Build Your Own A.I. Investor
  • Build Your Own A.I. Investor

Build Your Own A.I. Investor

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Build Your Own A.I. Investor – Instant Download!

Build Your Own A.I. Investor

Build Your Own A.I. Investor

I wanted to pick stocks with Data Science. I realised it’s a great way to learn coding. The physical edition sold 3000+ copies, you can check out the reviews on Amazon:

Build Your Own A.I. Investor
The course gives you:

  • A way to understand Value Investing📈.
  • A way to learn Python coding🐍(with full video walkthroughs).
  • A way to learn Data Science👨‍💻 (on financial data).

What you get:

  • 300+ page book, packed full of colour diagrams to break down core concepts. You get PDF, EPUB and MOBI/AZW3 formats.
  • Full code walkthrough videos teaching Python and Machine learning. (though many readers just read the book to understand AI and Investing)

You can see the AI picked stock portfolio made with the code in this book on the website. The stock picks are also recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain, so the performance isn’t hidden. (thought this was a neat way to keep record)

Build Your Own A.I. Investor

Who should read this book📚?

  • Curious people🤔 who want to understand machine learning with practical examples.
  • People learning to code 🧑‍💻 will find a course that holds your hand from Python setup all the way to creating a working AI stock picker.
  • Investors💵 who want to understand Machine Learning as well as new useful tools to analyse stocks beyond simple stock screens.
  • Coders with no investing knowledge💸 will get an understanding of the stock market approached from a fundamental financial data perspective.
  • Coders looking for Machine Learning🔢 from a company fundamentals perspective.

Build Your Own A.I. Investor, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • A.I. INVESTOR – Main Resources Page
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