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Derek PierceLow Ticket Leverage

This is a bit controversial and bound to get me canceled but it’s time you learn to be 100%…


Finally Revealed: The Big Damn Secret To Building Consistency and Reliable 5 Figure Campaigns, Winning Affiliate Competitions, And Create Best Selling Programs… 

All in Just An Hour a Day… 

Dear Friend,
DP here and I’m not gonna bore you with a long sales letter beggin’ and pleadin’ with you to pick this up.
Instead, I’m going to simply lay out what I got and by now after reading all of the emails leading up to this, you know if it’s a fit for you or not.
When I began this digital marketing gig, I had no desire to sell my own products until I was slapped into the oblivion from a Google update in 2012.
That lead to one of my biggest discoveries…

Having the Ability to Push SEND And See Immediate Money

We’re talking anywhere from a few hundred dollars per day to thousands of dollars per day for simple promotions.
But it wasn’t from having leads.
It was from the fact that I had built a list of highly responsive buyers.
This one tactic alone sent my affiliate promotions through the roof, allowed me to sell more of my own stuff – coaching and software products.
And now I want to give you the framework for putting it all together in what I call Low Ticket Leverage.
Before we dive into “what this is” I want to give you fair warning.
There’s a cap on 50 sales and once we reach that number, we’ll shut it down immediately and in the event we don’t sell all the spots, I’ll be shutting it down soon anyway in order to get ready for the class, so in other words – it ain’t gonna be around long either way.
Secondly, there’s no refunds under any circumstances as I have no interest in coddling and begging with some ridiculous money back guarantee. If you’re here, you know I deliver already and this will be no different.

Here’s what you’re getting once you join…

Access to My 2 Day Low ticket Leverage Bootcamp and lifetime access to all the recordings from the class to watch at your own convenience. At the end of the 2 days, you’ll have in your hands the very framework we use to build a buyer’s list using Low ticket offers so we can create consistency and reliability inside you business using email marketing.
The class will take place on Friday – Saturday March 19th and 20th starting at 1pm EST. Don’t worry if you’re unable to attend, we’ll have it all dolled up nice and neat inside a members area to consume at your convenience.
Because you’re taking action right away, the investment is a measly $200. Considering that just one low ticket offer could make earn you thousands of dollars per month building while building you a real, bonafide buyers list for years to come, it’s a pittance of the real value once you get my framework to building your own low ticket offer.
You know what to do from here. Click the Order button below and you’ll be taken to the secure server and once your order is complete, you’ll get access to register for the training class.

Sale Page: https://derekpiercetraining.com/ltl/

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