Anik Singal – Million Dollar Funnels
  • Anik Singal – Million Dollar Funnels

Anik Singal – Million Dollar Funnels | Instant Download !

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Anik Singal – Million Dollar Funnels | Instant Download !


Anik Singal – Million Dollar Funnels

Course Description

For The First Time Ever, I’m Revealing The 7 Funnels That Have Doubled Our Revenue & Scaled Our Company To Enormous Levels Over The Past Couple of Years. Get Insider’s Access To All Of The Funnels Responsible For This Success – And The Strategies Behind Them.

What You Will Learn


Welcome to Million Dollar Funnels. Get ready to dive into 7 of our top converting funnels here at Lurn. In upcoming modules, I’ll not only show you how each funnel works, but I will also show you the math behind each funnel and how it has helped us earn millions of dollars.

Module #1: Introduction To Funnels

In this module, you’ll hear me tell the story–in exact detail– of how we created these 7 funnels. You’ll hear about our old business model that we implemented for 15 years. You’ll be introduced to the 7 different types of funnels we use. You’ll get Anik Singals’ definition of “funnels” and why it’s an absolute necessity to implement them if you want to successfully grow your business.

Module #3: Webinar Registration With A Twist Funnels

In this module, you’ll learn about the funnels we use to promote our webinars and sell high-ticket products. You’ll learn the psychology that goes into building this funnel so we can get tons of people to show up and buy our high-ticket offers.

Module #4: The Hidden Webinar Registration Funnel

This is where you collect leads for webinar registration with an instant gratification offer, such as a free PDF or a physical book to set up a high-ticket offer. In this module you’ll learn how to get a 20% increase in webinar registration with the Hidden Webinar Funnel.

Module #5: Bootcamp Funnels

In this module you’ll learn how to use a lead magnet to create micro commitments and sell low ticket offers.

Module #6: Low Ticket Profit Funnel

This module teaches you the psychology to getting huge conversions from low-ticket offers by creating micro commitments in each step of your funnel.

Module #7: Direct Super Ticket Funnel

This funnel will show you how to sell super-ticket offers. You’ll learn the step-by-step process – including examples to creating great conversions from your funnel with super expensive offers.

Module #8: Virtual Summit Funnels

In this module you’ll learn how to create a $1 offer to attend a summit with a big name influencer. Then you offer your prospect a chance to have 1-on-1 time with an advisor.

Module #9: Big Takeaways

In this module you’ll discover the 3 major tweaks we made to our funnels that enable us to generate $30 million: the “Serve, Not Sell” Approach, the Horizontal and Vertical Funnels, tripwire offers, and the summit approach.

You also get access to LURN’s highly trained team of coaches which includes some of the most successful digital publishers, marketers, and entrepreneurs from around the world.