Denis Kanygin – The Science Of Kettlebell Sport – Full


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Denis KanyginThe Science Of Kettlebell Sport – Full

Kettlebell Systema is here and The Science of Kettlebell Sport is the DVD series that will surely change the way you lift Kettlebells forever! In this new instructional series, Russian Kettlebell coach Denis Kanygin teaches the three main lifts of the original Russian Kettlebell and Girevoy training system, the Jerk, the Snatch and the Long Cycle. These three lifts are without a doubt, the most important and misunderstood techniques in Russian Kettlebell training and are the foundation of all Kettlebell lifts known today. By properly learning these lifts, you will dramatically increase your ability to lift heavier bells with proper form and for much longer periods of time. This is the most technical Kettlebell DVD series ever filmed by Shihan and contains 5 hours of instruction and over 100 individual trainings sessions. These DVDs are not just only for individuals looking to train for Girevoy competition, but for all Kettlebell instructors and students looking to learn the correct mechanical way to lift Kettlebells for fitness, competition and strength and conditioning.