Broken Wing Butterfly Master Track Series by SMB
  • Broken Wing Butterfly Master Track Series by SMB

Broken Wing Butterfly Master Track Series by SMB

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Broken Wing Butterfly Master Track Series by SMB

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Anyone can follow a trade.

That doesn’t make you a great trader, all it does is prove you can continue to let someone else control your financial future, your destiny. 

At Locke In Your Success our goal is to teach you to make intelligent decisions for yourself.

Take control of your future with The Broken Wing Butterfly Master Track Series.


During this track series, John Locke will show how to profitably trade Broken Wing Butterfly (BWB) profile positions on the SPX, RUT and NDX. The track series will start at a basic level from the very beginning and progress through to the advanced concepts behind the broken wing butterfly profile trade. We will cover the concepts behind all the popular broken wing butterfly profile trades including how to pick the proper entries and the best upside and downside adjustment strategies for specific market conditions


“It’s not about discipline , and it’s not about robotically following setups that someone has taught you. It’s about understanding how markets work and defining strategies that exploit that understanding.” – Brett Steenbarger, Trading Psychology 2.0: From Best Practices to Best Processes (Wiley Trading)

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The track includes four classes with over six hours of instruction on:

Trade Entries

  • Days to expiration (–DTE) – Close vs far from expiration and how DTE changes the trade
  • –Choosing wing widths
  • –Broken Wing Butterfly vs Butterfly/call entry
  • –Entry location relative to at the money (ATM) and how your entry effects your adjustment strategy
  • –Scaling entries/adjustment strategies

Upside adjustments strategies

  • –Adapting your upside adjustment strategy to:
  • –Different volatility levels
  • –Rising markets
  • –Falling markets
  • –Sideways markets

Downside adjustment strategies – –The “Achilles’ Heel” for most traders

  • –How and when to best adjust to the downside for maximum protection with least whipsaw risk
  • How to set risk parameters
    • Planned Capital
    • Profit Target
    • Max Loss

Trade Exits

  • When and how to exit most effectively
  • “John, I wanted to thank you again for creating the Broken Wing Butterfly Master Tracks. Now I can effortlessly transition from almost any configuration based on my market views and risk appetite. But most importantly I can now understand the difference between M3, M3U, Rhino, RTT, Roll-Baby-Roll, etc.” – Sergei

Monthly Subscription of $199 per month

(One recorded class is revealed every 30 days) ***For a limited time***

 Or own the entire course now for $1,195

Questions & Answers about this series:

How much does it cost? Access to the track is a FREE benefit to Premium PLUS subscribers.  Students will receive access to one recorded class in the course progression every 30 days or students can purchase and own the course.

What is included in a Premium PLUS membership? LOTS! There is too much to list but the highlights are that each month a subscriber (at $199 per month) will receive access to LIVE and the recordings of TWO, one-hour LIVE Community Coaching sessionsEnriching SessionSuccessful Options Trader of the Month presentation, at least four Options Trading for Income Weekly Update webinars, 15% off OptionVue products, private Skype group and PLUS size discounts and much, much more. Click here for a complete list of Premium PLUS benefits.

How long will the track series take? The series consists of four classes which are about 90 minutes each.

Will the classes be recorded? Yes, each class will be recorded and will be available to LIVE attendees within 48 hours after the class is presented. So if a student can’t attend any classes LIVE, they will be able to watch the recording of the class shortly after the LIVE class takes place.

How long do students have access to the recorded classes? Once each class recording has been posted to a Premium PLUS member’s Tracks Dashboard and it will remain there as long as the member is a Premium PLUS subscriber. If a Premium PLUS member decides to unsubscribe to the Premium PLUS membership, they will no longer have access to the live or the recorded classes.

Will there be other Tracks? Yes, after this track is completed we are planning to continue to offer one LIVE class per month on other options concepts and strategies.

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