Grace Lazenby – Rockin Models Workout


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Grace Lazenby – Rockin Models Workout

Look like a Model, Feel like a Dancer and Workout with a Rockstar! Celebrity trainer Grace Lazenby has sculpted the dream workout for every woman. Get long, lean and sexy with Rockin Models. The ultimate “Entertainment Workout” that is addicting and results oriented. This 65 minute full body workout including Yoga-Ballet Barre with a dash of Burlesque will transform your body in just 2 weeks! Lazenby is famous for her “detailing” the muscles to create a svelte body like a Model, lifted long lines of Dancer with the energy of a Rockstar! “ROCKIN MODELS workout” breaks the mold with visuals added “NEVER SEEN BEFORE” in a workout video! “Surfing” on your yoga mats, “Pole dancing and Plies” with hats and disco lights to core training that lifts you above the “City of Angels”! Buyers can choose to work out the full disk or simply select one of the Rockstar songs from the DVD menu that correlates to particular portions of the workout and body (run time: 65 minutes) Lazenby has combined her signature moves with the soundtrack of top artists Matt Goss, Vanguard recording artist Greg Laswell and Indie Artist Cary Brothers. Each video includes music videos from each artist and much more. “Rockin Models” Workout includes: 15 min Yoga Warm-up 15 minutes standing ballet barre and burlesque moves 8 minutes yoga 15 minutes of core training 25 minutes of gluteals, outer-thigh and inner thigh “detailing” floorwork 6 minute cooldown WARNING: Once purchased you are officially a ROCKIN MODEL!!!