Christabella Travels – Digital Nomad Life Academy
  • Christabella Travels – Digital Nomad Life Academy

Christabella Travels – Digital Nomad Life Academy

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Christabella Travels – Digital Nomad Life Academy

Christabella Travels – Digital Nomad Life Academy

Christabella Travels – Digital Nomad Life Academy

What you’ll learn:

Understand what all your options really are

The top-ten lists on Google are NOT the full truth! Learn about how limitless the options really are. It’s only once you wrap your head around this can you choose your path without having “shiny object syndrome”

Complete Your 360* Remote Career Clarity Homework

The most comprehensive career questionnaire on earth (we believe, anyways!). You’ll spend hours surfacing your personality traits, professional experiences, & interests. When you’re done, there will be a whole lot of data to draw conclusions from.

Do Your Shadow Work

Your subconscious is where to find the answers you’re looking for in terms of what remote career path to pursue. If you’re still stuck, we have specific exercises that will guide you out of your limiting beliefs and toward the career clarity you’ve been craving.

Book a Career Assessment Call

You are invited to book a career assessment call with our founder Christa, who developed this (basically fool-proof) process of helping people determine the best remote career path for them, even if they have no idea where to start. Many clients report the experience feels like a psychic reading!


If you DO know what you want to do for remote work. you can jump right into building the business of your dreams

Get your digital skillset up to speed

Be guided out of your imposter syndrome and into the idea that you are a skilled worker now.

Decide who you want to help with your new biz

There’s no such thing as a market that’s too saturated when you follow our approach of choosing a niche & target demographic.

Create Your Irresistible Offer

We’ll show you how to turn your skillset into a highly-desirable offer that your ideal clients can’t wait to purchase, because it’s exactly what they’ve been looking for.

Validate Your Offer

Before you start marketing your offer, you’ll validate it (so that you’re not wasting your time creating a business no one values).

Set Your Prices

Work on your money mindset so that you can confidently charge what you’re actually worth and not get stuck in a “race-to-the-bottom” pricing structure.

Embody You, Version 2

This stage is when things start getting real. We set you up to catch whatever limiting beliefs are surfacing and replace them with empowered, embodied beliefs that you CAN do this!

Learn to Sell from the Heart

Learn how to host a heart-centered sales call that your client will thoroughly enjoy and will feel grateful for (because we hate sleazy sales tactics too).

Where to Find Clients

There are dozens of ways to get new clients. We’ll give you an overview so you can pick the one that’s best for you based on your personality, energy levels, and comfort with social media.

Powerful Personal Branding

Whether you want to show up on social media, create a website, or guest-speak on a podcast, you need to get your personal brand in order so you become the go-to-choice for hiring.

Empathetic Marketing Philosophies

Marketing can feel daunting for beginners, which is why teach it under a lens of Emotional Intelligence. Once you understand this, you can apply it to any marketing strategy.

Practical Digital Marketing Strategies

Learn the most impactful and foundational marketing strategies that all small-service-provider businesses need in order to grow beyond solopreneur status.

Scaling Your Business

Yes, we want you to get started as a digital nomad but ultimately we want you to become a highly successful entrepreneur! Let us help set you up for long term success.

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Christabella Travels – Digital Nomad Life Academy

Christabella Travels