Brad Johnson – Adronis 4 Phase Courses


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Brad JohnsonAdronis 4 Phase Courses

The Adronis 4 Phase Course includes over 12 hours of spiritual education in a variety of areas including:


  • Channeling
  • Energy Healing
  • The Nature of Telepathy
  • Out of Body Experiences/Astral Travel
  • Meditation and Relaxation Techniques
  • Connecting with Spirit Guides
  • Connecting with the Higher Self
  • Self Empowerment and Actualization & More!


Adronis Phase I Course (The Channeling Course)
Structure of the Course:

Introduction to Channeling

Introduction to Meditation
Guidelines to Beginning Channeling
Relaxation and Breathing Techniques
Visual Meditation Exercise
Understanding Flow
Automatic Writing and Vocal Channeling Fundamentals
Chakra Balancing Exercise: Automatic Writing with Higher Self
Introduction to Telepathy
Introduction to Energy Healing
Energy Healing Meditation Exercise
Energy Healing Water Detoxification Exercise
Connection to Other Consciousness Exercise
Understanding Trance Channeling
Introduction to the Akashic Records
Connecting to Akashic Records Exercise
Introduction to Children’s Channeling
Guidance on Children Spirituality

This MP3 Channeling course is estimated to run at approximately 3 1/2 hours. The Channeling Course is fully downloadable via ZIP format.

Adronis Phase II Course 

This is the second online MP3 Course that picks up where the Phase 1 course left off. This course contains upto 4 hours of detailed information in a variety of different topics.

Structure of the Course:

Astral Projection/Out of Body Experience
What is Astral Projection?
What is Out of Body Experience?
Astral Projection Exercise
Out of Body Experience Exercise
Past Life Regression Understanding Past Life Regression and Future Lives
Exercise for Past Life Regression
Advanced Meditations: Harvesting Universal Energy How Can Universal Energy be Harnessed?
Visual Exercise
The Crystalline Shield
The Universal Energy Meditation
Advanced Energy Healing Techniques Using the Merkabah in Healing
Healing is a Partnership
Advanced Energy Healing Techique
Chakra Centers and Light Body Activation Understanding the 12 Chakras
What is the Light Body?
Light Body Activation Exercise
The Concept of Creation What is Creation?
How is Everything One?
What is the Soul?
Purpose of Lower Densities
Law of Attraction Secrets The Three Fundamentals to Bring Forth Abundance
Eliminating Belief Systems Exercise
Understanding Psychic Ability Natural Psychics
Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, and Clairaudient Exercise
Understanding Galactic Society Behavior of Other Civilizations and Understanding First Contact (Adronis)

Adronis Phase III Course 

This is the third product in the Adronis course series. Through this collection, you can take yourself to new areas past the physical as you are guided to re-connect and re-member with Source knowledge.

Structure of the Course

Relaxation and Breathing Exercise
5 minute Daily Energy Meditation
Perfect Place Meditation
Energetic Healing Meditation
The Color Void Meditation
The Merkabah Meditation
Infinite Harmony Meditation
I AM Meditation
Spirit Guide/Higher Self Contact Meditation
Lucid Dreaming Meditation
Abundance Manifestation Meditation
The Cosmic Gift Meditation
Download Meditation – (Guided by Adronis)

Adronis Phase IV Course 

Adronis Phase IV Self Development Course is the most extensive course yet. Experience over 3 hours of channeled audio material straight from the consciousness of Adronis himself as he shows you the path to completely bringing yourself into self-empowerment: From detailed advice on clearing karma, to understanding the functionality and mechanics of creation, pursuing your heart-felt passion deeply, receiving downloads and working your way to becoming an advanced human being existing in 4th density Earth.

This course also includes home study course documents and meditations created to help you achieve clarity as you work to self develop yourself into a state of advancement leaving all of your baggage and limitations completely behind.

Structure of the Course:

Introduction: Purpose of the Self Development Course (Adronis)
From Human Social Structures to Human Understanding
Duality and the Third Density – Life Lessons
Is there truly free will?
Obstacles in the way of passion
The structure of duality
There is no failure, there is only attempt
Exercise: Manifesting Simple Goals (Document)
Understanding Personal and Collective karma
The organization of synchronicity and Intelligent design
Divine synchronicity is the confirmation to following your true path
Nothing is ever random. Everything is of intelligent design
There is no “the reality”, only “realities”
Creation unconditionally loves you
Passion leads the way to self-creation
You are a “co-creator” – Your passion can be a chain reaction
The personification of passion
Bring complete passion into your life: jobs, hobbies, etc.
The difference between ego & higher guidance
Higher guidance suggests and assists, never demands.
Exercise: SELF Empowerment – Creating a mantra & symbol signifying SELF empowerment (Document)
Understanding Downloads
Requesting Downloads
Downloads arrive when needed
Being Receptive
Detoxifying yourself to have full clarity
Listening to the body from higher guidance, not from ego
Earth Changes, Experiencing the Shift & New Earth
The Advanced Human Being (Fourth Density Understandings)
Exercise: The Steps to Advancement (Document)