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Daniel Harmon & HB GROUPHarmon Brothers HBU Super Bundle

Congratulations, you have your SALES video script!
Are you ready for the next step?
  • Do you know how to build characters that will enable you to brand and sell for the long-term?
  • ​Do you know how to make your script funny so it engages more viewers and sells more products?
  • Do you know how to cast, direct, light, film, and edit your script?
  • ​Can you add animation and motion graphics to your footage?
If you’re ready to learn all these skills and more, we’re offering our 14-Day Script Challenge Students the HBU Super Bundle for the first time ever!
Get all of our courses in one Exclusively-priced package:
Everything you need to write a “hero ad” that brands and sells
  • Understand world building, the style that will set your video apart
  • Know how to choose which jokes to keep and which to cut
  • Learn how to plan and conduct a writing retreat
  • ​Get 2 full-hour creator’s commentary showing you the thought process behind every element of some of our most successful ads
  • Learn effective humor for ultimate branding & ad retention
  • Increase the sharability of your ads, and get free advertising by making it impossible for viewers NOT to share your content
  • Learn how to sell more by making people laugh
  • Understand and recognize comedic tools —then use them to your advantage
the what and how of bringing your polished script to life
  • How to run a casting call, and what to look for in auditions (Doing this one thing will make directing your video 80% easier)
  • Learn to direct your video including the production checklist, testing shoots, and understand each vital role as a director
  • Understand how to make sure everyone catches the vision (it’s not a pep talk, it’s something you make)
  • Learn to create a rough cut that will save you massive time and money
  • We’ll tell you where to get invaluable feedback to improve your video
  • Learn animation principles, motion graphics strategies, and much, MUCH more…

1 – Write Ads That Sell

includes lifetime access to:
You’ll have lifetime access to over 25 video lessons where Daniel Harmon and Dave Vance go in-depth with specific examples and techniques that will teach you everything it takes to write a great script that brands and sells.
You’ll get 3 downloadable workbooks for more in-depth information and tailored exercises to stimulate your imagination, track your ideas, and take action on what you’ve learned.
We’re giving you the exact script template we use for all of our writers, plus an actual sample script from one of our most famous campaigns.
Use it to jumpstart your script and follow our exact formula to be sure you’ve included all of the necessary components to be sure your script sells.
Real feedback from Daniel Harmon and the Harmon Brothers team on your script! You’ll get personal responses through email and messenger to improve your script
This mini-course breaks down our process for ensuring the success of the writing phase & shows you the exact steps we take to plan and conduct one of the most important pieces of our writing process—and how we come out the other side with a finalized script.
includes lifetime access to:
Get over 3.5 hours of concise, actionable (and entertaining!) video content including 70+ digestible videos that will explain and breakdown comedic tools you can use to write, direct, and edit funny ads.
3 actionable workbooks with exercises for strengthening your comedy chops in the writing, filming, and editing phases of your ad.
500 page joke bank that classifies jokes into 70+ categories from our lead writer, Dave Vance, the writer of some of our most successful campaigns including Squatty Potty, FiberFix, Purple, and more.
3 – FILM & EDIT Ads That Sell
includes lifetime access to:
Film & Edit Ads That Sell includes videos from and exclusive bootcamp covering Casting, Directing, Editing, Special Effects & Graphics and more. You’ll also receive lifetime access to the refined & updated course when it’s released in 2020 at no additional charge.
5 workbooks with prompts and exercises for casting, directing, filming, and editing your ad track your ideas and take action on what you’ve learned.
Seven behind-the-scenes videos to show you what it’s like on set. Get ready to see how our directors, creative directors and others solve problems and make choices about how they present the products they advertise.
A bonus Q&A recording with questions like:
  • How do you show a product demo (even if you have a service)?
  • How and how much do you pay writers?
  • How many ideas do you use in your videos and how do you choose which make it into the final cut?
  • ​And many more…

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