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Andrew Baxter – Mastering the Stock Market
  • Andrew Baxter – Mastering the Stock Market

Andrew Baxter – Mastering the Stock Market


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292 “Trader Money-Making Secrets” That Will Blow Your Socks Off…


You will discover:


The single most important component to look for in charts that will be responsible for more profitable trades than any other … (Secret #10)



How to read the sentiment of the market… this is a core skill of every mega successful trader … discover the 4 key plays to look for … (Secrets 14 –17)



The three essential elements of a trend to look for that will support highly profitable trades almost every time … (Secrets 25, 44, 45)



The 11 most important chart patterns … precisely how to identify them, what they mean, and how they will impact your trades for maximum profits… (Secrets 52 – 73)



The key to remaining emotionally DISENGAGED from the markets 24/7 … this more than any other skill will make you rich! (Secrets 77 & 78)



The 15 essential factors for your entry and exit criteria … Understand and use these factors every day and you are well on your way to becoming incredibly rich … (Secrets 79 – 93)



How to employ the most sophisticated and effective risk management rules used by professional traders… with their focus solely on capital preservation …

the pros use risk management to make massive amounts of money … (Secrets 94 – 97)



16 almost fail-proof ways to confirm before you commit to a trade … All professional traders take making money very seriously … these are the key

tools they use to confirm their expectations before laying their money on the line … (Secrets 98 – 113)



4 of the most common reversal patterns and which 2 confirmation techniques will tell you precisely where the market is headed next … (Secrets 118 & 119)



A comprehensive 33-point trading plan checklist to quickly judge the merits of any “go long” trading opportunity … (Secrets 121 – 153)



How to overcome your fear of the short side of the market … 32-point trading plan checklist guides you on precisely when and how to make sizeable profits on the downside … (Secrets 154 – 185)



Know when to enter the market and when not to! Execution is only as profitable as it’s timing … use my 4-level, 19-point TOP DOWN checklist and my 20-point BOTTOM UP checklist to figure which sector and which individual stocks to trade … (Secrets 193 – 213 and 219 – 241)