Dr. Joel Seedman – Advanced Human Performance – Foot and Ankle Manual


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Dr. Joel Seedman - Advanced Human Performance - Foot and Ankle Manual

Dr. Joel Seedman - Advanced Human Performance - Foot & Ankle Manual

Dr. Joel Seedman Advanced Human Performance – Foot & Ankle Manual

Eliminating muscular dysfunction, structural imbalances, and faulty mechanics have become a key concept in the field of performance training.  Whether it’s weakness in the core, lack of mobility in the hips, over-dominant anterior muscle groups, or simply a lack of size in specific body parts, the idea of eliminating such weaknesses has become common points of discussion amongst top strength and conditioning professionals.

Thousands of articles have been written about this key topic; however, few have examined the importance of other less glamorous topics, specifically foot and ankle training. Indeed, this is a topic that is relatively neglected and overlooked in the field of kinesiology. However, proper activation and function of the foot and ankle complex is vital for maximizing performance and strength and critical for ensuring tissue health and injury prevention. Other than proper posture and spinal alignment, foot and ankle function may be the single most important factor when it comes to optimizing movement quality, biomechanics, and muscle function. This book is meant to address head-on this vital yet often overlooked aspect of the human body in an effort to significantly increase one’s performance, overall health, stabilization, and neuromuscular activation.

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With this program you have Dr. Seedman’s personal blueprint for addressing all aspects of foot & ankle performance, including:

  1. MANUAL: Full manual on foot & ankle performance, issues, and training protocols

  2. ~50 VIDEO TUTORIALS: Complete video gallery (~50 videos) and written tutorials addressing almost 50 exercises for addressing foot & ankle performance.

  3. 14 EXERCISE PROGRAMS: Holistic exercise prescription and 14 workout programs with accompanying videos, instructions, and protocols for all foot & ankle functions.

Because most trainees neglect their feet, ankles and toes they exhibit significant weaknesses and imbalances which contribute to a host of issues throughout their body including: (1) pain to the hips, knees, and back, (2) lack of mobility, (3) chronic and acute injuries throughout the entire body, and (4) poor balance, proprioception, and instability. Activation starts in the feet and ankles. If the muscles in the feet are not firing properly this spells disaster not only from a performance standpoint but also froma health and wellness perspective.  Whatever foot, ankle, and toe issues you have this manual and accompanying exercise program is sure to alleviate the root cause. I’ve personally invested years into examining, researching, and developing the most effective treatments, exercises, and training modalities that correct and restore foot mechanics to their proper level of function.

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This program includes the same high-end techniques and training protocols Dr. Seedman uses with his professional athletes and clients. If leveraged properly, this manual, video tutorials, and accompanying workouts will transform your entire performance, overall health, stabilization, hypertrophy, speed, and power. In 15-20 minutes daily, you can now drastically improve your balance, stability, loading, gait, mechanics, and movement quality thereby (1) eliminating faulty foot, ankle, and toe mechanics, (2) reducing pain, inflammation, and injury to the feet, knees, hips, low back, shoulders, and spine, (3) improving athletic performance, fitness, muscle function, and the ability to produce force, power, speed, and agility and finally, (4) restoring function to your entire body.

  • Created protocols are based on extensive research and practical application that Dr. Seedman has successfully implemented with his own athletes and clients in maximizing their foot & ankle performance.

  • Designed to last for years, ensuring unparalleled access to maximal foot & ankle benefits.

  • Progression plans that help you advance in a systematic way with supination and pronation specific training protocols.

  • Perform highly focused and quality foot & ankle workouts by knowing exactly which exercises to perform, on whatdays (including the appropriate technique and body mechanics as illustrated by video tutorials).

  • Designed for beginner to advanced trainees; individual customization allows for personal challenges.

  • Repetition and set guidelines for various phases and personal goals, including limitless split options

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