“Done-For-You” Find Your True Self Course By Berkeley Well-Being Institute
  • “Done-For-You” Find Your True Self Course By Berkeley Well-Being Institute

“Done-For-You” Find Your True Self Course By Berkeley Well-Being Institute

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“Done-For-You” Find Your True Self Course By Berkeley Well-Being Institute – Instant download!

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If you’re building a coaching business, website, or any other type of wellness business, then you know how hard it is to grow.You put in a ton of time but your business only grows incrementally.What you want is to grow exponentially!You want to reach more people (and make more money) in the same amount of time. 

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But making courses is hard and time-consuming. It takes research, writing, planning, and… well, more time than you really have right now.

That’s why we made this science-based Done-For-You course called, Find Your True Self.

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"Done-For-You" Find Your True Self Course By Berkeley Well-Being Institute
"Done-For-You" Find Your True Self Course By Berkeley Well-Being Institute About the Done-For-You “Find Your True Self” Course
What is it: This course is based on hundreds of hours of research and includes 41 scientific references. Yup, this course is super credible and impactful.What you get: Get private label rights (PLR) to course content & bonuses. That means you can sell it as is, edit it, or repurpose it to suit your business needs.What to do: Use this course content to create your own workshop, training, webinar, online course, membership-only program, or something else.Suggested Retail Price: You can easily sell an online course for around $50 USD. Or, charge significantly more if you add a live workshop, videos, webinars, or include other high-value services like coaching. It’s up to you!
This Done-for-You Course Will: 

  • Boost your income
  • Help you start earning $ faster
  • Save you hundreds of hours of work
  • Save money on hiring experts or content writers
  • Boost your credibility due to the scientific underpinnings and references
  • Put you on track to grow your business exponentially

​This is some of the best well-being-boosting content available anywhere online. Now you can use it in your business.

"Done-For-You" Find Your True Self Course By Berkeley Well-Being Institute
Here’s What You’ll Get
5 Easy-To-Use Modules
These 49 pages of content can be easily turned into an online course or easy-to-download course package.
28 Exercises
Exercises make this course engaging and interactive, helping your audience build skills faster and more easily.
41 References
Use this reference sheet with 41 scientific references to prove to your community that this course is high-impact and very credible.
It’s a pre-made course, freeing you up to focus on growing your business.
What Does The “Find Your True Self” Course Include?
Module 1: Look Inward 

  • How to Prepare to Look Inward
  • Exercise: Put your internal states into words
  • Engaging in Introspection
  • Exercise: Making sense of your internal states
  • Exercise: Digging deeper
  • Journaling: A Tool for Introspection
  • Exercise: Self-reflective journaling
  • Exercise: Introspective journaling
  • Exercise: Exploring emotions through journaling
  • Exercise: Self-discovery through journaling
Module 4: Get To Know Your Social Self 

  • Social Connection
  • Exercise: How connected are you?
  • Communication Style
  • Exercise: What is your communication style?
  • Self-Disclosure
  • Exercise: What is your self-disclosure style?
  • Rejection
  • Rejection Sensitivity
  • Exercise: Are you rejection sensitive?
  • Kindness
  • Exercise: What is your kindness profile?
Module 2: Discover Your Identity 

  • Uncover the Self
  • Exercise: Who are you?
  • Self-Judgments
  • Exercise: How do you value yourself?
  • Values
  • Types of values
  • Exercise: What are your values?
  • Needs
  • Exercise: What are your needs?
  • Personality
  • Exercise: What is your personality?
  • Mapping Your Identity
  • Exercise: Defining your identity
Module 5: Figure Out What You Really Want 

  • Happiness
  • Exercise: What makes you happy?
  • Purpose
  • Exercise: What is your purpose?
  • Goals
  • Goal Setting
  • Exercise: What are your goals?
  • Strengths
  • Exercise: What are your strengths?
  • Exercise: What would you do if there were no limits?
Module 3: Explore Your Emotions 

  • Emotion versus moods
  • Emotion versus thoughts
  • Emotion versus feelings
  • Getting in Touch With Emotions
  • Negative Emotions
  • Exercise: Identifying negative emotions
  • Exercise: Release Negative Emotions
  • Positive Emotions
  • Where do positive emotions come from?
  • Exercise: Identifying positive emotions
  • Mastering Your Emotions
  • Use emotions to be your true self
  • Modify your emotions to align with your true self
  • Exercise: Using emotions for authenticity
  • Emotion Contagion
  • Exercise: Identifying emotion contagion
That’s 5 Science-Based Modules That Help People Find Their True Selves

Use as one large course or mix and match to create several smaller webinars or videos.
Get The ​Course Today and Get These Bonuses

Bonus #1
73-Page Slide Deck
Use this pre-made slide deck to easily make this course into videos, webinars, or a workshop.

Bonus #2
7 Audio-Recorded Exercises
Use these MP3 audio recordings to add variety and interactivity to your course while providing more guidance for your participants.
"Done-For-You" Find Your True Self Course By Berkeley Well-Being Institute How Do I Make This Course “My Own”?
Modify the course in any way you want. For example, you could: 

  • Change the headlines or sub-headlines.
  • Add your personal branding.
  • Add in other exercises or activities.
  • Repurpose the content into a webinar, workshop, or masterclass.
  • Give the course “your voice” by adding personal stories and experiences.
  • Use the course as the base for your own coaching group or membership site.
When You Grab Your “Find Your True Self” Course Package…
You’ll get immediate access to: 

  • 53-page course
  • 73-page slide deck
  • 28 exercises
  • 7 audio-recorded exercises
  • Reference list with 41 references

You just can’t get course content like this anywhere else!​

This program is quick, easy, and 100% online.
All of the training is available immediately online inside the private Berkeley Well-Being Institute members-only site.

You Can Deliver High-Impact, High-Profit Courses
In addition to founding the Berkeley Well-Being Institute, I have written science-based wellness content for more than a dozen other wellness businesses.I’ve written content for Facebook, LinkedIn, UC Berkeley, and many other lesser-known organizations.I charge these clients $1 per word—and that’s a steal because I know wellness content, inside and out. 

So if I made a course like this for a client, it would cost them over $10,000!

But I knew I could have a bigger impact by helping entrepreneurs grow their wellness businesses.

And that’s why I created this super affordable, super impactful course for you.

Together, we can boost well-being on a grand scale.