Ben Adkins – Collection
  • Ben Adkins – Collection

Ben Adkins – Collection


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Ben Adkins – Collection – Instant Download!

Advertorial Master Class

Read Below For More on What You’ll Master in Course.

Section 1:

The Ideal Products to Promote with Advertorials.

Section 2:

How to Write the Perfect Advertorial for Conversions

Section 3:

How to Setup the Perfect Advertorial Website

Section 4:

How to Run Traffic That Converts to your Advertorial


Advertorial Master Class Platinum

Authority Sponging Master Plan
Ready to Take Your Lead Generation and Sales to The Next Level?

We Are Proud to Introduce You To:

Ben Adkins – Collection

What’s Inside the Immersion Course and Mastermind?

Part 1: How to Understand Your Audience Better Than Their Mom Does

Part 2: Finding Elite Leading Content

Part 3: The Email Follow-Up Genius Template

Part 4: Where to Find the Best Things to Giveaway For Optins

Part 5: The Birdsong App “Directors Cut”

Part 6: The Facebook Ad Blueprint

Part 7: The Local Marketing Business Domination Model

Email Inception

What is “Email Inception”?

It’s a method that you can use to get someone to actually consider something that they might not have otherwise given a second thought to.

In short… This is a method to get someone to break out of their normal thinking patterns and to really use their mind to explore an issue. (and couldn’t we use a lot more of people actually thinking things through?… especially during this election cycle… no matter who they support at a gut level.)

Fearless Ad Lab
Face it… Facebook Ad Strategy is Always Changing.
Presenting the Ads Mastermind that Changes With It…

Ben Adkins – Collection

Your Step-by-Step System for Setting Up, Tracking, and Scaling Facebook Ads

So You Can Grow Your Business Using the World’s Largest Social Network.

Keep Reading to See Exactly Why THIS IS DIFFERENT

than any Other Facebook Ads Course You’ve Ever Seen.

Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula

A Step by Step Facebook Advertising System Designed to Help you Get Cheaper Clicks and Get More Engagement on Your Facebook Ads (through making minor but powerful changes).

So… Who is This For?
If you have a product for sale that you’d
like to get in front of more of the right people,
this Blueprint will Change Your Business in a big way.

Full Schedule Funnels
Master Dr. Ben Adkins’ new customer generation funnel and fill your favorite local business’ schedule with new customers each and every week.

What You’re Going to Learn Inside:
Part 1: The “4 Gear Local Customer Funnel” Explained.
Part 2: How to create “I’ve got to have that now” Offers for any local business.
Part 3: How to get in front of the perfect local customers with your offer.
Part 4: The “Ultimate Local Lead Generator” Landing Page.
Part 5: The “Hot Now, Strike Now” Follow up Sequence.
Part 6: The “Freebie to Lifetime Customer” Upsell Sequence.
[Advanced Only] DFY Agency Email Reachout Script.
[Advanced Only] DFY Brandable Client Attraction PDF (send this when they ask for more info)
[Advanced Only] The “Lead Gen Client Attactor” Facebook Ad Campaign
[Advanced Only] How to close a $1k-3k per month Lead Gen client for your agency in 9 days. (complete day by day walkthrough)

The Shovel Business
Learn the fascinating process behind how Dr Ben builds 100k/year businesses by selling Essential “Digital Shovels” to Niche Markets.

What you’re going to Learn Inside:
Part 1: How to Find a Hidden “Shovel Opportunities”. I’ll take you behind the scenes and show you how I find unique opportunities in niche markets before I ever even think about creating a digital asset to sell them.
Part 2: Creating your Shovel Prototype. I’ll walk you through how I create the blueprint behind what my digital asset will be (so that I can get it created fast and for cheap).
Part 3: Outsourcing the Build of a High Quality Shovel (for cheap). I’ll walk you through how I get find and hire people to build my high quality digital assets (so that I can sell their work 1000+ times) to others.
Part 4: The Shovel Pricing Formula. You’ll learn the math behind setting a price and exactly what to charge for your “Digital Shovel”.
Part 5: Shovel Selling Hot Spots. You’ll learn exactly how to setup a page to sell your “digital shovel” fast and how to get it in front of your ideal market.
Part 6: The Full time “Digital Shovel” Sales Model. You’ll learn how to Scale your Digital Shovel business to 50-100k per year in Revenue.

