Got a Book In You By Michael Levin
  • Got a Book In You By Michael Levin

Got a Book In You By Michael Levin

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Got a Book In You By Michael Levin – Instant Download!

What you know
is probably worth millions…

That is, if you used your knowledge to write a book.

Putting your face on the cover of an outstanding book changes everything.

It’s a whole different level of authority.

If you’re ready to elevate your professional status by writing a book, this course will change your life.

Does this sound like you?

1. Are you an expert in your category?

2. You’ve worked for decades in your field & know how to get results. But you just can’t unlock your “true” value.

3. You love the idea of reaching lots of people at once rather than telling your story to clients one at a time.

4. Would those clients be easier to find & willing to pay you more if they understood how much you know?

5. Do you believe that blogs & podcasts don’t hold the magic of an outstanding book?

6. Do you have questions about where to begin writing a book, what material to put in, or how best to organize it?

7. You like the idea of writing a book, but don’t know where you’d find the time to write.

8. Have you encountered unsavory, predatory companies that offered “publishing, distribution, and book marketing services,” but you didn’t have a good feeling about them?

If these issues have held you back in the past, don’t worry. I can help.
As my wife, Suzanne, will tell you, I don’t know much about anything else, but I know everything there is to know about books.

Got a Book In You By Michael Levin

I am, in my category, exactly what you are in your category.

I’ve planned, written, ghostwritten, edited, and published more books than probably any other individual in history. And it has taught me 3 things:

1. Books are magic.

2. A good book with your name on the cover will transform you.

3. Books change everything.

I don’t have a magic wand that can transform you into J.K. Rowling or John Grisham, but I do have a pen that can transform what’s in your head, and in your heart, into a book that will impress everyone who sees, it, touches it, or reads it. I can promise you that.

Let me help you set reasonable goals for what your book will accomplish.

Let me help you dodge the sharks who prey on the hopes and dreams of first-time authors. Your book is supposed to put money in your pocket, not remove money from your pocket and put it into someone else’s.

Let me help you craft a book that will increase your authority, shorten your sales cycle, separate you from your competition, and win you meaningful speaking events.

Anyone can sell copies at the back of the room, but I’ve helped clients get Simon & Schuster distribution and seen their books fly out of airport bookstores.

Airport bookstores are where the big kids play.

Let me show you how to unlock the monetary value of everything you’ve ever learned and thought and done and turn it into “knowledge products” that will fill your mailbox with money.

I’ve been writing and publishing books for 35 years. I’ve been published by pretty much all of the top New York houses, from Simon & Schuster to Random House to Penguin and St. Martin’s Press, and I’ve written for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CBS News, the Los Angeles Times, ESPN, Politico, HuffPost, Forbes… you name it.

Got a Book In You By Michael Levin

Got a Book In You By Michael Levin

I’ve also served on the board of the Author’s Guild, which gave me an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime perspective on how the publishing world really works.

I’ve worked with stadiums full of literary agents, so I understand who does and doesn’t get offered deals by the big New York publishing houses. Let me explain the how and the why of it to you.

My work has been optioned and/or made into big-screen entertainment by ABC, Paramount, Disney, HBO, and Steven Soderbergh. I know how to tell a good story.

Do you have a good story in you that’s been trying to get out?

I’ve taught writing seminars and programs at UCLA, New York University, around the country and around the world and coached hundreds of successful writers one-on-one, so I understand the hearts of people like you; people who want to get a book done.

I’ve taken everything, and I mean everything I know, and put it into an online course that covers absolutely everything you need to know if you want to get a book done the right way.


It’s not a short course. It’s six-and-a-half hours of me sitting there talking.

You might get sick of me.

No, you’ll definitely get sick of me because I’m a writer, not an actor or a supermodel. And I’m not trending on Instagram or Twitter. I don’t care about that stuff.

But I promise you’ll be excited about what you learn.

