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What is TSL Online?

TSL Online is a Course and a Community.

For the past 5 years TSL Online has taken men from all walks of life and all different skill sets into an Abundant Social & Sexual Life.  This is achieved with an un-compromised demand for Authenticity, Connection and Expression of Oneself.  The result is a Transformation that leads to total Male Improvement.   This is what Makes TSL ‘The Social Dynamic to be the Better Man.   After completion of this program and interacting with the community, you will not only live a great Social and Sexual Life, but you will be a man of confidence, pride and ambition.  You will be the man you were Born to Be.

Course Outline

TSL Online  is a Community of Men that come together on a daily basis to achieve one common goal – ‘To live a healthy Social and Sexual Life while being 100% Authentic to ourselves.

Here is how we unify as a community –

  • 4 Calls a Week: TSL Online has 4 coaching calls a week ranging from 90 – 120 minutes.  They are 100% interactive.  In the 5 years of running this course, it is undeniable.  The guys that show up on at least 1 call a week get the best results.  Steve and alumni are on every call to work directly with you.  If you’re a part of the course, we recommend at least a minimum of 1 hour a week to dedicate to the 6-10 hours of calls we host.  No matter where you are at in the world, we make it easy to for you to make it work for your schedule.
  • Private Facebook Group: Everyday, TSL Online Members are heavily interactive on the secret Facebook Group.  There are no guests, totally private where we connect on a daily basis.
  • Upgraded Coaching Discounts: With your TSL Online membership you are given special coaching rates for any personal 1-on-1 coaching you might desire.  Whether this is over the phone, a specific coaching design, or live infield you automatically get 25% off.

How we teach it, is even more impressive, because it works. If clients can’t work the material you give them, it doesn’t matter how good it is, it’s worthless.

TSL Online is structured to deliver you the best content in the following ways:

  • Optimized Delivery System: Material and content is automatically delivered to you week by week as soon as you sign up.  You’ll first see a weekly page giving you an instructional video specifically taking you through that week.  The PDF Workbook for that week,  the Assignments for that week, and finally a video breaking down of the entire lesson for that week.
  • Quick Audios: Just about every other day you will receive one of our quick audios. This is a quick 10-15 min about where we cover a concept, exercise or direct action for you to grow on your path of mastery.  People who have done TSL Online in the past 5 years all say this is one of their favorite parts of the course.
  • Daily Action: We know that what makes change an absolute is a support system and daily action.  This is why we have so many calls, the Facebook group and almost constant contact with you during the course.  If you’re active daily, rather than once or twice a week, you’re almost guaranteed results.

You will get 12 weeks of full immersion which include:

  • Nearly 400 pages of material found in our TSL workbooks
  • 25 Assignments & Exercises to Guarantee Success
  • 40 Hours of Video Tutorials Breaking Every Detail Down
  • 38 Quick Audios Keeping you in almost Daily Contact
  • Access to TSL Online’s Private Facebook Group where you can interact with Alumni
  • 10+ Hours of Weekly Calls – Hosted by Steve Mayeda

Long Term Immersion = Success

While a full 12 week immersion in TSL has transformed the beliefs, habits, and lifestyle of countless clients, it doesn’t stop there.  The #1 mistake people make on their journey to improvement is not allowing time for necessary change to take place.  This sets you up for failure.  At TSL we make this easy.  When we interact and connect on a daily basis with men focused in the same direction , this making failure nearly impossible, making it easier for long term sustainable change.

Here’s what is covered over your 12 week journey:

Course Curriculum

Week 1 – Identity & Be Social Assignments Begin: We first explore ourselves, so that we can communicate ourselves.  In TSL we believe Connection is the highest value.   It gives fulfillment to our Social and Sexual life.   We look at ourselves deeply.  In addition to this we also look at our Be Social Assignments.  These are weekly assignments that are designed to get us active (at any level of social anxiety, or even advanced skill) and teach us a communication of Social & Sexual Health.

Week 2 – Anatomy of Attraction Part 1 – Theory and Sparks: In Week 2 we begin to learn the theory, map and apply our Identity and connect it to the world.  We work in tandem with our Be Social Assignments to hone our Social Intelligence that allows us to meet and connect with anyone in any situation.  You’re going to have to work at it, but you’re going to be learning tremendous tools of ‘How to Connect’ while just being you.

Week 3 – Anatomy of Attraction Part 2 – Aligning your Nature of Attraction: Every human being was made to be social and connect.  Every human being was made to make friends, attract lovers and find fulfilling and enriching relationships.  It is what we were born to do.  You will not only learn to do this through the Anatomy of Attraction Workbook’s Exercises, but also in tandem with the Be Social Assignments.  Better yet, you will learn the theory behind it that puts you on the path of complete success.

Week 4 – The Mechanics of Attraction – Applying the Social Dynamics to Be the Better Man: Here we go…it doesn’t get any better than this.  Week 4 is a true progression of Identity, Theory and Application.  Learn how to Meet, Engage and Build a Connection with anyone, in any situation using TSL’s unique method of customization and attraction.  In this lesson you will learn the early footsteps which will take you in the direction of total improvement.

