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Channelizer Method GB by Ezra Firestone

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Ezra Firestone, a well-known ecommerce guru, has just launched another exciting marketing system aimed to help regular people just like you and me to leverage the power of Amazon and earn thousands of dollars per month working from the comfort of their homes. The Channelizer Method is Ezra’s unique system for building profitable Amazon businesses. In addition to helping you find a category and pick a market, this system allows you to get the right product and set it as a distinct channel on Amazon. You can also use sales funnels to drive outside traffic (from outside sources) into Amazon so that you can boost your sales ranking and rank higher in the Amazon network for specific keywords.

The Mississippi Muffin Top

Also called the Mississippi Muffin Top, Ezra Firestone’s Channelizer Method is the ultimate Amazon sales funnel. This is the exact same strategies that allowed Ezra to sell $17,609 in just 30 days. The reason Ezra chose Amazon is because this giant retailer is the hottest trend at the moment. Amazon is a great place to sell, because there are millions of customers eager to buy from the highest rated retailer. Many people who want to make money with Amazon are throwing a few products online, praying to make sales and hoping that they will get found. However, at the moment there are over 200 million products on Amazon in USA alone, out of which 24 million in the electronics category. In other words, nobody is going to find you if you just put your product up. There are countless leaders in your category who have worked hard to get on the top. Hence, the big problem with Amazon right now is discovery.
How do you Stick Out?

When it comes to selling products on Amazon, the most important question is: “How can you make people find you?”. The answer is simple – You need to be relevant. In the eyes of Amazon, you need them to consider you as the number one most relevant affiliate for whatever query you are going after and whatever niche you’re in. So when someone comes on Amazon and types in a query, if you are relevant in the eyes of Amazon, your products will be listed at the top of the page. This is how you can get found and make sales. The team behind Channelizer Method has developed their own algorithm in order to determine what creates relevancy on Amazon. Of course, Amazon’s algorithm is really complex, with a lot of factors in the equation. However, the factors discovered by Ezra and his team are sales velocity, conversion rate and reviews. 1. Sales Velocity: represents the number of units you are selling at the moment. 2. Conversion Rate: the number of people that purchase the products. For instance, if you have a hundred of people per day that visit your listing and only 10 out of them purchase your product, that is a 10% conversion rate. 3. Reviews: they are the lifeblood of your Amazon business. If you have a good product, you need to be able to get people to like your product and give you a positive review. Your goal therefore is to increase your sales velocity, your conversion rate and your number of reviews. The magic of Channelizer Method lies in designing your own professional coupon page.
A Powerful Campaign

The Channelizer Method is based on a campaign designed by Ezra Firestone. First of all, he goes from a traffic source, such as Google, Facebook or YouTube, and re-directs all that traffic to his own coupon giveaway page. People who are unable to do this page right will more than likely fail at this campaign. Next, Ezra asks his page visitors to enter their email addresses in order to gain access to his special offer. He then puts these emails list into an sequences so that when time comes, he can re-engage these potential customers and remind them that they can use his coupons to buy one of his products at a discounted price, on his Amazon page. After these customers buy the product, he asks them for a review. This campaign includes all the three elements that can turn an anonymous business into a relevant Amazon partner: sales velocity, conversion rate and reviews. On the coupon page, you can find certain elements that can make your business stand out of the crowd. For instance, the retargeting pixel (RP) allows you to build a list with the people who land on your coupon page and then follow up with them through advertising. On the thank you page, which appears to those customers who have entered their email addresses, there is a conversion pixel (CP) that allows you to optimize your ads in order to increase the conversion rate. Google Analytics is present on both coupon and thank you pages.
Why the Channelizer Method?

This system is called the Channelizer Method because it uses a wide variety of channels combined together to increase your presence on Amazon. Ezra is doing an advanced training on his method where he will present in detail all his templates for the coupon and thank you pages. Additionally, he details the marketing process and explains you how to easily create your own business using the Channelizer Method. Ezra is also going to reveal his unique Market checklist. Take advantage of this amazing opportunities and capitalize on what Ezra Firestone has to offer.