I’m ready. Are you?

Successful Author Course Curriculum


  • About the instructor Michael Levin

Module 1: The Magic Of Monetizing Your Knowledge, Passion, And Experience

  • What You Know Is Worth Millions!
  • Ignore The Critics, Because There Are No Critics
  • Today, Short Books Win Every Time

Module 2: Identifying Your Audience

  • What Group Do You Want To Speak To?
  • There’s No More Mass Market – So Your Niche Will Make You Rich
  • Books Aren’t Speeches—They’re Conversations At Starbucks

Module 3: Which Book Should You Write?

  • What Problems Can You Solve For People?
  • You’re An Expert If You Say You Are – No Degrees Required!
  • No One Else Can Lead Your “Tribe”
  • Does The Topic Bring You Joy – Would You Talk About It For Free?

Module 4: Planning Your Book To Maximize Results

  • I Feel Your Pain
  • I Have Your Solution
  • End Writers Block Forever – With A Process

Module 5 Hiring An Editor Or Ghostwriter

  • How To Get Your Book Done Without Writing A Word

Module 6: Publishing Your Book: What Are The Options?

  • New York Publishers – Who Gets Deals These Days?
  • Getting A Book Proposal, An Agent, And A Publishing Deal
  • The Economics Of New York Book Publishing
  • Why Would Anyone Go To New York?
  • The Benefits Of Independent Publishing
  • Leverage The Power Of Amazon With Kindle Direct
  • Call It A Manual And Make More Money & Getting Blurbs Quickly And Easily
  • Attaining Best Seller Status In One Hour

Module 7: Monetizing Your Book, Part I: Cheap And Easy Ways

  • Do You Need A Website Or Landing Page For Your Book?
  • Getting Instant Media Attention for FREE & AudioBooks
  • Creating Videos For Your Website
  • Choosing The Right Social Media Platforms And Using Them Effectively
  • Launching A Newsletter

Module 8: Monetizing Your Book, Part II: What Comes Next

  • Understanding Google Ads
  • Buying PR Without Getting Ripped Off
  • Advertising On Social Media
  • Getting Speaking Engagements

Module 9: Monetizing Your Book, Part III: The Advanced Course

  • Developing Online Courses
  • Joint Ventures & Distributing Into Bookstores
  • Distributing Into Airport Bookstores
  • Now That You’ve Sold A Ton, Get A Deal With New York & Final Thoughts

Michael Levin

Got a Book In You By Michael Levin

New York Times Best Selling Author Michael Levin

In 30 years as a ghostwriter, Michael Levin has written, co-written, edited, ghosted, or published more than 750 books, of which 20 are legitimate national best sellers, two are New York Times best sellers, and one is an Amazon Kindle number one best selling business book. He runs, a boutique ghostwriting firm.

In recent years, he has been a regular contributor to, Jerusalem Post, the New York Daily News, Huffington Post, and, where many of his pieces have attracted more than one million readers.

Michael appeared on the first episode of Season Three of ABC’s Shark Tank, is a regular contributor to Huffington Post, and is most proud of having edited Zig Ziglar’s final book, Born To Win. He has appeared on BBC worldwide TV and radio, has been quoted in Inc. Magazine, and in BloombergBusiness.

He has taught writing at UCLA, New York University, around the country, and around the world.

Got a Book In You By Michael Levin, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • Module 1 The Magic Of Monetizing Your Knowledge, Passion, And Experience
  • Module 2 Identifying Your Audience
  • Module 3 Which Book Should You Write
  • Module 4 Planning Your Book To Maximize Results
  • Module 5 Hiring An Editor Or Ghostwriter
  • Module 6 Publishing Your Book What Are The Options
  • Module 7 Monetizing Your Book, Part I Cheap And Easy Ways
  • Module 8 Monetizing Your Book, Part II What Comes Next
  • Module 9 Monetizing Your Book, Part III The Advanced Course