Club Life Design – The Power Of Instagram
  • Club Life Design – The Power Of Instagram

Club Life Design – The Power Of Instagram

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Club Life Design – The Power Of Instagram

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welcome to TPI

Learn more about us, and what brought us here. Then, we’ll dive into your WHY. Together, we’ll unearth your niche gifts, and get ready to deploy them in a way that only you can, so you can truly stand out in the crowd, and show up authentically you. Building a life of alignment begins with tapping into yourself.


it’s all in the mind

The mind is a powerful tool for good, or it can be our worst enemy. This module focuses on setting big but attainable goals, and shifting into the right mindset to bring them into reality. Without the right mindset, it’s hard to imagine success is possible– trust that it is.


setting your foundation and planning ahead

The mindset is the foundation, but here’s where things get real. We’ll identify your secret sauce, and carve out your powerful niche to share with a specific audience. We’ll comb through every detail of your instagram account like your handle, competitor analysis to your profile bio, and more.


content is key

We’ll decode every mystery about content and all the forms it takes. We’ll source inspo, offer strategy, help you understand your equipment and digital tools, lighting, captions, editing and more. This is the ultimate guide to consistently creating quality content that resonates with your genuine self, as well as your audience and is the ticket to growing your audience.


it’s all about posing

SPOILER ALERT: your favorite influencer is not flawless. There are SO many tricks of the trade, and we’re ready to unveil them all. Practice various poses for all parts of the body in various situations to look and feel more confident. Foster self-love so that next time you’re in front of the camera, you don’t feel like running away.


it’s time to grow your community

There’s a system known as the algorithm, and then there’s authentic, organic growth. Learn how to track progress, go viral, get on the explore page, create effective hashtags, shut out negativity, and focus on real human to human engagement. We teach you to make the algorithm work for you, not against you.


earning money with Instagram

Understanding your worth is every new entrepreneur’s struggle. Collabs and negotiations are not human skills we are born with, they are taught and practiced. This module is a head start to narrowing down your niche, media and press, your products, offerings, affiliates, and straight-up human sales psychology. Finally learn the secrets that influencers utilize to make money (and get free stuff)! Quick hint: You can make way more than you think through social media.

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