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Conversation Casanova By Alex Social – Instant download!

How To Use Your Words To Magnetically Attract Any Woman You Meet

Conversation Casanova By Alex Social

Hey, it’s Alex Social. 

Most likely you’ve been following my dating advice videos, social media posts, or you’ve taken a program from me before.

Or perhaps a friend pointed you in this direction.

Either way, this is the place for you… if you want to once and for all become a Pure Natural with women.

I’m talking about being the kind of man who turns female heads when you walk into a room.

I’m also talking about the kind of man who doesn’t have to settle.

You don’t have to worry about women being “out of your league” anymore, and having to date women that you aren’t that attracted to (or being alone entirely).

However, this is not a simple thing that can be solved with a pickup line or “one weird trick.”

If you want to be a man who effortlessly attracts the most gorgeous women… what you need is a transformation.

And luckily… I have found the absolute quickest way to take you from wherever you are, to having the dating & sex life you’ve always dreamed of.

But Why Listen to Me for Attracting Women?
(16 x 365 Reasons Why)

If you’re familiar with me already, you can skip down to the next section. But I recognize that this may be the first time you’ve heard of me and are wondering, “Who is this Alex Social, and why should I trust that he is better than anyone else out there?”

It’s a fair question, and I have a one-word answer:


For the past 16 years… (Yes… SIXTEEN YEARS…)

I have been coaching men… in person… all over the world… in how to attract and seduce women.

And I’m not talking about being a simple dating blogger or doing zoom coaching calls like 99% of so-called “experts” out there.

I’m talking about going into the bars, coffee shops, clubs, street fairs, and demonstrating live for students how it’s done… then watching and coaching them on how they can get the exact same success.

Conversation Casanova By Alex Social

I’ve coached men live in 45 countries, 5 continents and 70 cities.

In fact, considering I’ve taught over 6270 live programs, I would say it’s pretty clear I’ve coached more students live than anyone else in the world at this point.

That’s why I get these kinds of results:

Conversation Casanova By Alex Social

And that is just a fraction of what I’ve seen from training men around the world, from ages 18 to 65.

Since then, I’ve seen men I’ve worked with…

Find the love of their life…

Build “harems” of gorgeous women and have a different woman available for each day of every week…

Become masters of getting one-night-stands at bars and clubs…

Flood their calendar with dates from Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and other dating apps…

Charm women during the day and get multiple numbers every time they go to malls, coffee shops, or the beach…

Get married and say “goodbye” to the game for good…

Since I’ve trained so many men, of all ages, in so many countries… I’ve really seen it all.

And that’s why I am so excited to give you the answer to all your dating struggles, so you can finally have the life of abundance that you deserve.

Why So Many Men Struggle With Women. 

If you’ve had an extremely hard time meeting, dating, and keeping the women you want, it’s not your fault. Honestly, it’s one of the hardest times in history to meet women.

  • We’re just coming off a pandemic, and fewer women are out and about. Some are still terrified of catching Covid and won’t go on dates even with a man they DO like.
  • Bars & clubs have fewer women showing up than ever… and the ones that do show up are not used to talking to strangers anymore.
  • The dating apps are known to put fake profiles of model-hot men on their sites, so you’re literally competing with men who are too good to be true.
  • The #MeToo movement have made women and establishments very wary of men who introduce themselves to women or show romantic or sexual interest.
  • The media has been feeding women a ton of mixed messages for whether men should be masculine or feminized, alpha or “nice guy,” confident or shy.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

On top of this, we still have the evolutionary problem that’s been going on for literally hundreds of thousands of years… where women will compete for the richest, best-looking, tallest, buffest, most popular men…

And the other 80% of guys have to settle for scraps (or nothing at all!).

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Over the last 16 years, I’ve found that there is a way to take even the most shy, unconfident, awkward guy and turn him into a superstar…

As long as the man is willing to do the work in front of him to succeed (which I’ll share with you below).

