Case Study By Yengub
  • Case Study By Yengub

Case Study By Yengub

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Case Study By Yengub – Instant Download!

Case Study By Yengub


$4,000,000 In 3 Months Dropshipping Revealed

Copy the strategies that generated my one product store hundreds of thousands in profit within three months.

From product research, dark psychology to Facebook Ads, you get to see it all.

We will walk through day 0 of testing to day 90 of scaling.

Finally $8,400 a day after a year of failure.

Right now I am scaling thanks to your landing page. Let me show you some screenshots. You’re the man. 5%+ Conversion rate. What you teach and show is really valuable man, people underestimate it. Trust me, if people apply what you teach, they’ll make 7-figures easily. You just got to put in the work man. Test products, put the work in the landing, follow the frameworks and boom!


One of the best no bullsh*t content on dropshipping.

The case study is one of the most helpful pieces of content I’ve consumed and I’ve watched hours and hours of YouTube content and courses. It goes beyond what any “guru” teaches and covers how to leverage the algorithm which is the most important part in 2021 and forward.


$64,000 in 2 weeks with your methods.

The Facebook scaling breakdown video was fire, that video definitely paid for the case study alone and it was almost 2 hours of content just on scaling. I can tell you genuinely care for the people who put their trust in you. You definitely overdelivered on this one. I’m confident I know what to do when it comes to scaling now. Super excited to see what comes next! Here’s a screenshot of a store I just scaled using your method.

Brian N.

Gain A Massive Competitive Edge In The Marketplace

Learn concepts and strategies that make a real impact on the results of your dropshipping business. Very much like learning a new language which opens up new ways of understanding the world, my case study will open up new forms of understanding business, marketing, and drop shipping, thus taking your results to new heights.

  • The Dark Psychology Strategies Of Dropshipping
  • Understanding Customer Flow For Aggressive Scaling
  • How To Cloak China Tracking Numbers
  • Apps & My Tactics To Increase Average Order Value, Trust, & Conversion Rate
  • Building My High Converting Product Page Live
  • Custom Creatives, EcomVids, The Process & My Review
  • Product Research Strategy & How I Found The Product
  • Facebook Testing & “Momentum” Scaling Strategy, Mindset, & Numbers
  • Store Automation & Operations
  • And Much More…

Case Study By Yengub, what is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

  • Introduction
  • Marketing Content
  • Customer Flow – Marketing Channels, Optimizations, Building The Landing Page
  • Upsell Apps – Zipify & Candyrack
  • Product Research – How I Found My Product, Mindset, Lessons, Ideas
  • Dark Psychology Tactics For Conversion Optimization – Educational Purposes Only
  • Shopify Apps – Preferences & Reasoning
  • Facebook Ads – Launch, Scaling, Mindset & Breakdown
  • Tracktor – Cloaking China Tracking Numbers
  • Current Facebook Ads Structure – May 11, 2021
  • Store Automation & Operations
  • The Archives – Outdated Content & Now Improved On