Week 5 – The TSL Daily Maintenance: TSL is the Social Dynamic to be the better man.  Here is where we are going to cultivate that man, and drive towards a fluid expression of urge, masculinity, ambition and focus.  We live in pride of who we are, Socially, Sexually and with our Entire Lifestyle.  In Week 5 we learn to take our Social Dynamic and find the mental clarity, inner peace and explore humanity to how we connect with the people in our lives.   This is one of the most intense experiences of Inner Game, you will enter.

Week 6 – Connection: TSL has 2 main Claims to Fame – Rapport & Seduction.  For nearly a decade TSL has been a philosophy of teaching that has been based on Authenticity and Emotional Connection which ultimately moves us to Seduction.  In Week 6 we will be beginning a series of where we learn to make and cultivate conversations that connect to the deepest part of a person.  In 2-5 minutes you will be able to speak, engage and interact with the part of someone that governs the ability to make the deepest life decisions.

Week 7 – Connection Continued – Rapport Cycling: Week 7 will prove to be one of the most powerful tools of communication that you will ever learn.  Rapport Cycling is a structured conversation and skill set, that allows you to hook  anyone immediately in any situation.  Connect with woman’s sexuality, passions, and deepest desires or connect with a friend’s truest ambitions.  This is the simple form of communication will take you to interactions you thought were impossible.

Week 8 – Rapport Cycling Templates: TSL has a unique ability to create structure and templates so that your ability to customize and connect become second to none.  In this week we cover 5 different Rapport Cycling Templates to build connection through conversation.   Perhaps the best part about this lesson is the delivery examples covered in the training videos.

Week 9 – Storytelling: Every person on this planet has a story.  They have within them the greatest story never told.  In fact they have a few of them.  This week is jam packed full of video tutorials taking you through Storytelling’s structure that will make the art of Storytelling simple and easy.  In addition, Advanced Delivery is covered in-depth, showing you a plethora of techniques and examples on how to make some of the deepest connections with people in everyday situations.

Week 10 – The Nature of Seduction: No matter what your experience is TSL will teach you the Nature of Seduction.  It is what we do best.  We allow men with no experience to get in touch with their masculine urge, and men at the most advanced levels become true masters of sexuality.  Seduction is the root of TSL.  Everything we teach steams from it.  In this week, the course takes on a new flavor of teaching.  Not only do we get more direct and personal, we start to bring everything together into one massive orchestration.  Identity to Attraction to Conversation fit under this fluid umbrella of Sexuality.

Week 11 – The Nature of Escalation Part 1: Seduction is only a theory without the process of Escalation.  For the next 2 weeks we will be covering some of the most intense, effective and down right effective sexual escalation technique unique only to TSL.  We will learn to not only be effective but be Sexually Healthy.  We will be proud of our sex, whether that is aggressive, passive or somewhere in between we will be true expressions of our sexual urge, emotion and self.

Week 12 – The Nature of Escalation Part 2: Hands down the most powerful lesson on sexual escalation ever delivered.  This week has one of the most intense documents, video series and presentation as well as assignments and exercises.   The end result is an empowered man ready to deliver the best sexual experience to the women in your life.

Bonus Week – Living the Sexual Life: We have learned how to be social, we have learned how to emote, we have learned how to seduce.  We are an expression of our selves.  Living the Sexual Life is about taking your experience in what you have learned and putting it into application.   Taking TSL’s Philosophy and expressing it through you to the world.   It is the total Empowerment of the Evolved Man!

How Does TSL Online Compare?

TSL Online will out perform any infield workshop that is 1-14 days that any other social dynamics company offers.  It will out perform in terms of skill set in being social, sexual and overall lifestyle and fulfillment.  This has been proven over and over again, internally through TSL and when compared to other companies crossing over to become TSL Members.

The simple fact is working with us for 3 months we can cover more ground, work on the mindsets, beliefs and although we cannot give live infield feedback, if you’re going out infield on a weekly to daily basis you will get immediate feedback from the group on what needs to be fixed 1 sticking point at a time.

In the past 5 years we have split test the course 8 times.  4 groups of 10 men learning online against 4 groups of 10 men getting weekly infield training for 12 weeks.  The online groups always did better.


This doesn’t make sense? 

That is what we thought.  However after doing this over and over again it became apparent and exposed a major problem in the dating industry’s ‘bootcamp’ model.  The guys who were learning infield satisfied themselves with an action of getting a number, or getting a sexual experience and even getting a girlfriend.  This might sound great, but once they hit these goals they felt like they were done.  They neglected to focus throughout the rest of the week and course on their beliefs, their habits and who they were.

One thing we noticed from other companies that offered a workshop or bootcamp, even with ‘follow up’ (usually was a mildly interactive Facebook group or forum), their clients were happy immediately after the workshop.  They felt like it changed their life.  However within a few weeks or months they were looking for more help, thinking the problem was them and not the entire system of how they were learning.

