DTC Day Live Conference 2021
  • DTC Day Live Conference 2021

DTC Day Live Conference 2021


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DTC Day Live Conference 2021 – Instant Download!

The largest conference for all things direct-to-consumer

You said virtual events have been hard for you.

Replicating in-person events
Event hosts are trying to replicate in-person events virtually and it’s not working out too well.

Complicated setups
Attendees don’t know what’s going on during virtual events that are using complicated setups.

Hopeful networking
Networking is almost non-existent because there’s no incentive for anyone except for salespeople of course.

Not events, just webinars
Events feel more like webinars because there’s no sense of community, networking, and fun engagement.

No sponsorship ROI
Sponsors are frustrated with virtual events and are not getting much value from their marketing spends

Too big to care
Event hosts make their money and say “see you at the next one”. And because these event companies are big, you just have to put up with it.

We listened. And we’re doing something different.

Replicating in-person events
Introducing Direct-to-Consumer Day Live: built to maximize virtual. Not trying to replicate in-person events virtually like everyone else.

Presented on one platform
Access the entire event from one single dashboard. Direct-to-Consumer Day Live presented on an all-in-one platform. No need to jump through hoops.

Get rewarded for networking
Network to win free services from our sponsors, and free products daily. Take it to the next level to be entered to win a Tesla Model 3.

One connection can change everything
Direct-to-Consumer Day Live is limited to only brands making $1million+ per year. Attend to network with folks who are out there doing it day in and day out.

Sponsor with confidence
Our sponsorship packages are built with your ROI in mind. We are banking on community engagement so rest assure you will generate the leads you need.

Your money matters
Unlike these large event hosting companies, we work hard to ensure every dollar you’ve spent is well worth it. You are an executive, ROI is important to you and we know it.


DTC Day Live Conference 2021

DTC DAY is the largest Direct-To-Consumer conference in North America featuring an all-star lineup of brands, retailers and e-commerce enthusiasts. From Founders, CEOs, to Managers, we all get out of our busy lives to meet and discuss ways to improve our businesses, our lives, our environment, and our communities.

Our main session will feature 50+ CEOs of leading direct-to-consumer brands sharing exclusive insights on what’s working for them now and what their plans are for the future.

Our break out sessions will feature a line up of directors, managers, and VPs that will dive into specific growth strategies and channels you can leverage today.

We’re also featuring a line up of brands that are ethically creating their products. As well as brands that are investing in underprivileged communities around the world.

Retail still stands as an important channel for DTC brands that want to scale. This track will feature a lineup of DTC brands that have successfully launched their retail channel.

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