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Our Ultra Mizong Taoist Yoga course is a unique energy cultivation practice for accumulating, refining and circulating bio-energy for the purpose of health, inner peace and enlightenment. This course is easy to practice and can be completed in 4-months. We use 3 special binaural audio files to help you meditate as deeply as a high level monk while providing you very specific internal exercises to perform during the meditation. This course combines a short daily physical practice as well to prevent and/or remove any energetic imbalances or blockages that may impede your spiritual ascension. It is also highly recommended that you take advantage of our Free Reiki attunements, especially Kundalini Reiki as it will speed up the process and provide additional safe guards as well.

You could Unlock the Mother Load of Internal Energy in just 4-months

Do not order this course if you cannot dedicate at least 15-minutes/ day for physical exercise and the daily meditation requirements would be as follows:

Level 1: 20-minute meditation performed twice daily for 35-days

Level 2: 30-minute meditation performed up to 3 times/daily for 35-days

Level 3: 30-minute meditation performed twice daily for 30-days

Level 4: 45-minute meditation performed once daily until self-realization occurs.

Level 1 Builds Chi pressure and heat in the lower dan tien or 2nd Chakra.

Level 2 Transfers this energy to the root chakra and begins to move it up the spine and 3rd eye (Anja) in a continuous exercise.

Level 3 Circulates the Taoist microcosmic orbit while simultaneously activating positive emotional states to enliven and energize the 7 chakras or dan tiens.

Level 4 Focuses on self-realization through the inner light and seeking your true self within. This is accomplished via the psychic vision or 3rd eye development from level 2.

This course provides a step-by-step process that anyone can follow from beginning to end. Nothing is held back! As long as you are past the age of puberty, you can excel with this system even if others have not worked for you in the past. That’s it plain and simple, no flashy sales pitch, and no hype or lengthy word seduction intended to cause an impulse buying decision on your part. The amount of work involved has been provided above so there will not be any surprises when you receive your materials. If you cannot commit to this kind of schedule, then simply don’t order this product or at the very least realize that it will take you a bit longer to complete each stage.

What You Get:

  1. Daily Physical Exercises- These exercises will help to increase your bodies chi power in way your wouldn’t imagine
  2. Free Reiki attunements- Reiki attunements gently open the energy channels in your body in order for you to witness and benefit from the amazing energy you will be building and using towards your goal of spiritual awakening & enlightenment.
  3. Detailed mediation instructions for levels 1 through 4- This process dose take about 4-months time and dedication but with the right amount of practice and instruction you will experience the amazing power the this system offers.
  4. Three custom designed binaural audio files- This brain wave technology helps you to go deeper into meditative states in a shorter period of time. As a result you will be able to meditate on a level of a master that has practiced for decades.
  5. Immediate Download so you can begin immediately.

From Master Zhang

Tibetan Mì Zõng practice originated from Tibet. It offers the most powerful Qi powers. At the Guru level, one can ultimately achieve the 6 super-natural powers. Each represents the 6 stages of achievements of Dhyana, Chan or Zen Buddhists. These stages also represent the ultimate in Qi Gong experiences. The following are the 6 stages of achievement (in ascending order):

  1. Deva-Vision: Instantaneous viewing of anything, anywhere in the realm of form.
  2. Deva-Hearing: Ability to hear any sound anywhere at will
  3. Other’s-Heart: Ability to know the thoughts of all other minds
  4. Tell-Life: Knowledge of all former existence of both self and others
  5. Travel-Beyond: Power to be anywhere or do anything at will. Similar to Astro Travel and Remote Viewing.
  6. Nothing-and-All: All of above and in the league of beings above and beyond common. Here all realms and phenomenon bend to your will.

As you can see this course is the way to higher levels of consciousness and awareness. You may experience a full kundalini awakening through the use of several methods used in this power guide, one being the Kundalini Reiki Attunements that we will offer for free. With this course you may potentially awaken the kundalini serpent power that lies dormant in the base of the spine. These practices help to raise that energy through the chakra system which can cause a full spiritual awakening.

This course has been designed to stimulate the latent spiritual potential that is found within the chakra system of the human body. The flow of energy through the central channel from the base or root chakra to the crown chakra located at the top of the head is called kundalini energy. The full power of kundalini energy has been described as mind blowing. Many past Kundalini masters have been reported to be able to levitate, walk on water, walk through walls, spontaneously heal others and fully unlock their spiritual abilities. It is the author’s personal belief that these phenomenons occur in the astral/energy body and not the physical body.

This course comes with exercises that you will have to work at. Remember that there is nothing in life that is worth having that comes without sacrifice. If you are willing to put in the flight time you will begin to see the benefits. But before you purchase this course or any course that we offer ask yourself, if this something that you are truly serious about.

Suggested reading-lifestyle practice and mindset for this course and enlightenment:


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