Ari Galper – Chatwise Golden Package


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Ari Galper – Chatwise Golden Package

Ari GalperChatwise Golden Package

How do you do that? By talking with them – and the easiest and most effective way to talk on the Internet is through live chat.
(Let me warn you, though, if you think that just putting a chat box up on your website will get you instant sales results, you’ll be very disappointed. Live chat is an extremely sensitive medium. If you use it the wrong way – if you jump right in and start “selling” – most of your visitors will immediately be turned off by you and your site. And they’ll never come back.)
In other words, live chat isn’t just about “chatting” with your visitors, it’s about CONNECTING with them.

Here’s What’s Included:      

  • Create trust with your visitors – and make more sales
  • Humanize your website – so your visitors aren’t skeptical about buying from you
  • Connect with potential buyers in real time – and increase your online conversions
  • Quickly identify buyers – without scaring them away
  • Fine-tune your website – to remove the “roadblocks” from your sales process