The Key is Conversational Charisma…
And It’s Shockingly Easy to Learn

Have you ever seen a man talking to a woman… and she’s just riveted?

I’m talking about a woman hanging on this man’s every word.

You might assume this man is just a super-charmer… but there’s something very specific he’s doing… even if it’s invisible.

When he says the right things to her… she gets intrigued… aroused… drawn in… And before you know it, he’s going home with her.

And a lot of guys try to do the same thing, but almost everyone gets it wrong.

Entertaining her is not enough.

Telling her interesting stories is not enough.

Making her bust up laughing is not enough.

Flirting is not enough.

Touching and even making out with her is not enough.

Then what is it?

The Key with women is… They Need ALL Their Emotions Stimulated.

Women are different from men… in that they need to have every part of their emotional brain touched, teased, and stroked.

This includes bringing her the Light and the Dark.

Funny and Serious.

Complimenting and Criticizing.

Making Her Feel Safe and “In a Little Danger”

And if you do this just right… you become a conversational magnet… attracting her to you with every word, more and more…

While others just look on in amazement by how much this gorgeous woman wants you.

But you have to do this right or you will make everything ten times worse!

How I Figured Out the Conversational Compass & “Range Of Emotions” For Rapid Seduction

A few years back, I thought I had this all figured out.

I was coaching more students than anyone in the world.

I was getting men better results than anyone in the world.

I figured I knew everything there was to know in attracting women.

But then I met a new student named Ricky… who changed everything.

See, Ricky was… different.

He was a very nice guy… but just could not comprehend any social cues at all.

I mean this in the most respectful way possible, but it was very tough for him to learn the rules of the game.

I had dealt with many students “on the spectrum,” with Asperger’s, or even full autism, but never any quite like Ricky.

None of my old teaching techniques worked, no matter how much time I spent devoted to helping Ricky.

I was coming close to giving up and deciding that Ricky simply needed professional help from doctors or PhD’s instead of me.

But part of me was worried that the “experts” would just tell Ricky to settle for what he could get.

A lot of well-meaning psychologists simply tell guys to lower their standards and give up their dreams.

I didn’t want that for Ricky. (And I don’t want that for you either… no matter where you are in your ability to attract women right now).

But then it clicked for me…

There had to be some way of making this work for Ricky. I’d seen so many transformations over the years from people putting the work in, that there had to be some way of making this work.

I isolated myself for a while, and began a deep dive into what a conversation actually is.

I started mapping out the very basics… What makes a good conversation? What makes a boring conversation? And what makes a juicy, seductive conversation.

I went deep into my records of every student I’ve ever coached… as well as the hundreds of hours of in-field video I’ve recorded of myself talking to women.

I realized there was something very specific that happened when two people had chemistry and mutual desire for each other.

Every time I had seduced a woman…

And every time a student seduced a woman…

There was a full range of emotions…

Activating a Woman’s Full Range of Emotions Gives Her Complete Devotion to You

I took a closer look at the video footage of where my students had hit a woman’s full set of emotional buttons and gotten her on fire for him.

99% of the time this was unintentional… or it was organically “built in” to the conversation so it wasn’t something the man had to think about.

See women… and people in general… are magnetized to speakers, performers… and friends and lovers that pull their emotions all over the map.

If you watch a legendary speaker like Tony Robbins on stage, you’ll see he sets aside specific times for you to feel sad… then vulnerable… then elated… then suspicious.

And he weaves this all together beautifully, so people hang on his every word.

If you go to a rock concert, you’ll see the best singers and stars put aggression into their performance… then switch to a sad ballad… then give you a fast song… with some witty banter in between their songs.

These are the people that command attention… and it works in a simple bar conversation or on a date as well.

See most guys try to keep things happy and funny… and safe.

I totally understand why too.

No one ever gets rejected for making a girl laugh… or for not offending her.

But what happens is slowly, the woman realizes she’s not getting the full package with you.

