Dan Wardrope – The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0
  • Dan Wardrope – The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0

Dan Wardrope – The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0

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Dan Wardrope – The Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0

Dan here, good to see ya.

Here’s the 411 for you 🙂

I’m taking a handful of agency owners and showing them a NEW way we’re using basic Facebook Lead Form Ads to book ourselves up with Pay Per Lead CLIENTS for as little as $25 in ad spend…

Then, armed with ONE (templated and DFY) funnel…

We’re gonna collect leads and sell them off to 4-5 PPL clients at a time…

And bank $1,000 a day MINIMUM… per client…

This is unlike ANYTHING I’ve seen yet.

See, Facebook (and most social media giants) HATES it when their users leave the platform…

And that’s why everyone’s ads are being dinged left, right and center.

But what they LOVE?

When you do things to KEEP their users in the app.

We’ve totally figured out a way to turn their basic Facebook lead form ads into “Micro Advertorials”… that KEEP the user on the platform while filling up our databases full of leads.

Now, leads through these ads are traditionally a bit s#@!… (that’s why no one’s using ‘em)

But when we add a couple of tweaks on the backend, we can turn them into premium quality leads worth a fortune.

Now, premium is great. But what we also like? CHEAP! 😉

Thankfully, it ticks that box too.

Imagine getting leads for as low as $3 each. Or spending just £40 and closing a £3,000 deal.

Flexxers are making hay with this, booking up their calendars for pennies on the dollar.

If you’re fighting tooth and nail to get clients… spending hours trawling LinkedIn, sliding into DMs, cold emailing, hopin’ and prayin’ for referrals… I’m here to tell ya:

You don’t need to do that anymore!

With that said…

While getting clients is important… that’s only a small part of the bigger agency pie to dial in.

You ALSO need to fulfill the work, keep clients around longer, and scale your revenue to $20k, $30k, even $50k per month and more.

This is what we’ll do together!

Now, while the money’s sweet…

I can still remember the complete freedom I felt the day I fired my last retainer client… who texted me non-stop. I hated those bloody pings!

I felt like I went from an underappreciated underling to a VIP with my pay-per-lead partners.

This is what I want for my Flexxers.

To go from powerless and out of control to feeling like MASTERS of their universe!

And when we’re banking $2k a day in profits PER DAY, rather than a $2k retainer per month

We don’t need that many partners to live a good life and take our sweeties out to the finest restaurants in town.

For example:

One of my students, Dave, is now generating $25k per day in leads from ONE funnel in the life insurance niche.

He’s simplified his biz so instead of being under the thumb of multiple clients…

Who’d demand more and more of his time…

They now pay for a batch of leads upfront.

Once the money’s in Dave’s account… he turns on the funnel and delivers the leads.

And since he delivers?

They keep comin’ back.

He doesn’t do anything else except drive the leads and hand them over.

His profit margins have never been better.

Now HE’S the superstar. HE holds all the cards. And HE’s full control.

There’s also Tom who quit his 9-5 with the dream of owning his own biz and working on his terms.

He started an agency doing everything from lead gen, SEO, copy, and more.

It didn’t take him too long to rack up a nice roster of 10 clients…

But quickly discovered, looking after 10 clients does NOT mean working on his terms.

Worse yet…

He was stuck in the hamster wheel, unable to scale or get out of the prison he’d created.

All his time was sucked into dealing with headache client after headache client.

But now, after installing our PPL model simply by using all our templates and tools, Tom’s smashed six figures a month doing LESS work.

In my experience…

The traditional retainer agency model is the WORST type of offer you can sell.

You’re competing against everyone else.

And since the big “R” word is here…

…it’s gonna get even harder to sell as companies cut their agencies and shrink their ad budgets.

Now, imagine you’re a biz owner for a sec…

All your costs have gone through the roof, energy bills 2-5x’d overnight, your staff are threatening you with payrises or they’ll leave… so you’re watching every penny like a hawk.

You’re worried you won’t make it to the end of the year… and what will happen to your family if you don’t.

You’re trying your best to keep your head in the game and the biz afloat.

Then one day, Agency A and Agency B slide into your inbox and both say they can grow your biz. But their offers are different. What’s more attractive to you:

Agency A:

❌Retain me for 6 months.

❌You pay for the ad spend.

❌The funnel build.

❌The copy.

❌It might work, it might not. I won’t guarantee my results tho.


Agency B:

You pay for the leads you NEED.

✅No retainers or extra fees.

✅I’ll do the rest.

Easy choice, right? Agency B wins the deal every single time.

