Bly Copy Training Recordings 2022 – Robert W. Bly
  • Bly Copy Training Recordings 2022 – Robert W. Bly

Bly Copy Training Recordings 2022 – Robert W. Bly

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Bly Copy Training Recordings 2022 – Robert W. Bly

Bly Copy Training Recordings 2022Bly Copy Training Recordings 2022 Information

How to Start and Run a Successful Copywriting Business …

… and Boost Your Copywriting Skills to the Next Level!

When we launched the Pilot Program for “Bob Bly’s Online Master Copywriting Class,” I put into it just about everything I know about writing A-level copy and starting and running a high-profit freelance copywriting business. And then some!

Now, all else being equal, wouldn’t you rather get training in how to write kick-butt copy … earn an annual 6-figure income as a freelance copywriter . . . and accumulate a 7-figure net worth – from a guy who has not only done it for over 4 decades … but continues doing it year after year – not only because it’s extremely lucrative – but also because I love it!

Well now, I have a new money-saving and eminently affordably special offer on copy training for you. You get unlimited access to the videos of the 12 course modules — at a hefty 93% savings off what other copywriters have paid for the same material.

Our students have paid as much as $7,500 for these master copywriting tips, tactics, and proven response-boosting strategies.

But now your “tuition” is a tiny fraction of that amount … and you get a dozen online videos recordings giving you the exact same copywriting secrets and lessons I share with our attendees in my $7,500 live program.

However, these videos won’t cost you $7,500. Not even $750. In this streaming video home study course, your investment is just $397. Your savings: a whopping $7,103. And the 12 class modules are prerecorded, so you can watch them as many times as you like whenever you want a refresher.

Here’s what you’ll get in Bly Copy Training Recordings 2022

8 core course modules….

Core Course Module1: Overview

  • Build a 6-figure freelance copywriting business.
  • Become an A-level copywriter.
  • Get more clients than you can handle.
  • Double the results your copy produces.
  • Establish yourself as a recognized expert.

Core Course Module 2: Gaining Deep Prospect Knowledge

  • The S.A.P. formula for copywriting success.
  • 15 ways to take a deep dive into the customer’s mind.
  • Using the B.D.F formula for uncovering the core buying complex.
  • Clayton Makepeace’s secret for making copy resonate.
  • Tap into these 17 fundamental human desires.

Core Course Module 3: The Motivating Sequence

  • The 5-step Motivating Sequence for maximum response.
  • 11 additional formulas for making copy even stronger.
  • The secret of the Sea-Monkeys.
  • Making outrageous free gift offers profitable.
  • The secrets of the Franklin Mint chess set.

Core Course Module 4: Differentiating Your Product

  • The 3-part Unique Selling Proposition.
  • 12 ways to make your product superior and unique.
  • False logic and invent-a-term.
  • Robert Allen, Fran Capo, Mountaineer Mouse.
  • The FAB Pyramid.

Core Course Module 5: Creating Irresistible Offers

  • 4 elements of winning offers.
  • Position part of the product as the premium.
  • The magic of a dollar.
  • The 4 U’s formula.
  • Pricing and guarantee offers that work,

Core Course Module 6: Writing Copy That Sells

  • A copywriting lesson from Monty.
  • The 4-S formula for making your copy easier to read.
  • Why word choice matters so much.
  • The power of specifics.
  • A copywriting lesson from Texas Holdem.

Core Course Module 7: Prospecting

  • 12 proven self-promotions for freelance copywriters.
  • A lead-generating letter that pulled a 10% response.
  • How to create a Copywriting Information Kit.
  • The MAD-FU formula for qualifying potential clients.
  • How to make your website generate a truckload of leads.

Core Course Module 8: Getting Prospects to Hire You

  • 15 reasons why clients hire freelance copywriters.
  • 9 steps for converting sales leads into copywriting clients.
  • What to do when a potential client ghosts you.
  • 23 great copywriting niches.
  • 9 common sales objections — and one good answer to each.

Bonus Course Module #9: Content Marketing

  • Converting free content requests into qualified sales leads.
  • How to easily enhance curated content.
  • Fill-in-the-blank worksheets for creating your content.
  • Tailoring your content delivery format to prospect learning mode.
  • 7 proven formulas for writing attention-grabbing content titles.

Bonus Course Module #10: Websites

  • Dual-appeal home pages.
  • The 2 things that must be on your website.
  • Choosing your domain name.
  • Popular home page layouts.
  • SEO.

Bonus Course Module #11: Videos

  • Common video run times and script word length for each.
  • 9 tips for writing video sales letters.
  • The power of demonstration videos.
  • Problem/solution videos.
  • Using educational videos to help sell your product or service.

Bonus Course Module #12: Building Your Copywriting Business

  • The 7 key elements of freelance success.
  • 5 ways to deliver extraordinary client service.
  • How to retain good clients for years—even decades.
  • The ABM method of getting all the new clients you want.
  • 4 secrets to a long and prosperous copywriting career.

Robert W. BlyAbout Author

Robert W. Bly is a professional writer, speaker, and marketing consultant with over 3 decades of experience in business-to-business, high-tech, and direct response marketing. He became a self-made multi-millionaire while still in his 30s. Bob is the author of more than 90 published books including Careers for Writers (McGraw-Hill/VGM), Secrets of a Freelance Writer (Henry Holt), The Copywriter’s Handbook (Henry Holt), and The Elements of Business Writing (Alyn & Bacon). McGraw-Hill calls Bob Bly “America’s top copywriter,” and he was named 2007 Copywriter of the Year by American Writers and Artists, Inc. Bob writes a column for Target Marketing magazine.

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Bly Copy Training Recordings 2022 – Robert W. Bly