Cindy Bilar – How to Create Hot-Selling Simple Information Products FAST
  • Cindy Bilar – How to Create Hot-Selling Simple Information Products FAST

Cindy Bilar – How to Create Hot-Selling Simple Information Products FAST

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Cindy Bilar – How to Create Hot-Selling Simple Information Products FAST

How to Create Hot-Selling Simple Information Products FAST!

Without creating videos, hiring a graphic designer, or investing a ton of time (and money) in complicated course delivery platforms

Sometimes, we overcomplicate things.

Take online business for example. So many people are overwhelmed with all the things they think they have to do, that they never actually get around to doing what matters most: helping their customers to succeed.

I hear from so many online business owners who are completely overwhelmed with all the decisions they have to make and all the tech they have to master before they can create and launch a new course.

What’s worse, they’re oftentimes trying to make those decisions and master the tech and write the course materials all at the same time.

If that’s you, then no wonder you’re feeling overwhelmed. It’s crazy making to try to do all of that at once.

Let’s make this easy

Listen. Courses and memberships and coaching programs are great. Don’t get me wrong—I’ve created many of them and will continue to. But they’re also big and complex and can take months to get off the ground. That’s especially true if you’re struggling to even figure out the mechanics of it.

And what’s worse, that course or membership might not even be what your customers really need. Often, the solution they’re looking for is far simpler. I’m talking about easy-to-create information products such as…

  • Simple checklists that help your customers follow a proven process without missing any critical steps
  • Done-for-you templates they can copy and paste to get a task or project done quickly and without reinventing the wheel every time
  • Worksheets to help them solve a problem or work out the details of a project
  • Workflows to help them be more efficient

These types of simple information products continue to sell, because people are craving easy answers to the problems they’re facing right now. Many times, they don’t want to invest in a weeks-long course. They just want a solution.

And here’s the thing…

You already have the solution

You have the knowledge and expertise you need. Think for a minute about all the things you do every day—the things that come so easily to you that you don’t even have to think about them.

Things like planning a fun vacation with your family, or decorating your home for the holidays, or preparing for a move.

Or maybe you have business skills to share. If you’re a whiz at setting up shopping carts or planning an email funnel or planning a webinar, that information is in high demand… and it’s easy to package up and sell, without going to all the trouble of creating a video course with all the bells and whistles.

You just need a system for putting it all together in a format your customers can use.

That’s where I come in.

Since 2011, I’ve been working full-time online, first as a content and copywriter, then as an in-demand virtual assistant managing marketing technology, and finally as a digital product seller and membership site owner.

Over the years, I’ve refined my processes and designed copy-and-paste systems that I’ve personally used to create more than 60 digital products and courses—products that have earned more than $1M to date.

Today, I want to invite you to…Follow my step-by-step plan for creating Simple Info Products That Sell

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