When agencies start using our style of PPL offer (which takes ALL the pressure and risk OFF the client…)

Whilst leveraging our battle-tested funnel-building secrets to drive the hottest leads in high-demand niches…

Bringing in $1k, $2k, even $10k deals a DAY becomes simple and FUN!

BUT – here’s the really juicy part. Cuz it gets even better:

One of the BIGGEST problems in the agency world…

…is that you’re never really building a REAL biz!

Lost ya clients and that’s your biz gone.

But with PPL?

Our funnels also act as BRANDS.

They are valuable assets that we OWN… pay us an income TODAY… and can be sold for a small fortune in the near future.


What will we do together?

I’m going to “open the kimono” and hand over everything you need to build and scale a PPL agency to 7 figs and beyond. Just like me and many of my students have done.

Things like…

*Choosing the most profitable and high-performing niche you SPECIALIZE in.

*Close clients WITHOUT a phone call and permanently END feast & famine cycles. We’ll show you how to build your own DATABASE of prospects and past clients you can hit up to sell more leads to (we’re also gonna show you how we’re closing high ticket clients WITHOUT phone calls… just like what you see on this Google doc here. No one is doing this right now. If you HATE the phone, this one strategy is probably worth the entire cost of the program).

*The more technical aspects of the agency and share all of our secrets regarding building high performing PPL funnels that deliver on both quality and volume for the client and make both you and the client a great ROI.

*IN DETAIL… our approach to media buying and lead generation on all the major ad networks so that you can replicate our high performing campaigns for your own clients.

*Don’t wanna run paid ads to get clients yet? We’ll show you how to get the cash register ringing without stumping up a single penny. Just your bog standard Facebook profile will be enough.

*Fund your ad campaigns using other people’s money! I’ll show you how I get my clients to pay our adspend UPFRONT so I’m never out of pocket with zero cash flow worries…

*Diagnose and fix poor lead quality, disapproved ads, and the threat of account shutdowns on FB. (I got an insider who can unban accounts at the flick of a switch).

As well as immediate access to:

*Twice-weekly coaching calls with me every Monday and Tuesday where I’ll hand you the keys to the latest tactics and strategies working right now… as well as answer your questions and dive into any issue or roadblock you have.

*Hang out with me, my team, and 900+ other successful PPL agencies inside the Flexxable mastermind. Share ideas, build a stronger network and do JVs.

*The FULL PPL Agency Blueprint 3.0 course. The complete A-Z of scaling an agency from ground zero to 7 figs plus. (Plus all our agency resources, funnels, templates etc)

And much more to help you scale faster and with less stress.

So whether you’re looking for your first few clients…

Or a hardened vet looked to transition out of retainer hell and into PPL nirvana…

You’ll have everything you need to start bringing onboard the RIGHT clients who work on YOUR terms, whilst generating 5+fig deals week after week, month after month.

Now, you might be wondering about the investment to join us?

If your stripe account isn’t getting refreshed with $10,000-$20,000 on the first of each month…

It’s painfully hard to sign up clients for as little as $500 per month…

Or you’re spending HOURS sending cold emails, wondering when your next client will come in…

And you’re not getting 5-10 high-quality client leads a day?

Then this is costing you a FORTUNE every week you’re not with us.

With that said…

You can get started with us in the Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint 3.0 for just USD $2900 today.

Then it’s 4 smaller monthly payments of USD $800.

(NOTE: For customers in the UK/EU we’ve got to charge VAT on top. Works out at $580 today. Then $160 per month after)

Most of my students make their investment back with a decent lead order from their first or second PPL client.

[ADDED 30.9.22]

I’ve spoken to a lotta folks who are excited to join us in the Flexx HQ… but can’t quite come up with the $2900 upfront.

I know our economy (and our gov!) is going through a s**show right now and things are getting more and more expensive.

I wanna help as many of you as possible!

So I’ve decided to open up a more comfortable payment plan option for those who need it.

Here’s what it looks like:

USD $966.66 today.

Then 5 additional monthly payments of $966.66 after. (VAT on top as usual)

Let me be clear though…

This isn’t a ‘subscription’ you can just cancel.

And while I’m not a bank, this is a financing option I’m implementing so more people can get started today.

I’m putting you on the honour system.

So how do you lock in your spot in this exclusive offer?

If you’re ready to get rockin’…

No need to send money this second.

Just reply back:

“I’M IN!”

Then I’ll get you set up.

Let’s get you your first PPL client!

You got this,

Dan Wardrope

PS I’ve put the BONUSES and FAQs on a separate page if you’re the detailed type who likes to see ‘em? 🙂