While men are drawn to a range of emotions… women need that experience literally 100 times more.

So when a man just keeps things light and funny, with some light teases and kind flirting…. The woman is getting bored on some level, even if she doesn’t know it yet.

The hard part is that you can’t simply just put negative thoughts into a conversation to solve this.

If you’re telling jokes and then suddenly say “My little sister died when I was 10,” you’ll get some sympathy, but the woman almost certainly not want to have sex with you that night.

So I had to really map this out.

How does Tony Robbins make his audience feel just enough sadness or anger to keep them hooked?

It’s like adding just enough gunpowder to a fire to make a spark but not burn the house down.

That’s when I came up with this…

I call it the

Conversational Compass.

And this is your guide to always know what to say, how to say it… and how to make any woman as attracted to you as she can be.

Look this won’t hypnotize women into sleeping with you… I’m going to be completely honest.

But it will give you your maximum impact to be the best seducer you can be…

And it will help you be as powerful and magnetic as you want.

Conversation Casanova By Alex Social

The Conversational Compass is Your Map to
Getting Any Woman Addicted to You

Now what kind of man needs the Conversational Compass?

  • If any woman has labeled you a “nice guy” or put you in the Friendzone, you need this.
  • If women ever get bored talking to you, you need this.
  • If women politely excuse themselves and walk away when you’re talking to them, you need this.
  • If you run out of things to say when talking to a woman, you need this.
  • If women think you’re creepy, you really need this. (This is something so easy to fix that you’ll be baffled it took so long to figure this out!

Now the Conversational Compass will work great with anyone.

If you’re making business deals, or in sales, or just trying to make new friends, the Conversational Compass will give you incredible charisma that just magnetizes people to you.

Politicians use this all the time to activate their audience. Notice that a good politician (in any political party) will make their audience feel upset… angry… hopeful… proud… hateful… and caring… all within a span of five minutes.

However, as good as this stuff works on the general population, it’s especially good with women.

See… women, unlike men, desperately need their full range of emotions stimulated. They need it to feel alive. In a weird way, they even need it to feel safe.

WARNING: You Must Do this Right
Or You’ll be 10 Times Worse with Women

Here’s the thing… it’s not enough to just give women different emotions when talking to them.

You need to give women the right levels of each emotion… forming the perfect cocktail of chemistry in their brain…

That’s how you get them amazingly attracted to you.

Too much humor and you’re a desperate clown.

Too much sympathy and you’re a “nice guy” nerd.

Too much intellectual stimulation and you’re interesting but tiring.

And of course, too much sadness, fear, hatred, or disgust, and the woman just feels BAD and wants to get away from you.

If you don’t know the Conversational Compass, negative emotions are extremely risky to work with. You can easily come off as a jerk, a bully, or a psychopath, making a woman not want anything to do with you. You can even flat out get your ass kicked if you’re not careful.

That’s why I only want people using the Conversational Compass who have gone through the full training… whether it’s in person, online, or in a recorded program.

The good news is once you’ve been taught how it works, you’re done. You’ll know the exact levels to use for every emotion and it’ll become natural for you, as if you’ve always been able to do this.

What’s Possible for You When You
Learn Conversational Charisma?

When you learn Conversational Charisma, your whole life changes.

First, you’ll notice people hang around a little longer when talking to you.

The checkout lady at Target keeps wanting to chat you up, even though there’s a line of customers behind you. Or your cute coworker keeps wanting to tell you about her weekend, even though the boss is glaring at her.

Next, you’ll find that people just start to treat you better. You pick the right words for every situation. Your boss starts giving you better assignments. Your friends start giving you more respect.

And when you start going out to meet women… that’s when the fun really happens.

Women begin to hang on every word. They become so fascinated with you, and it’s like you’re not even trying to do anything anymore. It’s fully natural and you’re just running on autopilot.

Women start enthusiastically giving you their numbers… sometimes even offering it to you without you asking.

