Capital School By Brad Blazar
  • Capital School By Brad Blazar

Capital School By Brad Blazar


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Capital School By Brad Blazar – Instant download!

I’ll TEACH you HOW TO ATTRACT, CLOSE, and RAISE capital from High Net Worth investors in as LITTLE AS 4 to 6 WEEKS!
Learn how to “pitch” investors the right way! I’m talking about taking you to the closing table where investors are ready and willing to invest with you!
Capital School By Brad Blazar Capital School By Brad Blazar Capital School By Brad Blazar Capital School By Brad Blazar
Capital School By Brad Blazar  

Teaching you how to PREPARE your “pitch deck,” show up prepared and knowing WHAT TO SAY (and why you say it) to ATTRACT investor capital
Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You want to raise investor capital but don’t know where to begin
  • You’ve tried to raise money and have given up
  • Your “pitch deck” is mediocre – you know it could be better
  • You need a better strategy to get in front of investors
  • Your raising capital but want to take it to the next level
  • You have a deal you’d like to get funded, but are running out of time
  • You want to do something BIG and lack capital – you don’t know how to get started



​But your tired of this…

  • Cold calling HNW investors only to be told NO
  • Working so hard and feeling you’re not making progress
  • Not knowing what to say when you’re in front of someone
  • Now knowing how to use social media to attract investors
  • Trying to piece together a strategy based on what you think someone else is doing without understanding why they do it
  • Spending thousands of dollars trying things that work – but they don’t

What you’ll get in Capital School

Capital School is an accelerated intensive program that capital raising expert Brad Blazar has put together combining his 25 years of experience raising $2 Billion dollars and closing the largest mega-million dollar deals for multiple companies ($11M, $9M, $7.5M and more where the commissions alone are six figures).

  • ​You’ll learn, step-by-step, how to deliver your message, prepare your “pitch deck” and attract the right investors to your business or investment opportunity
  • 12 courses / modules – go at your own pace
  • Scripts, templates, eBooks and more
  • Taught by global expert Brad Blazar – personally raised $2 Billion in capital
  • FREE Copy of Brad’s Book – Winning at the Capital Game – Using OPM to Build Wealth
Get real money today
Capital School By Brad Blazar  


The best kind of money is Other People’s Money. Leverage this concepts to have no out of pocket expenses when starting your venture.

Capital School By Brad Blazar  


Reach and pitch investors looking to invest in your ideas. My program increases your odds drastically of finding the Capital the same day you reach out.

Capital School By Brad Blazar  


Need funds to scale your operation but you don’t want to get a high interest loan? There are other options. Lets look at all the options out there and pick the best one for you.

JOIN Capital School? What’s included?
Capital School By Brad Blazar Course Content
The Four Step Sales Blueprint 

  • A framework for guiding your approach to investors – what to say, and how to say it.

Trust Sequence

  • How to Build Trust with an investor in six easy steps

Crowdfunding and how to use it properly

  • Exploring crowdfunding in your capital raise

Attracting HNW investors

  • Using Social Media in your Capital Raise

Securities Regulations

  • Reg D 506 (c), Reg A, Reg CF and more…

Structuring your deal

  • Debt / Equity / Convertible Debt and more

Platforms for accessing capital

  • Home Equity Agreements and more…

Let’s make the struggles of trying to raise investor capital a thing of the past! No more worrying whether you’re taking the right approach in raising money…