Dating Power by The Social Man
  • Dating Power by The Social Man

Dating Power by The Social Man

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Dating Power by The Social Man – Instant Download!

Dating Power

Advanced techniques for approaching, attracting and picking up women for sex and relationships.

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Free, Bonus Gifts:

  1. Dating Power Presentation Slides: 257 page PDF ebook with the exact slides we used for the seminar. Also includes photos from the day. $97 value. Instant download.
  2. Dating Power Private Examples: 3.75 hours of audio. Dan, Ben and Stu share uncensored, personal stories of how they’ve used the Dating Power techniques to enjoy easy, natural and consistent success with attractive women. Includes unique examples of what they’ve said and done when interacting with, picking up, moving in for a kiss, initiating sex, setting up dates, etc with different types of women. $297 value. Instant download/listen online.

The problem
Most guys simply don’t know how to approach and pick up attractive women in person, which results in them remaining alone, accepting unattractive women, or trying to compete with tens of thousands of guys on dating apps.

As a result of not being able to confidently approach and successfully pick up women in person, they don’t ever enjoy their choice of women.

The solution

Dating Power by The Social Man

Dating Power provides you with the ultimate framework for picking up women, which results in them trying to pick you up.

This simple, natural and proven to work approach gives you the power, all the way from the first approach and into a relationship.

Dating Power techniques make women:

  • Want to be approached by you.
  • Become immediately interested in you.
  • Remain interested in you.
  • Want to give you their contact details.
  • Want you to contact them.
  • Want to go on a date with you.
  • Enjoy their dates with you.
  • Want to have sex with you.
  • Want to have a relationship with you.

What you will learn
Here are just some of the juicy secrets you will learn by watching Dating Power.

Approaching Techniques

  • 8 confidence boosters for approaching women: How to never feel anxious or nervous when you want to approach a woman again. Feel totally confident, composed and in control when you approach a woman in any environment.
  • 21-point approaching checklist: How to know when the right time to approach a woman, what to do when you approach, what to avoid and how to pull of the perfect approach, which results in her feeling attracted, interested and open to talking to you.

Inner Mastery

Confidence With Women: Use our proven, 3-step system for building unstoppable confidence with women. Avoid the common mistakes guys make that kill their confidence with women. Maintain perfect confidence for life. This section alone is worth the price of the program. It will change your life forever; not only with women, but in all areas of life. It’s such an important piece of the puzzle to know, use and enjoy.
Embracing Women as They Are: How to understand women in a way that makes things easier for you and her. How to make a woman easily fall in love with you. How to take things to a deeper level with women. How to have women eagerly wanting to see you again and again.
Your Life – More Than Just Women: How to draw women in, so they want to be part of your life, rather than the other way around.

Attraction Techniques

  • Understanding Attraction: Display the traits that women (from all around the world) are naturally attracted to in men. Learn the truth about how attractive you can be to women and how you can get women literally lining up to be with you.
  • Being Present: How to make women instantly feel comfortable and want to get to know you. How to cause women to feel a deep, irresistible attraction for you based on your presence in the interaction.
  • Attractive Body Language: Watch Dan, Ben & Stu demonstrate the right and wrong body language to use when interacting with women. Use the body language techniques to avoid causing awkward tension between you and women when approaching, making conversation and getting to know each other on dates.
  • Humor: How to make women laugh during conversation, on the phone and on dates. Use our humor examples in your conversations with women until you become comfortable to experiment and create your own attractive humor by following the guidelines provided.
  • Flirting: Naturally ignite a woman’s feelings of sexual attraction for you by using our tested flirting examples. Includes what to say, plus body language and tonality examples. Flirting is absolutely essential for success with women and ensures that you stay out of the ‘friend zone’ and get into the bedroom with women you like.
  • Power moves: Use our tested power moves that cause women to feel intense, sexual attraction for you. Power moves are actions you take and body language that you display, which ensures you have the power in the situation with the woman. It also turns her on at a deep, primal level. We’ve had newbie to advanced clients use these power moves and they always work. They are a game changer, if you are courageous enough to use them. If you’re not, just give yourself a little time to work up the courage to do it. When you do, you will never stop using them because they work! Enjoy!
  • Personal presentation: Find out what clothes, shoes and personal presentation is idea for attracting the kinds of women you prefer. Avoid being automatically rejected by women you like, by ensuring that you aren’t too much of a disconnect in terms of how you present yourself physically (i.e. your clothes, hair).
  • Being a more interesting person: How to talk and tell stories in a way that captures a woman’s attention and makes her wish she was part of your life.
  • Creating sexual tension: Avoid the ‘friend zone’ by creating sexual tension between you and a woman. What it is, how it works and how to do it.
  • Charisma: Strengthen your personality and become more magnetically attractive to women by increasing your charisma. Easily get more dates, sex and have women wanting to be your girlfriend. Effortlessly make new friends and become more liked and respected by people you meet.

