Front Row CEO Evergreen By Jen Lehner
  • Front Row CEO Evergreen By Jen Lehner

Front Row CEO Evergreen By Jen Lehner


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Front Row CEO Evergreen By Jen Lehner – Instant Download!

Discover the “Front Row CEO” System to Streamline Your Business in Just 4 Weeks…

If YOU are doing everything in your business . . .

Then chances are you’re probably feeling. . .

  • OVERWHELMED by everything that needs to get done . . .
  • Filling your days with tasks you know should be automated or outsourced . . .
  • JUMPING from course to course, guru to guru, hoping to find the ultimate solution to drive your business forward . . .
  • SICK of having things fall through the cracks . . .
  • FRUSTRATED . . . you can’t seem to gain any ground. You work harder and harder, and then everything else starts to suffer . . . your health, your relationships . . .
  • ANNOYED that you stop making money when you take time off . . . (so you don’t take time off) . . .
  • DISTRACTED by all the things you think you need to be doing or learning . . .
  • Feeling like a hot mess and flying by the seat of your pants most days . . .
  • SUFFERING from self-doubt and wondering if your “business” is even a real business . . .

I know how you feel. That was me six years ago.

“Mom, I know you think I’m a teenager now, but I actually need you more than ever…and I never see you.”

Those were the words that came out of my son’s mouth as his lip quivered and he struggled to hold back tears.

And it was the moment that I knew something had to change in my business.

I was frustrated, overworked, overtired, and overwhelmed. I never saw my kids. They told me that I “wasn’t fun anymore.”

And I hated it . . . but I wasn’t sure how to escape from the daily grind of task after monotonous task, distraction after distraction, “emergency” after “emergency”…

Now, I’m not a math person, but I actually sat down and did some basic math . . .
And I was shocked at what I discovered . . .

I was throwing away $72,000 a year!

I figured out that if I was spending 2 hours a day on tasks that someone else could do for me . . .

If I was charging $150 an hour, then that’s $1500 a week/ $6000 a month/ $72,000 a year that I could have been charging a client for skills that were actually producing revenue in my business . . .

And instead, I was wasting time on basic admin stuff and who knows what.

It hit me all at once – I was leaving so much money on the table – and killing myself and hurting my family in the process!

So I did something I should have done years earlier . . .

I hired a VA (using a pretty unique process that I developed) and freed up 3-4 hours every single day!

I now had ALL kinds of time to not only grow my business but spend time with my family and remind my kids that I actually knew how to have fun!

That was one of the single BEST decisions I ever made
for my business . . .

And it led me to another HUGE epiphany . . .

Outsourcing isn’t something you should do AFTER you become successful, it’s actually one of the critical keys to success.

“If your business depends on you, you don’t own a business, you own a job and
it’s the worst job in the world because you are working for a lunatic”

If you’re like most of the entrepreneurs I’ve worked with (and like I was a few years ago), you feel the need to do everything yourself.
And I get it. Because I’m pretty sure the voice in your head is saying the same things mine was . . .

“I’m not making enough money in my business right now to hire someone”
“I’ve tried this before, it’s more trouble than it’s worth. I spend all this time interviewing and training and either their work stinks, or they just end up ghosting me!”
“By the time I show someone what to do, I might as well do it myself.”
“I don’t even know what I would give to a VA…where would I start?”
But thinking this way is the path to overwork, overwhelm, and exhaustion.
Because the truth is that your business will never really get off the ground if you’re the ONLY one who can make things happen.
Does your dentist schedule your appointment, clean your teeth, and fix your crowns? (If yes, please find a new dentist!)

Is Oprah in front of the camera and behind the camera? Does she schedule her guests?

Is the chef cooking the food, serving, washing the dishes, and clearing the table?

Of course not! And when you can get out of the cycle of overwhelm and stop playing “whack-a-mole” in your business . . .

You can become what I call a “Front Row CEO”.

Front Row CEO’s Have . . .

  • Documented processes (simple checklists) that anyone can follow . . .
  • They can take a 3 week vacation without worrying if their business will crash or something will break . . . (and no, they don’t need to be checking their phones all the time either!)
  • They can hire someone right off the street, and within 1-2 days they’re performing tasks from a checklist completely independently . . .
  • They have results that are consistent because they have a predictable way of doing things that works every time . . .
  • And they have systems and people that make their business run on autopilot so that they can focus on the high leverage things ONLY they can do . . .

