Chris Bale – Life Force Cultivation Powerful Qigong Practice
  • Chris Bale – Life Force Cultivation Powerful Qigong Practice

Chris Bale – Life Force Cultivation Powerful Qigong Practice


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Chris Bale - Life Force Cultivation Powerful Qigong Practice2Chris Bale – Life Force Cultivation Powerful Qigong Practice

A Powerful QiGong Practice For Life

Learn To Increase Your Life Force & Feel It Moving Through Your Being…

The way our current society works, we as humans have been conditioned to detach from our feelings, emotions, and energy body. We have been separated from our body’s innate energetic intelligence, and the result of this is a population of humans who are walking around exhausted, stressed, and sick. In this video course, you will be guided through the process of reconnecting with your physical and energetic body, via a set of very simple & powerful movements – which are tried and tested over centuries of practice. Through this course you will receive a daily practice which will allow you to nourish, recharge and deeply relax.

Benefits you may experience from this practice:

✓ Increase your ability to come back to the present moment
✓ Cultivate a sense of calm and groundedness you can access anywhere at any time
✓ Gain a greater awareness of your own body feelings and sensations
✓ Improve your physical vitality, strength and flexibility
✓ Remove energy blockages that constrain your body’s ability to move freely
✓ Fix your posture by settling back into what feels natural

This course is for anyone who is interested in reconnecting to and experiencing their own energy. For those who wish to have their health and vitality improved in every area of their life – with a very simple practice.

This course is suited for both men and women in any physical condition or age, and no previous QiGong or spiritual awareness is needed.

The practice will start to build a new way of relating to your own energy, physical body, and life. It will allow you to start experiencing your energetic power, in many different areas of your life, such as your career, sex-life, love-life, health, and confidence.

These practices will teach you to circulate, accumulate and gather energy, purge toxic energy, along with the gradual releasing of negative emotions/trauma; releasing energetic blockages.

Energy is the universal life force; the fuel that governs everything in this life. It’s what animates us, what allows the heart to beat, the blood to flow, and it’s what keeps us upright and in motion in this life. It’s everywhere.

Like fish in the water or birds in flight, we are mostly unaware of the energy field that we live in. This practice will expand your consciousness and awareness, to the point where you are able to feel the energy around you, and influence it in a positive way.

This course includes all you need to start practicing, with instructions for each exercise.

Remember: life is simple, and this practice is simple too. Most courses include far too much unnecessary complication and theory. In this course, I have included only what you need, in order to really begin experiencing energy, flow, and calm in your life. It is here to assist you in coming back to your truth.

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Chris Bale - Life Force Cultivation Powerful Qigong Practice2

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