Right Property
  • 6 Understanding Loans & Working With Lenders
  • 7 Short Term Rental Laws
  • 8 Key Investing Metrics
  • 9 Evaluating Properties
  • 10 How To Buy An Investment Property
  • 11 You Closed On An Airbnb Property
  • 12 Getting Ready to List on Airbnb
  • 13 Building Your Airbnb Listing
  • 14 Setting Up Software Automation Tools
  • 15 Responding To Guests & Dealing With Damages
  • 16 Income Tracking, Taxes, And LLCs
  • …And more