Interaction Techniques

  • Transaction/Interaction: Turn everyday ‘transactions’ (e.g. talking to a checkout girl at the supermarket/grocery store, the woman behind the counter at 7-11, etc) into attractive interactions. This is one of the fastest ways to build your confidence and attractive conversations skills with women.
  • Signals of interest: How to tell if a woman is interested in you. Discover exactly how a woman’s body language, conversation and behavior will change when she likes you.
  • Making eye contact: Learn the correct way to make eye contact with a woman, so she feels sexual attraction for you. Avoid common eye contact mistakes that make women feel uncomfortable, close up or lose interest.
  • 3 stages of interest: Discover the 3 stages of interest a woman can be in when interacting with you. Use this knowledge to avoid being rejected by making a move at the wrong time, or with a woman who isn’t interested in you in ‘that way.’ This also helps you remain confident and stick with an interaction, rather than giving up too soon, because you know what stage of interest she is in and what you need to do to get her to the next stage.
  • Handling ‘closed’ women: Understand why women will sometimes be ‘closed off’ or behave in difficult and challenging ways around you. Avoid the 7 common mistakes that cause open women to become closed. Learn how to make women feel totally comfortable and open when talking to you.
  • Leaving interactions: How and when to leave an interaction that isn’t going well vs. when to stick in there and keep going until you get the result (e.g. phone number, kiss, sex).
  • Being social: How to make women see you as a cool, social guy, rather than a cheesy pick up artist, or a desperate guy who is talking to lots of girls and hoping to get one of them to like him.
  • Making women chase you: How to get women chasing you and trying to pick you up, instead of the other way around. How to make women so attracted and interested in you that they make it obvious they want to be your girlfriend or lover.
  • Meeting women in different environments: Learn how to adjust your approach and vibe to suit the environment (e.g. bar, house party, etc) that you are meeting the woman in. Failing to adjust your approach and vibe will make women feel uncomfortable and not want to talk to you. Get this right and you will collect phone numbers from women in any environment from now on.
  • Positioning yourself in interactions: Watch Ben & Stu demonstrate the correct way to stand and position yourself when talking to 1 woman, 2 women or to a group of women. Use these techniques to ensure that women feel comfortable in your presence and want to continue talking to you, rather than making the women feel awkward, uncomfortable and as though they want to get out of the interaction.
  • Using attractive tonality: The different types of vocal tonality you should use when talking to women if you want them to feel attracted to you. Avoid common mistakes that other guys make with their vocal tones and expressions, which turn women off.
  • Avoiding unnecessary qualifying: Learn how to speak to women so they are impressed by you, but don’t ever think that you are bragging or trying to look cool.
  • Vibing: How to create a positive, social rhythm when talking to women (i.e. vibe with them). Find out how to get along with all kinds of women, no matter what mood they are in when you first approach.

Conversation Techniques

  • Conversation starters: Dan demonstrates unique conversation starters to use when approaching women. Find out what to avoid when starting a conversation with a woman, to ensure that you don’t create any awkward tension and cause her to close up.
  • The first 10 minutes of conversation: Learn how to keep conversations going and keep them interesting during the first 10 minutes. Eliminate the chances of a woman losing interest in talking to you by following these proven guidelines.
  • Conversation topics: Conversation topics that keep women fascinated and excited to be talking to you. Easily come up with additional conversation topics on the fly. Never experience those ‘awkward silences’ ever again, or run out of things to say when talking to a woman you like.
  • Making statements: What kind of statements to make during a conversation to inspire a woman to want to keep talking to.
  • Deep rapport: How to go into deep rapport with a woman and establish a true connection between you. Set yourself apart from all the other guys that she has met. Make a woman begin to fall in love with you, without ever knowing how you did it.