Snap on Subscriptions

The 3 Road Blocks of a Successful Subscription or Membership Program:
Successful Subscription Roadblock #1
You get stuck trying to use expensive and complicated membership software (you don’t need it despite what some guru, who was probably selling the software, might have told you).
Successful Subscription Roadblock #2
You try to build a subscription program in a niche that just isn’t right for recurring revenue (not all niches work with Subscriptions and Memberships).
Successful Subscription Roadblock #3
You think you have to continue to create new content month after month to continue feeding your subscription or membership program and satisfy your subscribers (you don’t and you shouldn’t).

Survey Social Pilot

How You Can Exploit a Simple Gesture into an Ever-Flowing Income Stream!

Survey Social Pilot is a whiz at collecting opt-ins and quickly turning them into sales. And not because it uses some “secret magic formula.” In fact, all it does is play on an everyday mindset that 99% of people have.

It’s called the ‘Benjamin Franklin effect’ and without turning this into a college lecture., it’s the idea that if you can get someone to do you a small favor, it’s 1000x easier to get them to do you a big one next (and buy into something).

This may sound very simple. But over decades,

Psychologists have confirmed this is a highly effective technique for persuading others to do anything you want.

With Survey Social Pilot… I’m going to take you by the hand. Show you how this technique will translate into thousands of new subscribers and bigger sales for you.

10 Dollar Time Bomb + VIP

Inside you’ll Learn How to Take the Knowledge in Your Head
(or any expert that you know) and Turn it into A Digital Instruction Manual that Can Be Sold Online.


PART 1: How To Guarantee Success Before You Do Any Work.

PART 2: How Create a Digital Instruction Manual That Sells

PART 3: Setting Up Your Digital Product To Sell (our million dollar setup revealed)

PART 4: How to Get in Front of a Ton of Buyers. (even when you don’t have a ton of money to spend)

The 1000 Lead Challenge + Facebook Messenger Ads

The 1000 Email Lead Challenge

Ben Adkins and the Fearless Social Team Guide you through Building a 1000 Subscriber Email List and Monetizing it in the Next 30 Days.

The Clarity Program
Ready to Learn The Insider Secrets to

Making a Full time Income Creating Unique

“Instruction Manuals” from Your Existing Expertise?

Proven Tactics that Have Generated Millions of Dollars are Inside:

The Dental Marketing Funnel Masterclass

You’re Just Seconds Away From Securing Your Spot Inside of Ben Adkins’

Your Step by Step System to Getting Paid Monthly to Help Dentist

Offices Generate Leads Using the Power of Facebook.

What’s Inside of the Dental Marekting Master Class?

The Pinterest Product Method

What You’re Getting Inside:

  • The “Desperate for Your Product Niche Finder” Technique
  • Pinterest Method #1: The Infographic Rework Method
  • Pinterest Method #2: The Repin Shakedown Method
  • Our “Create it Fast” Digital Product Template
  • “Map to Product Technique” Explained (how to map your products in advance so you can write it fast)
  • [BONUS] The Creating a “Best Seller Live Experience” with Ben Adkins
  • [Advanced Package Only] The Fearless Sales Templates (our High Converting Sales Funnel and VSL Templates that you can use to increase your sales).

Trial Formula
Want to turn Cold Traffic into Buyers Faster?
Get Ready to Master one of the Most Effective Pricing Strategies Ever Used in Online Sales.

Ready to Learn how to Use Paid Trials to Convert More Casual Browsers into Buyers?

Tribe Architect

The Battle Tested System for Building a Loyal Niche Community that Makes

You an Instant Celebrity in Your Industry and Makes Selling Your Product Easy.

(Even if You Really Aren’t That Good at Selling Stuff)

Video Ad Blueprint

Your Step-by-Step System for Using Facebook Video Ads to

Sell Your Digital and Physical Products.

Ben Adkins – Collection, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

  • Ben Adkins – Advertorial Master Class
  • Ben Adkins – Authority Sponging Master Plan
  • Ben Adkins – Email Inception Master Class
  • Ben Adkins – Fearless Ad Lab
  • Ben Adkins – Foolproof Facebook Ad Formula
  • Ben Adkins – Full Schedule Funnels
  • Ben Adkins – Shovel Business
  • Ben Adkins – Snap On Subscriptions
  • Ben Adkins – Survey Social Pilot
  • Ben Adkins – Ten Dollar Time Bomb
  • Ben Adkins – The 1000 Lead Challenge+FB Messenger Ads
  • Ben Adkins – The Clarity Program
  • Ben Adkins – The Dental Marketing Funnel Masterclass
  • Ben Adkins – The Pinterest Product Method
  • Ben Adkins – Trial Formula
  • Ben Adkins – Tribe Architect
  • Ben Adkins – Video Ad Blueprint 2016