Chad Hamzeh – Profit 101


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Chad Hamzeh – Profit 101

Chad Hamzeh – Profit 101

Seriously. If you’re anything like me… you’ve had it UP TO HERE with all the fake claims & flat out WRONG information about what it takes to make real, fast money online!

So I urge you to grab a pen and paper and take notes, because you won’t want to miss a second of what I’m about to reveal in this short but very important message.

In fact, I bet this will be the most eye opening letter you’ve read this year. So much so, that by the end you’ll see just how I’m going to put my entire reputation at stake!

Now, before I get into that, let me introduce myself.

This is Chad Hamzeh.

And if you haven’t heard my name before, don’t worry, because it’s more what I’ve DONE that will be of interest to you.

Well, I have one of the fastest online marketing success stories in recent history.
As a matter of fact…

This is the reality I live on a daily basis…

Now, if you’re not there yet, don’t worry.
You see, it’s not your fault. You’ve simply been misled…
So my goal today is to reveal how the big earners online REALLY make their money. And how you can do it too.
First, let’s back up a little. How did I get to where I am so fast?
Well, here’s what I did NOT do.

I wasn’t making little Adsense sites (and earning 50c a month)… building Squidoo lenses… or any of that other stuff that takes up so much time with little reward.

And no, I wasn’t slinging Clickbank products and ebooks on forums trying to make $10/day.

Do you think I was able to have such quick success because I worked slowly without direction, on a bunch of $10 tasks? ??Hell no! I busted my ass going through all the same stuff you might have, before I finally found something that worked for me.

And it worked WELL.

And if you’re thinking that I might be a unique case…

That there’s no way you could replicate my success in such a short time…well I’m here to tell you…

You’re flat out wrong!

Ya see the thing is, a LOT of marketers RIGHT NOW are using the exact systems I’m talking about to generate a ton of revenue very quickly.

So, although there are hundreds of so called money making methods out there, only two have stood the test of time for “newbies”.

Want to know what they are?

Your best bet for quick profits online is to create information products and sell them, or to do what’s called CPA Marketing.

Now building your own products can make you a lot of cash. I’ve done it. But let me tell you, the amount of work involved is huge. And when you’re just starting out, trying to “sell” products can be difficult.

Let’s be honest, if money is tight, sometimes it’s just best to have some quick cash come in!

That’s why I tell my coaching students that, hands down, the simplest, quickest and easiest way to make a LOT of money online is with CPA or Cost Per Action Marketing.

Let me tell you why CPA is your best bet for quick cash…

Ya see, believe it or not there are companies out there willing to PAY YOU a commission for not selling anything at all!

So, you can either spend your days trying to sell some product on Clickbank that pays you a measly $15 commission, or, you can make almost DOUBLE that without having to actually sell anything!

That’s right, there are companies out there that will pay you up to $30 just for sending them leads.

And sending them leads is EASY since these companies have programs and services that people WANT BAD!

Listen, there are guys out there making 5-figures per DAY in CPA marketing.

Here’s how simple it is to get paid in CPA Marketing:

Disclaimer: Einstein may not have actually written this.

Now, obviously there’s a little more to it but that’s how powerfully simple CPA marketing can be.

And although I found success very quickly in, I put in A LOT of hours to learn exactly what it’s all about, what the best promotional methods for CPA offers are, how to drive TONS of traffic to these offers, and of course, how to make a lot of money with them as fast as possible!

I spent loads of time and bundles of my own money testing different ways of converting CPA offers into cash.

So, that’s one way you can go about it…