Escalation Techniques

  • Getting alone with women: The right words to say and the right moves to make, so a woman will gladly get alone with you in a venue. How to use the ‘alone time’ to smoothly progress towards a phone number, kiss or sex that night.
  • Kissing: Learn our best, tested, proven to work ways of moving in for a first kiss. Plus, look out for the 8 signs that tell you when a woman is interested in kissing you.
  • Sex on the first night: How to get to sex on the first night with a woman you’ve just met. The right words to say and moves to make, so she gladly goes home with you for sex.
  • Getting contact details: Use our rejection-proof ways of getting a phone number from a woman. Say the right words, so she gives you her contact details without a fuss. You can also use the same approach to get her to add you to social media, but it’s always recommend to get a phone number so you can call. Calling cuts through all the noise of social media and texting.

Dating Techniques

  • Following up on phone numbers: Find out when to call a woman after getting her phone number. How to get her interested and excited to be talking to you again when you call. How to get her laughing and wanting to chat with you on the phone with you. How to get her to answer the call and call you back, if she doesn’t answer when you first try to call.
  • Setting up a date: Learn the right words to say to guarantee that she’ll attend a date with you and not cancel at the last minute. Set up the date correctly, so both of you feel comfortable and excited to meet up. The best places to go on first dates and common mistakes to avoid to ensure things go smoothly when arranging a date.
  • Being prepared for the date: What to do to be prepared for the date, so it goes smoothly and you get the result you want.
  • Getting to the bedroom on a date: Smoothly move from a date to the bedroom in a way that she wants. Use our tested, proven to work techniques when at your place (or at her place) to make her chase you and want to have sex with you right away.

Audience Question & Answer Session

  • Touching women: How to initiate touch between you and a woman you’ve just met. Plus, mistakes to avoid so you don’t ever come across as creepy, sleazy or awkward.
  • Doing the impossible: Get a woman’s phone number in seemingly ‘impossible’ situations like when she is jogging around a park and listening to music, or eating by herself at a shopping mall.
  • Approaching during the day: Learn secrets for approaching women during the day. Includes what to say, as well as what to avoid to ensure your approach doesn’t make the woman feel awkward.
  • Being the man: How to be the man that women are referring to when they say, “I want a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to get it.”
  • Eliminating awkward tension: Instantly get rid of any awkward tension at the start of conversation, by saying these specific words that put a woman at ease.
  • Get a second chance: Learn what to say if a woman happens to cancel her date with you, which will make her want to have a date with you next time.
  • Highest quality: Find out how to have the highest-quality women wanting to be with you now, rather than later in your life, or never.
  • Get what you want: Discover the fastest way to go from where you are now, to where you want to be with women. Speed up your progress by using this proven approach to success with women & dating.
  • Save money: Learn when it’s okay to split the bill with a woman, or let her pay vs. you paying for the date.
  • Dance floors: Get the insider secrets on picking up women on the dance floor. Understand when women want you to make a move. Learn how to get her off the dance floor to talk to you in a quieter spot.
  • Avoid neediness: Avoid the trap off becoming needy with certain women (i.e. where you need them more than they need you and it then causes you to behave in insecure ways). Use our proven techniques to make women want you more than you want them and feel compelled to impress you.
  • Other guys: Learn how to talk to women when other guys are in the group. Plus, how to make sure other guys don’t ruin your chances with the woman you want.
  • From female friend to girlfriend: How to turn a female friend (or woman you know) into your girlfriend or lover. Learn how to get her alone with you, plus how to get her to make it completely obvious that she wants you to kiss her.
  • Choice: How to enjoy choice in your dating and relationship life from now on. No more accepting ‘whatever you can get’ or putting up with women that you aren’t very attracted to. Learn how to have attractive women flooding into your life and wanting to be with you now.