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Email Marketing Course By ClickMinded

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Email Marketing Course By ClickMinded – Instant Download!

Email Marketing Course By ClickMinded

Massively increase sales with powerful email marketing.

The ClickMinded email marketing course teaches you exactly how to massively increase sales with powerful email marketing and automation.

Let’s talk about the single most underrated tool in your digital marketing toolbox. It’s email.

I doubt I need to convince you that email marketing is the most powerful thing you can do, or that it’s usually the highest ROI channel, or that email is NOT dead and will not be dying anytime soon.

You already know that (and that’s probably why you’re here.)

Many people have told you that the key to 2x, 3x, or 10x your (or your clients’) sales is to leverage your email subscribers—that’s true…

…but 99% of people don’t get those results.

You can stop reading and close this window if this doesn’t sound like you:

  • You’ve set up a welcome email for new subscribers
  • You’ve tried sending newsletters to keep your subscribers engaged and coming back
  • [Bonus points] You’ve run a seasonal email marketing campaign like Black Friday or Christmas special
  • You’ve had some success, but you’re still nowhere near 2x sales or higher.

Most people get stuck here and think that their problem is that their email list isn’t big enough.

Unfortunately, just growing your email list won’t do the trick.
Here’s Andrew Chen, who led the growth team at Uber, explaining why1:

Email Marketing Course By ClickMinded

TL;DR: the problem isn’t the size of your list…

…the reason why your email marketing strategy isn’t working is that you are not increasing your subscriber’s intent to buy.
Let me explain why this happens with a common email marketing tactic: newsletters.

I love newsletters, we use them at ClickMinded, and they are great to keep your company at your subscribers’ top-of-mind.

However, most newsletters just blast the exact same message to every single subscriber, regardless of what they are interested in or where they are in your funnel.

And that’s a problem.

Why would you treat a subscriber who has just added a product to their cart in the same way as you treat someone who hasn’t opened an email in 3 months?
A great email marketing strategy delivers highly relevant messages to your users when they are most helpful to them.

As opposed to your subscribers thinking “why am I receiving this?”, you should go for something that feels warm, fuzzy, and amazing, like:

A puppy in the mailbox (… but, please don’t put a puppy in a mailbox).

Of course, there’s a challenge: how can you make sure you are always delivering a relevant message at the right time when you have 100s or 1000s of subscribers?

Answer: by using automation to segment and deliver emails to your subscribers.

What if you could 2x or 3x your sales with an email marketing strategy that’s 99% automated?

  • You could use this repeatable framework to set up massively successful email campaigns for your clients.
  • You could create a powerful email funnel for your business that generates sales on autopilot while you just put more leads into it.
  • You could get a new job or a promotion by implementing a comprehensive email strategy that fundamentally changes the direction of your company.

That’s exactly what the ClickMinded Email Marketing Training will help you accomplish…

…and we’ve been lucky enough to get Lucas Chevillard, the Email Strategist from Airbnb and one of the best email marketing minds in the game, to teach this course.

Meet Your Instructor
Lucas Chevillard
Email Strategist, Airbnb

Email Marketing Course By ClickMinded

Lucas Chevillard manages global email marketing at Airbnb.

He takes us through the process of implementing an enterprise-grade email & automation strategy the same way Airbnb does. The course includes both the high-level strategy and the specific tactical walkthroughs you need to create email funnels that convert.

What our users are saying

What I have learnt from ClickMinded has been invaluable over the past 12 months. The detailed instructions of how to implement the changes are key and to date I have not found anywhere else that provides such a service, everything else seems to be superficial in comparison.

We will continue to use ClickMinded over the coming years and have since taken on an intern to implement a lot of the changes and actions advocated by ClickMinded, it has become a bit of a go to bible for our online efforts. Highly recommended for any small business that want to increase their digital marketing efforts and knowledge in a very time efficient way. Thank you for your work and greetings from the U.K
Ben Tucker

I had nearly finished the email marketing course when the update hit, and I am really, really happy with the new content. Web applications have changed a lot in three years, and now the courses are much more up-to-date. Seeing the comparison between Mailchimp, ConvertKit, and Drip has been very instructive. I feel confident about my ability to do work for a client in any of those three ESPs now.

One of the things I LOVE about ClickMinded courses is the inside scoop on 3rd party tools. Every course has turned me on to 3 or 4 tools that blew my mind that I never would have found on my own.
Casey Arendt

Email Marketing Course By ClickMinded, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

01-Introduction To Email Marketing

02-Introducing Your Instructor – Lucas Chevillard

03-Introduction To Automations And ESPs

04-Email Marketing Campaigns

05-Subscriber Segmentation

06-Creating A Campaign

07-Hands-On Email Campaign Copywriting

08-Building Your Campaigns

09-Optimization Tracking And Deliverability

10-Tools And Services


12-Bonus Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)