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Elise McDowell – Ebook Empire | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Elise McDowell – Ebook Empire | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


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Whether you’re at the very beginner stage of creating an ebook, or you’ve already got one in the works, this is the course for you.

I’ve written over 8 ebooks since I started my company, House of Brazen.

The first ebook I created was called How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours (it’s now called Paid by Pinterest and been turned into a course).

I made it in Apple Pages, it was 25 pages long and 90% screenshots. 😂

I sold it for $7, then $9, then $19 and then $25.

And in it’s first year it made $30,000 dollars.

Since then I’ve made over 6-figures in selling ebooks in my business.

I absolutely LOVE creating ebooks. They’re my favourite digital product to make because they require nothing more than a word document – and a few free graphics if you want to be fancy – to create.

A few other reasons I love them are..

Because they’re perceived as a low-cost and more affordable product, you will naturally have a bigger chunk of your audience purchasing it as opposed to a $497 dollar course or premium one-on-one services.

They also teach you A LOT about sales, marketing, customer service and customer experience that makes you a better business owner solely because you have such a higher intake of customers.

And they can help you create a large customer base. And if someone buys from you once, they’re far more likely to buy from you again. I’ve had over 13000 people buy my first ebook and a huge percentage of those customers have gone on to be repeat customers over and over again.

But you wanna know the main reason I love ebooks so much? It’s that they’re 100% my style. Simple, easy and straight forward.

If you’re a blogger, entrepreneur or online business owner and you’ve had your mind set on creating an ebook, my course Ebook Empire is for you.

Here’s what Ebook Empire will help you with:

  • Earn money while blogging and running a business at home
  • Offer value to others through your ebooks
  • Create a new, consistent revenue stream for your business
  • Give you the confidence to teach your knowledge

A few things you’ll learn:

  • How to find your awesome ebook idea using Pinterest, Amazon, Facebook and more
  • How to make sure that ebook idea will be profitable through my fave form of testing
  • How to easily outline your whole ebook in less than an hour (my personal process)
  • How to design your format for free in Canva, Apple Pages and Google Docs
  • How to design your ebook cover for free in Canva (it’s seriously the best tool ever!)
  • The must-have elements you need in your ebook
  • How to market your ebook when it’s ready to be put out into the world
  • How to create a high converting sales page
  • How to make sales from your ebook when you don’t have an email list
  • How to set up an evergreen funnel and make passive income from your ebook

Creating an ebook is just one part of building a successful business. The second part is GETTING SALES! And not just when you ‘launch’ but on a consistent daily basis! That’s what makes Ebook Empire so different. You’ll learn how to create your product AND build an evergreen funnel to it!