Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz – The Asigo System
  • Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz – The Asigo System

Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz – The Asigo System

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Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz – The Asigo System

What You Get:

The Asigo “7 Figure Fast Track” Training Program

Discover ALL the secrets to launching and running a successful eService Dropshipping eStore with the “Founding Fathers” of eService Dropshipping.

8 Weeks Of Live Digital Training To Rapidly Build Your Own Successful eService Dropshipping Business!

  • Your A-Z Guide to every part of the eService Dropshipping model, so you can generate big recurring profits in record time.
  • Step-By-Step videos, mindmaps, checklists, procedures and SOPs all pain-stakingly delivered so no stone goes unturned.
  • Every nugget of eService Dropshipping knowledge Chris & Jay picked up over the past 5+ years for the ultimate unfair advantage.

Your Own “Copy & Paste” EService Dropshipping Store

The ‘Copy & Paste’ eStore & Automated Dropshipping Funnel – leaves you free to focus on the highest value task of bringing in even more sales.

Deploy Our Proven eService Dropshipping Store And Be Set Up To Make Sales – 100% Plug & Play!

  • Done-For-You Website & Funnel Creation eliminates your tech headaches and anything holding you back from getting into the action.
  • Deep and immersive sales funnel designed to turn visitors into customers who’ll pay you month after month for sales you make once.
  • Developed through hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on 100s of split tests and 30,000,000+ visitors over the past 5 years.

AmpiFire™ : Special Reseller Edition To Dropship

Hit the ground running and start dropshipping the most profitable eService we know – ready to sell Under Your Own Brand to a huge untapped pool of hungry buyers.

Start Your Journey By Dropshipping AmpiFire™ To Stack & Scale High-Ticket Monthly Recurring Profits!

  • Enjoy The Ultimate Authority by selling an 8-figure eService under your very own brand exclusively through your eStore.
  • Enjoy 90% Profit Margins; you own the brand, you set the price! One sale can make you hundreds in profit each month RECURRING.
  • Enjoy The Best Possible Start dropshipping a proven eService with high demand & millions of potential buyers already waiting for you.

The Asigo “Aim & Fire” Traffic System

Instantly tap into a pool of over 50,000,000+ potential buyers for your eService, targeting any niche you can think of, with the money to spend in your eStore.

Use The Aim & Fire Traffic System To Drive High-Ticket High-Converting Visitors To Your eStore!

  • Identify a highly targeted segment of over 50,000,000+ potential buyers for your eService at the click of a button.
  • Works 20x faster than doing things manually so you get way more done, in way less time, which means way more profit faster.
  • Fill your eStore with visitors ready and able to pay high-ticket prices monthly to stack & scale your recurring profits for sales you make once!

The Asigo “Recapture” System

We spent years researching, testing and optimizing the very best methods to maximize your eStore and funnel conversions with the minimum effort humanly possible.

Automatically Return Your “Almost Ready” Visitors Back To Your eStore Until They Make Their Purchase!

  • Connects With Your eStore To Fill Your Funnel with pre-qualified visitors and people already interested in the eService you’re selling.
  • Skyrocket your conversions by automatically nurturing your traffic in a way consistently producing over $50+ per visitor for us!
  • Ensures you don’t miss out when your most profitable visitors don’t make an ‘impulse’ purchase right away – keep them coming back!

The Asigo “Done For You” EService Fulfillment Center

Enjoy the biggest benefits of Dropshipping with a team of World-Class Experts handling the entire fulfillment process for you from start to finish, while you get paid.

Get Paid Every Month For Providing A Completely Done-For-You eService Of The Highest Quality!

  • Generate “Man In The Middle” profits without ever having to touch the eService yourself so you can focus 100% on growing your sales.
  • Automatically fulfills and delivers your orders by connecting directly with the eStore as soon as your customer completes checkout.
  • Set up for near-infinite scale and able to fulfill as many sales as your eStore can throw at it – supporting your growth every single month!

Exclusive Bonuses:


The Asigo “Windfall” Method

Reveal the closely-kept secrets of serial entrepreneurs and the simple process for enormous pay-days that multiplies your profits 200-500%!

Use the “Windfall” method with your eStore and for no additional effort, you’ll get paid as if you’d owned and managed multiple Asigo eStores!


Asigo Advanced Traffic Training

Our “Aim & Fire” Traffic System delivers the best ROI traffic we’ve seen – that doesn’t mean you HAVE to rule out paid traffic or any other traffic source though.

Once we mastered the “Aim & Fire” approach, we successfully expanded into Facebook Ads – you’re going to see our step-by-step method, so you can scale up and get even more sales too!


Asigo eService Expansion Module

You’ll be shown exactly how we find high-demand eServices you can dropship, when you’re ready to scale up and expand your eService selection.

Use this method to find new and complementary eServices your customers will love, to massively increase your profits in a a near-instant.