Dates start going amazingly well. It becomes easy to get the first kiss, and sometimes the woman just wants to go right back to your place.

At bars, one-night-stands start to become a possibility on every night.

And once your Full Transformation happens… it’s beyond what you can imagine.

You begin carrying yourself with a confidence and charisma that doesn’t even require words anymore.

Women start turning their heads when you walk into a room, and men start trying to get your approval (or simply get out of your way).

Success breeds success… and now you’re unstoppable!

STOP!: The Conversational Compass Is
Crucial for Your Success…
But It’s Not Enough On Its Own…

Now if you’re excited about what you’ve learned so far… you’re probably ready to break open the Conversational Compass right now and see how it works.

You probably can’t wait to start talking to women, hijacking their emotions, and start turning on women tonight (and maybe even take one home).

But here is a hard truth that almost no one will tell you…

You still need the whole package in order to make this work.

I’m not going to lie… you still can get plenty of lays from only using the Conversational Compass as a tool.

But if you want the Full Transformation… where life is utterly bliss from everyone being magnetically attracted to you…

Then there are other things you need to have in place as well. Remember this is not a magic pill.

The men who I have taught, who are now effortless with women, have mastered:


Dropping Fear of Rejection…

Emotional Strength…

Navigating a Bar…

Finding the Hottest Women Most Likely to Go Home With You…

Asking a Girl Out…

Setting Up a Date…

Bringing Her Home…

Closing the Deal…

The good news is you are going to learn ALL OF THIS along with the Conversational Compass.

I’ve put together a special coaching package that will teach you how to captivate women with your words, while also building a life that makes you irresistibly attractive to gorgeous women.


Conversation Casanova:
The Words that Make Her Addicted to You

Conversation Casanova By Alex Social

Over 3 days with my core inner circle of students, I unveiled the entire method of using the Conversation Compass and Range of Emotions to make women feel utterly magnetized to you and deeply desiring sex (or a full-on relationship) with you.

I video-taped all of it, and was amazed to find that this was arguably the greatest program I’ve ever taught.

These students soon were seducing women left and right. If they went out for 7 days straight, some of them would bring girls home 5 of those nights out.

It was absolutely legendary, and this recorded seminar has become the basis for this package.

