Cristina Bold – Activated Abundance Mega-Course 2022
  • Cristina Bold – Activated Abundance Mega-Course 2022

Cristina Bold – Activated Abundance Mega-Course 2022

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Cristina Bold - Activated Abundance Mega-Course 2022.Cristina Bold – Activated Abundance Mega-Course 2022


I started my business being $106,000 in debt.
And feeling deeply lost, confused and, honestly undeserving.
I would work 10-15 hours daily without any big results.
In fact, in the first year, I hardly signed any clients.
Well, I just signed one ‘real’ client, since the rest were friends.
I was tired of working, waiting, and failing.

I was not abundant. AT ALL.

Four years later, I have a business that’s been serving hundreds of clients and students.

I have a soulmate team I adore.
And, above all, I have a lifestyle I could not even imagined a while ago.

I work less – much less than ever before.
I impact more people than ever before.
I have full support both in my business and house
– soulmate support team that includes a soulmate housekeeper
(all day, every weekday)

And I get to travel with my family in the most exotic locations at least 2-3 times every year.
All while my clients get mind-blowing results, breakthroughs and create a flow of clients, impact and money like never before.

Now, here’s a secret:

Even if I knew all the above – intelectually,
even if I had read the books and taken the courses,
I just couldn’t go past the lack of

You don’t know what are the abundance and growth practices that really work – for YOU.
And where to place your time and energy
without the constant doubting and spinning.

Maybe you start a routine or several
but soon you fall out of it – doubting.
feeling overwhelming
and not even remotely supported.

Simply you find it hard to keep your energy and motivation up – even when you know what is required from you. It’s just so hard to keep going on your own.

All these challenges dissolved for me when I understood that
abundance is a way of living
based on day-to-day rituals.

That’s when I stopped forcing myself
into a discipline, schedule, way of thinking
or hours of journaling or meditating.

That’s when I realized that waking up at 5 am is not required
(thanks God, as that was a deal breaker for me! 🙂

And that’s when I started practising, feeling into and emobidying the practices that ended up making me abundant in all senses:

• spiritually abundant
• clients abundant
• impact abundant
• support abundant
• freedom abundant
• family life abundant
• time abundant
• joy abundant
• money abundant

So please ask yourself:
• Are your current rituals helping you step into full alignment and power? Or are they placing you into a prison of attachment and not enoughness?

• Are you setting your business in a way you consistenly have clients flowing in? Or you feel you have to do the icky things you deeply resent in order to receive the trickle of clients?

• Are you stepping into your power to show up boldly and magnetically and receive receive without the push? Or do you often find yourself defaulting in desperation and the feeling of stuckness, trying to make things work.

• Check your inner answers to these questions. And if they feel out of alignemnet with what you know it’s possible and available for you too

join us inside the Abundance Rituals.

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Cristina Bold – Activated Abundance Mega-Course 2022

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