Epically Aligned 2022 Bootcamp By Kathrin Zenkina
  • Epically Aligned 2022 Bootcamp By Kathrin Zenkina

Epically Aligned 2022 Bootcamp By Kathrin Zenkina


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Epically Aligned 2022 Bootcamp By Kathrin Zenkina – Instant Download!

Epically Aligned 2022 Bootcamp By Kathrin Zenkina


Ever wanted to know the secret sauce to not just setting, but actually ACHIEVING your BIGGEST goals without working yourself to the ground?

Goal-setting and goal MANIFESTING just got SO much better! In just 5-days you’re going to learn my tried and true methods to creating an aligned action plan for 2022 so you can jump into the best year of your life with massive momentum!

Tired of living the same year of your life over and over again? Keep sabotaging your New Year plans by the time February rolls around? Unsure you’re able to achieve what you want because of the uncertainties of the last few years?

That ends NOW.

Epically Aligned 2022 Bootcamp By Kathrin Zenkina

Through implementing the exact goal-setting system I teach you in Epically Aligned, I’ve been able to manifest the exact business, marriage, and lifestyle that I have ALWAYS dreamt of. The first time I figured out this process worked was the year that I jumped my biz revenue from $9,000 to $600,000 in just ONE YEAR.

Every year since then, I have continued to follow this process, and now my revenue has grown to be on pace with 8-figures, I am married to the man of my dreams, we travel the world (pandemic permitting of course), live in our dream apartment… well, you get it! The sky is the limit. Just like it is for YOU. Every goal I set, as massive and as unattainable as it may have felt, has come true through the power of this strategic goal setting plan and the magic of manifestation.

Epically Aligned is the place where I teach you this exact process and give you a space to build a confident plan to achieve your biggest, wildest dreams!

You will have the EXACT system to manifest your dream business, dream career, dream relationship, dream body, dream vacation, dream house, and whatever else that floats your boat in 2022.

Epically Aligned 2022 Bootcamp By Kathrin Zenkina

How many times have you set the SAME goals year after year?Only to be filled with disappointment that they don’t manifest? Or worse… you don’t even set goals because you’re afraid of letting yourself down?

What if you could set BIG goals for 2022 that left you feeling fired up & confident for the year ahead, knowing you have a plan to guarantee you the results you’ve been dreaming of?

Epically Aligned Is Where You’ll Learn Exactly How To:

  • Create a customized & actionable plan for the next 12 months to guarantee 2022 is the best year of your life
  • Utilize the power of the subconscious mind and reprogram your beliefs to take action on your goals from a place of pure alignment
  • Let go of your past through the process of cord cutting & create space for a brand new belief system aligned with your heart’s deepest desires
  • Combine the powerful tool of manifestation & inspired action to reach your goals easily and effortlessly
  • Get crystal clear on what you DO want to support you and your dreams for lifetimes to come!

Epically Aligned 2022 Bootcamp By Kathrin Zenkina

Take A Peek At What’s Inside Epically Aligned!

  • 5 LIVE 60-90 minute goal-setting & goal-manifesting workshops
  • 3 Exclusive Manifestation Meditations
  • Exclusive Manifestation Hypnosis

Here’s what you will learn inside this 5-day workshop:

Epically Aligned- Workshop Day One:

  • The #1 mistake that people make that prevents them from manifesting their new goals
  • Removing energy leaks that keeping you anchored to the past, unable to move forward in the new year ahead
  • The most powerful practice for clearing the slate and getting a fresh start

Epically Aligned- Workshop Day Two:

  • Creating the new year from the cleanest and clearest frequency
  • Getting clear on what you want in a way that will get the Universe behind you
  • The #1 hack for manifesting those impossible, totally-out-of-reach goals
  • Meditation for connecting with your Higher Self to truly see what is possible for you

Epically Aligned- Workshop Day Three:

  • The magic of the subconscious mind and why it’s so important in your manifesting process
  • Exactly HOW to manifest each of the goals you set for 2022
  • Blasting away the pesky limiting beliefs that come up in the process so that they don’t get in your way of receiving

Epically Aligned- Workshop Day Four:

  • My best hacks for speeding up the manifestation process
  • How to know EXACTLY which tool works best for YOU (the most customized approach you’ll ever get for manifestation)
  • Meditation to actually IMPLANT the goals into your subconscious mind for guaranteed results

Epically Aligned- Workshop Day Five:

  • The power of hypnosis and why this simple nightly routine will completely change your life in 2022
  • Troubleshooting challenges and obstacles that come up as you manifest your goals
  • Making the bootcamp a part of your daily life (integration is everything!)
  • Here’s what past students have to say about Epically Aligned

Here’s what past students have to say about Epically Aligned

Epically Aligned 2022 Bootcamp By Kathrin Zenkina

-Katherine Lopez

Epically Aligned 2022 Bootcamp By Kathrin Zenkina

– Krystal De Souza

Epically Aligned 2022 Bootcamp By Kathrin Zenkina

-Alexa Pavan

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