Here’s a “Sneak Peek” at What’s Inside Conversation Casanova

  • The map of Evolutionary Psychology… So you know exactly what’s causing every woman you meet to either want to rip your pants off… or avoid you like a literal plague.
  • The absolute fastest way to amazing inner game where women can just smell your confidence from across the room.
  • How to handle all the “new” problems of the era, including #MeToo, Covid, over-the-top feminism, and all the other strange developments in society.
  • The revelation I got in 2009 that revealed that 98% of what the Pick Up Artist community was teaching was total bullshit (including a lot of things you believe right now!)
  • The secret to using these dating skills for making more money than you ever thought possible.
  • The secret holes in a woman’s confidence and how to use them so a woman sees you as “the perfect catch” she desperately needs in her life.
  • How to get a woman’s friends on your side so they make it their entire night’s mission to get her to go home with you.
  • The secret of the Hosting Paradigm, where you make everyone feel like you own the party (Even if the club you’re in just barely allowed you inside)
  • How to deal with tests from girls and reverse them, so women are piling over each other trying to prove they’re good enough for you.
  • The secret to finding and creating After Parties so you can guarantee yourself the best chances of sleeping with a woman on any given night.
  • How to know within 3 Questions if a woman is single and ready to hook up with you.
  • The deeply controversial Heroin Paradigm… which causes women to get ravenously addicted to you.
  • How to figure out your Attraction Archetype so you know exactly what personality traits to focus on. (You might be the Bad Boy, or you might be the Sexy Joker. Women love both)
  • The Six “Hot Guy” Traits that will make you a total stud with women, regardless of what you look like or how much money you have.
  • How to Inject Sexual Energy into any conversation, so it goes from platonic to her fantasizing about breaking your bed.
  • The “No Expectations” Mind Trick to make the woman fiercely compete to sleep with you.
  • 5 Easy Lifestyle Habits you can do that will naturally make you more attractive, every single day.
  • The 8 Strengths that load you with irresistible masculine energy that sets her hormones on fire.
  • Why hyper-focusing on a woman in conversation gets you nowhere and what to do instead.
  • The Quantum Moment in the night that 100% decides whether a woman sleeps with you or not.
  • The Self-Talk Secret to keep you feeling positive, powerful, and optimistic at all times (Amazing for depression or anxiety.)
  • Daily Challenges that will make life 100% more fun and double your success with women in a month’s time.
  • The Triple Acceptance Secret for making everyone feel blissful around you, even if you’re not talking to them.
  • The Motivational Master Method to give you instant self-discipline in working out, making money, and meeting women… even if you’re absolutely sure you’re lazy.
  • The Keys to Female Psychology that will give you the ultimate breakthrough in seducing women.
  • The Party Guy vs. Eligible Bachelor concept that will decide whether you’re a fun guy for the night or a long term boyfriend or husband.
  • Why being the “Perfect Guy” will make some women avoid dating you… (and how to use your flaws to your advantage).
  • How to instill a crippling fear of loss in the woman, that makes her do everything she can to make you happy.
  • The difference between Win-Win Seduction and Win-Lose Seduction (And why it’s better to stay on the Light Side).
  • How to dismantle a woman’s Fear of Heartbreak to make her ready to sleep with you 5 times as fast.
  • The best way to avoid Friendzone forever (Women are deciding between Friendship and Romance, and this will make sure they choose right!)
  • The Power of Ambiguity for making yourself a mystery that sucks women in like a Vortex.
  • How to use Crocodile Theory to demonstrate yourself as the Alpha Male of the pack.
  • When to seek depth in a conversation, vs. keep things light & fun.
  • 500 pick-up lines, phrases, and jokes you can use any night to suck women in.
  • How to hook attention every single time.
  • 5 Amazing Exercises to NEVER run out of things to say.
  • The difference between the Safe Zone and Seductive Zone, and how to make sure you’re in the second one!
  • Ninja Conversational Skills for manipulating the entire interaction… even if there are 5 people in a circle talking.
  • How to enter the Flow State so you are totally in the zone any time you need to be.
  • Cycling Emotions & Conversational States… so you know when to be edgy, flirty, funny, or mysterious.
  • The Exact Breakdown of a One Night Stand that you can use every single time you go out.
  • How to “read” a club, party, or bar, so you know exactly when women are looking for a man and when they’re just trying to have fun.
  • The one time that taking a girl to the bar for a drink can reveal your exact chances of hooking up with her that night.
  • When to absolutely walk away from a group of women (Most guys miss this part and it kills their success).
  • Terminator Vision for spotting the women who are the most horny and ready to go.
  • How to take a Snapshot of a group and know exactly what vibe they’ll be receptive to.
  • How to make friends with the whole group so everyone treats you like you’re part of the gang already.
  • When to use a dance floor (99% of guys get this wrong).
  • What to do if another man hits on her (You can use this to your advantage if you know this one secret).
  • The “Watch the Sunrise” method for making a woman get impatient and demand you take her to your room.
  • The absolute Biggest Attraction Killer and how to make sure you never do it again.
  • How to take a woman’s Emotional Heart rate so you know exactly what emotion she needs next.
  • The Jedi Mind Reading Trick to know exactly what she needs to decide to give you her number, go on a date with you, or sleep with you.
  • The Compassion Charm Method for giving yourself an invisible charisma that makes everyone want to be your friend or lover.
Look How Their Lives Changed When They Learned the Material Inside Conversation Casanova

I never would want you to be the “test pilot” for a program like this.

