Elise Kindya – Slow Down To Speed Up: Visualization Masterclass


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 Elise Kindya - Slow Down To Speed Up: Visualization Masterclass

Elise Kindya Slow Down To Speed Up: Visualization Masterclass

Sale page: Elise Kindya – Slow Down To Speed Up: Visualization Masterclass

This course is for you if:

  • You have a goal in mind that feels so exciting, but HUGE and you’re not sure where to start.
  • You are overwhelmed by the power of your goals and dreams.
  • You want to learn strategies that will help you get started on achieving your life’s true purpose.
  • You have trouble trusting your “gut” or your intuition.
  • You know there is a goal you want to achieve but you don’t know the best place to start.
  • You know you’re on the verge of a breakthrough but you don’t know the next steps.
  • You have a vivid imagination, and want to use it for achieving your potential.
  • You know that you already have all you need within and you want to bring it out into the world.

In this 6 week course, use mindfulness and your imagination to create the life of your dreams.

Use your innate abilities to get clear on who you are, what you want, and how to visualize your way to live your dream life.

It’s a little woo woo, but it’s a LOT results and outcome oriented. This is brain science. And energetic law.

I have developed meditations, visualizations and journaling prompts for you to have a safe place to dive into exploring your deepest desires.

Use this course to formulate a plan for how to turn your visions into reality. In this course, you can break down your limiting beliefs, have faith in your vision and amplify your inner power.

Included in course:

  • 6 modules that take you from aspirational to inspired
  • printable workbooks in every module
  • downloadable guided meditations that you can use again and again!
  • Extra add on: 2 one on one sessions with me for more guidance and accountability toward achieving your goals! Choose the “2 payments of $199/month” option at checkout.


When you sign up: You have access to all content! Dive in!

  • Go within for direction
  • Ask yourself what matters most
  • Allow yourself to make mistakes and relearn this process
    • Quiet all the outside noise
    • Picture your ideal life and the results you want
    • Formulate a plan that will help you get there
      • Guidance from a licensed professional when you need it (add this on at checkout)
      • Workbooks with journaling prompts that will help you get deep into your vision for your life
      • Research and evidence based techniques for REAL transformation and results