So when I decided to turn things around and hire a VA, I actually stumbled onto another very cool secret . . .that allowed me to double my business in 10 months while working HALF of what I was working before.

And if that sounds totally crazy and unrealistic . . . keep reading, because I’ll share with you HOW I did it.

The KEY is… not just creating systems…but hiring the person to create those systems FOR YOU.


Front Row CEO Evergreen By Jen Lehner
The only system of it’s kind for hiring, onboarding and installing the most IMPACTFUL systems for your business…in 30 days or less!
In just FOUR WEEKS, You will have:

Front Row CEO Evergreen By Jen Lehner

Laying the Ground Work
You can’t systemize your business without a strong foundation to build upon. You’ll set up your initial standards, systems, and operating procedures. This is easier than you think, even if your business is currently completely disorganized.

I walk you step by step through my signature system of finding the perfect virtual assistant for your business. A trustworthy VA you can afford, who is aligned with your vision, and who has the right skills. I’ve included every template and all the swipe copy you need for every step of the process. My method gets rid of all of the back and forth, email-chasing, and second-guessing.

Onboarding / Managing
Step by step easy to follow lessons that lay out my exact automated onboarding and management system. How to manage the day to day without a lot of headaches. What to do when problems spring up. How to build a team that takes ownership in your business.

The Systems
Identify what to systemize first so you see an immediate impact in your business… more time and more money. You will learn how to easily create processes that your VA will turn into systems. It is a system that creates systems!


Everything you need to swipe and deploy in your own business!

Bonus 1:

Steal my Systems Powerpack: (Value: $997)

Tutorials and templates for all of the micro-systems I use in my own business including:

  • Content Planning
  • Project Planning
  • Podcast Production
  • Youtube Production

These will have you and your new VA powering through processes.

Bonus 2:

Front Row CEO Content Planning System (Value: $97)
If you pay in full you’ll ALSO get a deluxe custom hard copy Front Row CEO Content Planner, sent directly to your mailbox!

While it may look like “just” a planner, it’s actually a complete content creation system that will allow you to create 3 months worth of strategic content for your business in less than 2 hours! This is the exact system I use to create strategic content in my own business and I have taught this system to hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you.

Bonus 3:

Course Updates for life (Value: $497)
You will always have access to the newest version of the Front Row CEO program and access to all of the newest Board Meeting replays.
But it doesn’t stop there, we’ll also support your VA with everything they need to succeed in your business, too – here’s a Mic Drop Bonus – just for you:

Front Row CEO Evergreen By Jen Lehner

Let us train your VA!
+ FRONT ROW VA Virtual Training Program
+ LIVE VA Office Hours!


You’ll get FREE access to my signature course “Front Row VA” to give to your new VA. This course is filled with common onboarding trainings that a VA needs to get started.

In addition to tech trainings, there are some really rich in-depth trainings that cover some tough topics that you might not want to talk about with your VA, so we’ve done the “hard” work for you.

Some of the topics included in “Front Row VA” are: how to build a trusting relationship with your client, the importance of ownership and accountability, best practices for clear communication, how to be resourceful, how to use apps like Google Drive, LastPass, Trello, plus other tech tutorials and so much more!

LIVE Office Hours for your VA

I love this bonus because it was created by my VA, Neeca.

After you find your “perfect match” VA, they will be invited into our brand new VA Leadership Mentorship Community for three months.

This is a support group specifically for your VA, where they can ask questions from my own rockstar team of Virtual Assistants who will host regular livestreams, Q & As, and impromptu trainings, all aimed at upleveling YOUR business.

What people are saying:

Front Row CEO Evergreen By Jen Lehner

Now, imagine what your life
would be like if you showed up as
a Front Row CEO . . .

  • Things run on autopilot . . .
  • You’re finally making consistent revenue…without spending every minute of every day on your business . . .
  • You wake up well rested and confident, knowing that your business operates smoothly with the systems you have in place . . .
  • Things get done without needing your constant attention or approval . . .
  • When a VA leaves, someone else can take over the next day without missing a beat (because everything is completely documented & systemized) . . .
  • No more chaos and stress . . .
  • You can take time off whenever you want . . .
  • Your business functions perfectly and efficiently without you!

So if you want to step into the Front Row of your business and finally breathe a sigh of relief because it’s not all on your shoulders . . .

If you’re ready to ditch the “solopreneur badge of honor” and finally start growing and scaling the business you were meant to have . . .

All my best,