The truth is that this program has already been taught to the man you see below… and these men continue to reap the benefits every day of their lives.

Take a look at what life can be like once you’ve mastered the art of seducing a woman through conversation and have transformed yourself into a powerhouse of irresistible masculine energy.

Conversation Casanova By Alex Social

3 x 75 Minutes of Conversation Casanova Infield Videos (worth $497)

Conversation Casanova By Alex Social

This is seeing the Conversational Charisma demonstrated right in front of you.

One of the reasons my students got so good with women… so fast… is because they got to see it LIVE.

It’s one thing to hear about a technique… and another thing to actually see it demonstrated, word for word, before your eyes.

My students got to see this up close in person.

You get something BETTER, because you get to rewind and watch… again and again.

I should charge even more for this video footage, but instead I’m going to do the opposite and throw it in as Bonus #1.

Over 10 Hours of “Never Before Seen” Seminars (priceless)

Conversation Casanova By Alex Social

This wouldn’t be a mystery bonus if I tell you exactly what’s included, but I can confirm these are never before released seminars on attraction, physicality, conversations and enduring tests.

And if you order right now… and I mean right, right now, these bonuses (as long as they’re still available) will be included for free with your order of Conversation Casanova.

You’ve Got Three Options Now…

If you want to take some time to decide, I can respect that, but honestly this offer may not be here by the time you come around.

Right now, you’re at a crossroads.

This is a decision point in your life that could dictate forever how you do with women… and more importantly, how you approach success in every area of your life.


I don’t have to describe this option much because you’re already living it.

Unless you’re seeing a clear, significant improvement, every month, in your skills with women, the most likely scenario is you’re not getting better at it. You’re just staying the same.

So if you want to stay exactly where you’re at, and not even a little bit better, choose this option.


I was very worried about explaining the Conversation Compass and Range of Emotions on this page… because some guys who will read this, watch a short video, and think they already “know how to do it.”

The truth is if you try using this stuff without the course, you will be worse off than if you never heard of me.

While these techniques are easy to do once you’ve been taught… they are impossible to do if you’re missing key information. You don’t want to be walking around making women feel bad and calling that the “Range of Emotions.” That’s how you get rejected, banned from venues (or a lot worse!).

Instead, I recommend your third choice… and honestly, the only choice if you truly value success for yourself.


I’ve seen this program work again and again on so many types of men. They’re happier, more successful with women (and money), and they are consistently amazed by how much their life has changed in such a short time.

And this can be your life too. It’s all ready to go for you, and fully guaranteed.

But you must act now.

I want to work with men who are ready to go. After you purchase and go to the next page, there will be an option for working directly with me, and I want everyone on board to be starting at the same time.

Even if you just get the seminar videos and in-field footage, I want everyone starting at once.


Because the greatest predictor of success is commitment.

I want this round of new students to be an incredible display of success and transformation. I want stories left and right of men conquering their fears, dating the most amazing women imaginable, and scaling up their life in every way.

And that requires men of action.

If you’re not a man of action, then this probably won’t work for you anyway.

But if you are truly committed to becoming the best man possible, to be dating your top choices of women, and creating a life of absolute impressive wonder… then this is for you.

Become one of the few guys who know exactly what to say and when to magnetically attract women: 

Conversation Casanova By Alex Social

Secure Your Copy of Conversation Casanova NOW!

Here’s a summary of what you’ll be getting if you order today….

  • Full Access to the Complete Conversation Casanova Program
  • Instant, Lifetime Access on Any Device From Our Private Members Area
  • Bonus #1: Conversation Casanova Infield Videos (worth $497)
  • Mystery Bonus #2: Four “Never Before Seen” Videos from the archives of Alex Social (priceless)
Conversation Casanova By Alex Social, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!) 

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  • Module 2.mp4
  • Module 3.mp4
  • Module 4.mp4
  • Module 5.mp4
  • Module 6.mp4
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  • Module 8.mp4
  • Module 9.mp4