This does not happen with TSL Online and we can prove it.  From the first course over 5 years ago there are still alumni who come on the calls, interact on our message boards and interact on a daily basis to help you live a better life.  Not because they’re paid, but because TSL is a different structure.  It works.  It is a true community and to put it plainly it works…better than anything else out there.

That all being said, TSL offers a multitude of Live Workshops, however, it is heavily encouraged to at least get started with TSL Online first.   Those workshops are also clearly advertised to teach you specific turning points or workshop through a set of specific actions.  Total Men’s Development happens with TSL Online.

The Guarantee

“Anyone Can Live The Sexual Life”

This is a practical and realistic expectation of what you will get out of TSL Online.  Although TSL Online is a 3 month course our graduates often continue with our Alumni Program (Currently $79/month).  This allows you to grow with your social and sexual life with a constant support system as well as a never ending funnel of techniques, methods and encouragement to ensure your progress.

Take a look at where you might fit in to the descriptions below.  However if you’re a beginner don’t be discouraged.  All you need to do is work up to the intermediate level.  If you’re intermediate you can work up to the advanced.  If you’re a ‘Recovering PUA’ as so many of our members are, you can see what TSL can offer you.

Our average client over the past 5 years stays with TSL for 9 months.  If you ever attend one of our calls you’ll see there are guys from the original course that was launched in later 2009, still active on the calls.


TSL Online is perfect for the man with the clean slate.    A ‘Beginner’ has zero to little dating experience, or has felt with a traumatic blow to your social and sexual life, like a divorce.  You could have social anxiety, you may feel awkward in social situations or you just don’t feel confident in your social and sexual life.  In the 3 months you’re involved with TSL you can expect to start a fluid social life, start dating and put you in the perfect place to begin your sexual life.  Our alumni have proven that through our social dynamics, our constant interaction getting social with little to no experience is a simple solution for our clients.  By the end of 3 months you will be building social circles, begin a dating life and learning what it means to get sexual.  To really work on the beliefs and mindsets that are behind this takes time and effort.  We need to build habits and a strong foundation with the TSL community.  When starting at this skill set it will usually take 3-6 months to move to the ‘intermediate’ level of skill set.   The goal of TSL Online is not to simply get a result of a singular skill, but it is to give you the Sexual Life of total fulfillment we know as a community.  This takes time, but it an absolute reality for you.


Someone at the ‘Intermediate’ level is usually someone who is dating, interactive with some social groups, but does not feel like their life is moving as fast and forward as it should be.  In 3 months this person can expect to have a better dating life, start having more sex, whether that is with many people or 1 partner, and carve out a solid lifestyle in front of them.   This person really gets the most out of TSL Online.  There will start to be a reality of your skill set of being social and sexual transferring over to your entire lifestyle and transformation.  You will immediately be able to apply a wide range of its techniques, concepts and topics into everything you do.  Authenticity and confidence will carry over into who you are in every way.  The natural progression for the intermediate level is the ‘Advanced’, this usually takes 3-6 months depending on the individuals learning curve and experiences that come their way.   The intermediate guys, tend to get the most out of the Alumni groups when it comes to relationships and lifestyle.


When we say ‘Advanced’ this is someone who is has a fluid dating & sex life but wants more.  This could mean a better relationships with someone they’re involved with, a life of voracious promiscuity or simply experience a new level of sex and life.  This is the guy that TSL Serves best.  Not only will they be ensured a superlative sexual life, they will progress into a new realm of excellence in all of their life.  If you’re a beginner or intermediate, you will need to master where you’re at now to get here.  In 3 months, this person explodes with their progression.  Their life socially and sexually becomes the ideal of every man.  Their drive, ambition and sense of purpose moves to a whole new level.  If guys stick with the TSL Online course for 6 months to a year, they ultimately get to this level.   Of course you need to put in the work, but it is a fluid progression that never fails.  If you’re already ‘advanced’, you will see a completely new level and perspective of life within the 3 months of the course.


TSL Online has always had a history of guys that have been heavily involved in the PUA industry who have found their home with TSL.  To be frank the industry has helped a lot of men, but it has also frustrated many more.  TSL in our social dynamic and philosophy works in a way that is very different than all other PUA and Dating Industry concepts.  There is no ‘Social Value System’, there is no need for ‘Being Better Than’, ‘Alpha’ or a view point on women that is ‘Controlling’.  There is no ‘Being someone of something else to get results’.  We believe you were Born to Be Sexual and Born to Be Social, You were Born to Be You.  If you’r not being yourself you are not using a TSL Social Dynamic.  If you are forcing or controlling yourself, or anyone in your life you’re not using TSL principles.  With men who have invested lightly or heavily in the PUA Industry we have tremendous results.  It may take a few months to break the mindset of pickup, but once that is broken it is an easy transition. TSL  consistently gets the result of men who have been involved in pick up living a happy and healthy social and sexual life.

Whether you’re monogamous, a swinger or just wan that time in your life where you gain the focus, purpose and sexual confidence you were born to have, TSL will prove to be the course that gets you there.  In 3 months you will have faith in a system and community that gives the sexual life you deserve.