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Twenty-two-year-old Canadian entrepreneur, Dane McBeth, is a best author, self-publishing expert, and course creator; a rare combination of titles for someone so young.
So how did Dane create his own path by challenging the status quo, having fun, cracking the science behind self-publishing and helping over 6,000 students establish a career in self-publishing?
This Is How It Began
During high school, Dane was a straight-A student and star athlete. But, unlike his peers, the idea of going to a prestigious university before working as an employee for decades held little appeal.
“I had always known that I wanted to start a business of my own,” explains Dane. “While for a long time, the specifics of this ‘grand plan’ weren’t clear, but I knew that I didn’t have to attend university to fulfil my destiny. So, when I graduated from high school, I chose to continue working at the sports store where I’d worked part-time since ninth grade.”
It was during this time that Dane realised the effort, discipline, and dedication required for a business to succeed.
“After working in this job for four years and absorbing everything I could on the job, I entered the world of online businesses as a freelancer. My service offering ranged from affiliate marketing, building e-commerce stores, to photography and video production,” he says.
Dane’s freelance practice provided him with opportunities to travel across the globe and eventually led to a pivotal point for his professional life when he learned about self-publishing from the travellers he met.
“Returning from the trip in September 2019, I started learning everything I could about this new industry, although there was only scant information available. It was a process of trial and error, a time when all of my past learnings came together. In under four months’ time, I had my first 10,000 month of digital book sales.”
When the pandemic hit in early 2020 – and many of his peers were complaining about Zoom classes while watching Netflix nights and days – Dane refined everything he had learned and cracked the science of self-publishing. In June 2020, having published several best-selling titles, Dane launched the free version of the self-publishing course and nearly a thousand people signed up on the first day.
The Birth of Publisher Startup
It was through the early success of the free course that Dane realised the potential for the self-publishing industry in the digital world. After months of further refinement and enrichment, in October 2020 he launched a full program, Publisher Startup.
“My ambition was to make it the most comprehensive and impeccable course on self-publishing,” he says.
Publisher Startup is an A to Z of self-publishing, designed for writers who want to skip the hurdles of working with traditional publishers, or non-writers looking for an opportunity to establish a viable income stream online,. It covers Amazon KDP, strategies to pick book topics with high potential, content creation with ghostwriters (for non-writers), and marketing strategies to fuel sustainable growth.
“Publisher Startup helps my students navigate the entire self-publishing process, from cover to cover,” he says.
Today, Dane’s YouTube channel is supported by over 10,000 followers globally.
Dane says: “Looking back, I see my path was not the easiest I could have chosen. But I have walked my own path, thinking for myself, working hard work and with conviction.”
If you are interested in finding out more about Dane McBeth’s story and how he has empowered successes for himself and his students, find him on Facebook and YouTube, or visit his website at paystopublish.com.

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