FXMasterCourse – FX Master Course
  • FXMasterCourse – FX Master Course

FXMasterCourse – FX Master Course


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FXMasterCourse – FX Master Course

FXMasterCourse – FX Master Course

Sale Page : fxmastercourse

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How to Trade FX Like a PROFESSIONAL Hedge Fund Manager!

Step-by-Step, Comprehensive Systems that Generate Consistent Returns!

Discover a system proven over decades by some of the best fund managers in the industry.Discover how to create a truly great FX benchmark that will keep on generating consistent growth, allowing you to focus on tactical short-term profits

“The FX Master Course is really exactly what it says on the tin: a master-class in foreign exchange trading presented by an active fund manager with experience at the highest level in the industry.”

Dr Codirla breaks down an incredibly complex subject into an easy to comprehend and manageable format. Trading successfully requires not just signals or indicators but rather a comprehensive understanding of economics, monetary policy and foreign exchange theory. All of these topics are addressed in detail with emphasis on what is needed to design one’s own profitable trading strategy. I don’t believe there is anyone offering a service or program like this let alone an active hedge fund manager. The bar in trader education has been set and I highly recommend anyone wishing to pursue a career in trading to invest in this program.

— Jehan Jabar,
Physical Commodities Trader, Ex FX-Spot Trader

Date January 15, 2019

Are you tired of constantly trying new systems that aren’t profitable?

Are you ready for a trading framework that frees you from second-guessing your decisions and allows you instead to consistently extract profits form the market?

Do you wish someone would cut through all the noise and hype from so-called experts and just gave you a clear, proven path for constructing a trading strategy which has a proven consistent track record?

If so, then you are in the right place.

I am:

When I Joined the Street in 2001 I Was Just Like You Tapping in the Dark for an Approach to the FX Market

I’d just made my move from being a FX Spot and Option Strategist to trading Futures and FX for a big European Hedge Fund.  I had been selling big Pension Funds and Asian Central Banks theoretical strategies to make money on their FX portfolios.  But now I had to make real money on my own.  I thought all those complex financial models and mathematical theories would help, but all they did were cloud my view.

I dreaded putting on trades, not knowing if they would work out, or if they even made sense.  I’d have up months followed by down months, without any regularity.  Then one day, in 2008, the desk next to me lost all its money.  The Fund was closed down, and I had to find a way to get back into business.

It was a wake-up call that made me discover and formulate an approach to the FX markets based on all that I had seen on the Street.  An approach that is consistent, has been traded by some of the best managers in the world, and has provided consistent returns for the last 30 years.

Does my story sound familiar?  I’m willing to bet that you’ve had similar experiences.

Well as you probably know 80% to 90% of retail traders lose money.  And not surprisingly 90% of mutual funds underperform the S&P 500, and 90% of hedge-funds blow up in the first three years since inception.

Well I am here to show how to avoid being part of the losing crowd.

When I first got started down the path of trading my own money and those of others I was fortunate to have the help of mentors who had been in the business since the 1980s, the true beginnings of financial futures and FX markets.

My mentors have since moved on to other adventures or retired to their dream homes to enjoy their freedom lifestyles.

But going to my roots as a tutor and teacher at Cambridge University, it is a lifelong mission to inspire and guide people to fulfil their potential.  My experience of the market from a scientific and objective perspective together with application of the systems I discovered and invented has shown me that trading can be learned, and is not an inborn quality.  The Turtle Experiment works!  With phenomenal results.

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