Audience Building By Julian Shapiro and Sahil Bloom
  • Audience Building By Julian Shapiro and Sahil Bloom

Audience Building By Julian Shapiro and Sahil Bloom


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Audience Building By Julian Shapiro and Sahil Bloom – Instant download!

Audience Building By Julian Shapiro and Sahil Bloom

Crash course with Julian Shapiro and Sahil Bloom.

An engaged audience is the ultimate form of leverage in the 2020s. Learn how the most resourceful founders and creators are gaining an advantage by building audiences. You’ll actively work on growing a Twitter following and a high-leverage newsletter.

Topics we will cover

In 2 live, 90-minute sessions, we’ll show you how to grow a large, engaged Twitter following and newsletter audience. Within 3 months.

See Curriculum
  • How Twitter can advance your career as a founder, a creator, or an employee
  • Selecting a topic to write about-and defining your unique voice and strategy
  • Building a content engine
  • Writing for engagement (Twitter and newsletters)
  • Growing an audience on Twitter
  • Engaging your audience through a newsletter
Who this course is for

You’re a founder building an audience to launch a product to.

You’re a creator looking to earn a living through the support of your audience.

You’re an ambitious employee seeking to grow your career through influence.

Meet your instructors

Julian Shapiro

Julian ran growth for Webflow and was a growth advisor for Clearbit, Heap, and Segment.
He built the Bell Curve growth agency, which served clients including Microsoft, Outschool, Tovala, Imperfect Produce, and many others.
As co-founder of Demand Curve, he oversees all marketing projects including social media and content. His personal audiences on and are among the most engaged audiences in all of tech and writing.

Sahil Bloom

Sahil is a Bay Area-based investor at a generalist investment fund with over $2.5 billion in capital under management, where he focuses on investments in the consumer products and services sector. Sahil serves as an advisor to a number of startups and small businesses and is an active angel investor in early stage consumer and consumer technology companies.
In his free time, he has built a platform focused on financial education and literacy on Twitter, where he writes and releases threads aimed at demystifying the world of finance, money, business and economics.

Sahil received an M.A. in Public Policy and a B.A. in Economics and Sociology from Stanford University, where he was also a member of the Stanford Baseball Team. During his time at Stanford, Sahil helped lead the baseball team to two NCAA Super Regional appearances, was a two-time PAC-12 All-Academic Team honoree, and twice received the Bruce Cameron Memorial Award for Excellence in Academics, Athletics, and Leadership.


1. Why audience building matters
You’ll internalize why audience building creates leverage. Then you’ll use audience building frameworks to set goals.

2. Topic selection
You’ll select a content topic that you’re qualified to publish on. And you’ll narrow your focus.

3. Creating a content engine
You’ll build a process to consistently generate high quality ideas to write about

4. Writing well
You’ll apply a framework to identify novel ideas, and write about them in a compelling way.

5. Twitter (Zero to one)
Strategy and tactics to go from 0 to 1000 followers on Twitter, quickly. Students will implement a process to hit 1k followers within their first 3 months on Twitter.

6. Twitter (Scaling)
You’ll grow from 1k to 10k followers, plus on Twitter

7. Newsletters
You’ll port Twitter followers over to an email list, and build your own email newsletter to engage your list.

If you’re considering this course and you care about audience building. Stop. There is nothing to think about. This is hands-down the best course on the internet for building audience. Julian and the Demand Curve team are the leaders in this. Invest in yourself and learn from the best. I can’t think of a better use of money if you’re serious about building internet audiences.
Greg Isenberg (@Gregisenberg)
CEO, Late Checkout

Sahil and Julian are masters at the craft of composing ideas for understanding at scale. You can learn a lot from their output, and I’m sure you’ll learn even more from their process.
Jack Butcher (@JackButcher)
Founder, Visualize Value

The great unlock of the internet is the ability to connect with billions of people through the click of a button. But it’s not actually that easy. It takes a marriage of quality content & smart growth strategies to build true audience. Sahil & Julian are the perfect 1-2 punch to give you the playbook you need to build an audience atop of the internet.
Alex Lieberman (@BusinessBarista)
Founder, Morning Brew

Want to learn how to do something? Find people who have done it well and study their process. The track records of these two speak for themselves – they’re the best of the best.
Nick Huber (@SweatyStartup)
Founder, The Sweaty Startup

Audience Building By Julian Shapiro and Sahil Bloom, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!) 

  • Audience Building Day 1
  • Audience Building Day 2
  • Demand Curve Audience Building Project