Evergreen Email Machine By Frank Kern
  • Evergreen Email Machine By Frank Kern

Evergreen Email Machine By Frank Kern


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Evergreen Email Machine By Frank Kern – Instant Download!

The NEW Way To Use Email
…Here’s EXACTLY What’s Bringing In
The Most Revenue Right Now.
“Email Has Made Me And My Clients More Than Anything Else
In The 22 Years I’ve Been Selling Things Online.”

What We’re Doing
1.We’re BUILDING AN EMAIL LIST using your choice of ten different list-building strategies.
2.We’re building a system to MAKE AS MANY SALES AS POSSIBLE within 7 days of someone joining your list.
3.We’re crafting “CASH ON DEMAND” emails that can be used as “spur of the moment” broadcasts for same-day-sales.
4.​We’re building an automated email machine designed to send the right emails to your list at the right time …and bring in sales automatically.

Life changing.

You’ll love it 🙂

Especially when you combine it with …

Evergreen Email Machine By Frank Kern, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 01-Week One (06.20.2022)
  • 02-Week Two (06.27.2022)
  • 03-Week Three (07.05.2022)
  • 04-Week Four (07.11.2022)
  • 05-Q&A Recordings
  • 06-BONUS – Copy Workshop
  • 07-BONUS TWO – Reframe (Amazing copy ANGLES)
  • 08-BONUS (How to make a VSL) – Social Sales Formula Day One
  • 09-Branding Templates
  • 10-Offerswipes
  • 11-Info Business Blueprint