Codes to Cash By Eden Carpenter
  • Codes to Cash By Eden Carpenter

Codes to Cash By Eden Carpenter


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Codes to Cash By Eden Carpenter – Instant Download!

Codes to Cash By Eden Carpenter

Codes to Cash By Eden Carpenter

If you’re here, it’s likely because you want to be, but you’re struggling with it. And that’s okay.

So many people try every manifestation “hack” under the sun, but they can’t seem to attract more of what they want — especially when it comes to manifesting money.

They create a million and one offers. They write out every affirmation they can think of. They do exactly what their coach tells them to do.

And yet they still feel like their business isn’t attracting the money they want.

Here’s the thing:

You were made to communicate with the universe in a specific way. You have your own unique energy, and that when you learn to speak its language… that’s where true alignment occurs.

This applies to your business, too! You were given a specific role to play on this earth. And when you serve in alignment with that role — when you create offers and programs that are aligned for YOU — you can call in more than ever before.

That’s why leveraging your human design to understand your unique codes to cash is going to change the way you think about manifesting money in your business forever.

Codes to Cash By Eden Carpenter

The combination looks different for everyone.

But if you’ve found yourself writing affirmations until your hand cramps and still not seeing a change in your bank account, or switching offers endlessly only to keep falling short in your business, you likely aren’t attuned to your own energetic frequency.

Manifestation is unique to YOUR design.

Which means the longer you keep searching outside of yourself for the answers on how to manifest more abundance through the perfect offer or launch strategy, the longer you’ll feel blocked from receiving more of what you’re asking for.

The longer you try to model what’s working for someone else instead of getting attuned to your own energy, the longer you’ll remain in a cycle of trying to “figure it out” instead of watching abundance flow to and through you.

You don’t need a one-size-fits-all approach to making money.

You need to trust yourself — which starts with understanding your unique codes and how to use your energy to create ideal offers and attract more abundance into your life.

Codes to Cash By Eden Carpenter

A masterclass in unlocking your unique codes to true abundance through human design.

Inside this on-demand masterclass, you will learn:

  • The methods of service and abundance for each type, and how you can create programs and offers that are aligned to YOU
  • How each of the nine centers can be leveraged for abundance
  • How to improve your money mindset so you can attract more of what you truly want
  • How to manifest money using your unique energetic code
  • How to apply your strategy and authority to money and abundance

The better you understand yourself and your energy, the more you trust yourself. The more you trust yourself, the more you make aligned decisions. The more you make aligned decisions, the more confident you become and the more you continue to trust yourself.

You see the cycle, right?

Human design is about learning to leverage the magic inside of you. It’s about learning to use your strategies to communicate with the universe in a way that’s aligned with your very soul.

It’s about living in more flow and releasing the resistance that keeps you out of sync.

Inside this masterclass, I’m going to show you exactly how to do that with regards to creating aligned offers and manifesting more money.

You deserve abundance. And you deserve to learn how to attune yourself to its frequency without wondering if you’re “doing it wrong,” if it will really work, or trying to figure it all out on your own.

Let’s make sure that you’re locked into your unique codes to cash, you can manifest with ease.

Codes to Cash By Eden Carpenter

“I show up differently, I feel way more powerful, and I manifest things a lot easier. For example: I have manifested a promotion at my job doubling my income, my business started generating more money than it has in months, I have had unexpected money trickle in, I have manifested a random boat ride and eye shadow I wanted.”

“Just do it! If you have money shadows and you are ready to crack yourself open and get to know yourself on a deeper level then go for it. If you have fears of digging in then I would wait because you will be cracked open and have to be ready to face the scary shit.”

“If you’re thinking about working with Eden, FOLLOW THAT FEELING. She has changed my business and life drastically. One of the biggest factors in my first 6-figure launch was implementing the things I learned from her. She’s a total badass and always intuitively knows exactly what I need to hear to shift even further into alignment.”

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